Fate hollow ataraxia ending relationship

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fate hollow ataraxia ending relationship

Fate/hollow ataraxia is a visual novel video game developed by Type-Moon , and the . Once Avenger finally ends the loop and free Bazett, before completely disappearing Avenger/Grail found the . She and Rin now have a great relationship truly becoming sisters, with Rin educating her in cooking and magecraft. In Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Arturia comes back thanks to Rin's and Ilya's . As Memor stated the ending of the very first route of Fate Stay Night. To better explain how was the events of Fate/hollow ataraxia, you must the events shown in Fate/hollow ataraxia, observe the following in relation to . No Good Ending this route, Saber turns out to be the only Servant who.

This gathered something of an audience and some gossip about them. The second time happened at her place the next day, after she lost consciousness during a phone conversation with Shirou as her condition worsened. He panicked at the idea that an enemy could have attacked her while alone just like late in the Fate route of the original visual novel. He ran to her house, finding her half-conscious on her sofa and he ended up carrying her to the bedroom.

The newlywed imagery didn't go unmentioned.

Fate/hollow ataraxia

Here, they're almost completely interchangeable, they both share the same outfit and nearly but not quite the same sprite and it's very difficult at times to differentiate one from the other; this is where, and why, they picked up the gimmick of referring to each other as "me". Grand Order would go on to expand on this, both showing how "Rider" was more like a Lancer early in her career, how her outfit and appearance in that period was much different than that of her sisters, and showing that her Gorgon form was more complicated than just the snake pillar we briefly see, though that is part of Avenger Gorgon's Noble Phantasm.

We very briefly get a glimpse of Perseus at one point during Rider's flashbacks. Though Avenger denies being the Angra Manyu. Saber asks Shirou how a swimsuit set looks on her, but he's too embarrassed to even look at her and all but begs her to summon her Instant Armor. Then they hear Taiga approaching the room and he freaks out at the prospect of their Unwitting Muggle Friend seeing Saber in her magical Battle Ballgown and pushes the latter into the closet.

For a moment it seems like his fast-thinking is working until Taiga points to Saber's usual clothes neatly folded into a pile from when she tried her swimsuit on and gets the idea that something a lot less wholesome was just happening. Needless to say, Hilarity Ensues.

fate hollow ataraxia ending relationship

In the Eclipse scene, Shirou and Sakura remember one time they were, ahem, together in his bedroom when Rider suddenly came in at midnight with no warning. Sakura reacted fast enough to hide in his closet before she noticed, but yeah awkward. If you keep track of everything that is mentioned in the story, you'll note that Shirou has to remember an impossibly complicated and possibly contradictory series of events.

For example, he remembers Tohsaka beating Caster in close range combat in the church like in Unlimited Blade Works but he also remembers her being impaled by Gilgamesh outside his house as she was in Fate. Thankfully, this is the Nasuverseso all routes are canon even ones that were never shown, like Illya's route. Though ultimately this is also a major hint that something very weird is going on. She does, in fact, drive it around the Fuyuki area after all, she is eighteen.

After running around school, town, and getting a good look into the complex web of Shirou's love life all to find out who Ayako is dating, Rin, Minori, and even Ayako herself points out that the girls could have simply asked Ayako. Possibly Subverted though, as Yukika points out that it's not the kind of story you just tell causal acquaintances, something Ayako doesn't deny. Cutting Off the Branches: Ataraxia ignores the sometimes large contradictions between routes and throws almost all of it in.

Thanks to the time loop. The first couple times you go to the bridge, Shirou gets sniped. Bazett is also killed multiple times in fights against Servants and uses the resurrection to her advantage. While some Servants and Masters get larger roles than they had previously such as Lancer, Kuzuki or Caster, others don't fare so well.

Here's to you, Shinji, who broke the fourth wall to state it outright. For reference, the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings is aroundwords long. The tree parts of the Himuro The Love Detective side-story is this in comparison to other scenes, clocking 24, words long total, which is well above the average of 2, words per scene.

This has actually been glossed over to a large extent. For example, Illya has mostly relaxed, Shinji has stopped being quite so horrible and Sakura has grown a lot bolder, meaning while all the bad stuff is noted as still having occurred, people have mostly moved on. An incredibly powerful magical device capable of channeling enormous amounts of mana and giving its wielder powers and knowledge pulled from alternate realities, with the drawback being that it derives considerable joy from humiliating said wielder and forcing them into ridiculous Magical Girl costumes.

Shirou and Saber are quite a tight-knit team even in Mundane Made Awesome situations. So please make plenty of stew. Transmission, over and out. All the Servants are a type of Familiar. Shirou wonders why Lancer is still around since his Master died.

As established in Kagetsu Tohya only the most powerful familiars can stay alive even a little while after their master dies.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Last Interlude - English Subbed

Turns out he and Kid Gilgamesh have a new one. Angra Mainyu, in the form of Shirou, suddenly forces himself on her and rapes her, out of a combination of lust and raw sadism. The act causes her immeasurable pain because of the way her body reacts to demons, and she spends the entire scene trying to keep her body from violently erupting and killing him, with parts of her body being torn apart internally as she does so.

She actually starts to enjoy it towards the end, but by then Angra Mainyu has reverted to his black beast form! A large amount of scenes have little to do with the main plot. For example, scenes with Rider flirting with Shirou, developing the track girls from the school or slice of life with Sakura. The story takes awhile to kick into gear on the Shirou side of the story with the actual plot events being tracked ingame. This is mostly because the game is a fandisc mainly devoted to harem antics with Shirou and many a Final Battle: The Masters and Servants versus the Avenger copies.

Fate/hollow ataraxia - Wikipedia

Sneaking into Sakura's room with Shinji to look at her diary results in this. When three of the main characters are on the rank of Supreme Chefthis is inevitable.

fate hollow ataraxia ending relationship

Forgot About His Powers: The reason Shirou gets sniped by Archer the first few times he tries to cross the bridge at night? He simply forgot to practice his projection magic.

Explaining about the storyline of Fate/hollow ataraxia for future reference.

Gilgamesh did this with a youth potion because, apparently, "this whole mess is stupid, screw you all". All the more hilarious, considering that he's been an Evil Overlord in the pastnot to mention a dog-kicking Big Bad who wanted to unleash a terrible curse on humanity because only those who could survive it were worthy of being ruled over; when he reverts, he turns into a cute little kid that everyone loves.

Lancer sees no reason not to get along well with his enemies, but on the flipside is that if you're an enemy then you are perfectly fair game to be killed no matter how much he may like you.

Future Me Scares Me: Gilgamesh disapproves of his future self's attitude about leadership.

fate hollow ataraxia ending relationship

The only type of person one can rule over is one who wishes to be ruled over. Unfortunately, it seems that I forget this once I grow older. If I had a choice, I would've liked to become a good leader. Why is it that other rulers attempt to rule through fear when the correct path is so simply trod? When Shirou and Sakura discuss swimming styles at the pool, she mentions that she's not good at the backstroke.

He was a brief Imagine Spot about how it would be like for someone as busty as Sakura to swim like that with the small bikini she was wearing at the time and almost gives himself a Nosebleed. Sakura gets a part as the "rabbit", which involves a small sing and dance number with lots of hopping, something Makidera loudly complains about due to this trope.

Are you happy swaying like that!?

Is this reverse sexual harassment!? N-No, it's not "swaying," it's "hopping", byoing. Gameplay and Story Integration: Unlike the others, there are two different ways to unlock Rider's Eclipse scene: Either unlocking first a series of Slice of Life scenes until reaching the one where she and Shirou have a date at the shopping mall, or finding and reading each scene exploring her past and her nature as a monster. But that brings up a weird plot hole. Saber was supposedly a virgin before the recharge 3 way,hence the blood, but later she knows "how to please a man" and Gilgamesh calls her out on not being a virgin.

She also according to the lore had a Son who wasn't a son? Their thoughts on Mordred are weird in the lore, saying the kings son but but not, so no idea whats going on there. So unless Shiro is dramatically rough this seems like either a translation error or something. She never loved as Arturia and was supposedly know by almost everyone as a man, but this doesn't mesh. She identical to Shiro in so many ways, but I think they are bad for one another, though the final chapter bonus thingie makes up for it.

Still crummy to wait forever for Love and be unhappy until however many eons pass. Caster's Assassin was pretty noble and cool. That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream. A lot happened in this route, and I still feel its the closest to the true route. Rin is what Shirou needs, someone to call him on his crap. Caster shows her darker side, but is almost sympathetic and the outfit she has saber is in dang nice.

Archer plays the long con, Rin figures it out, Shirou changes into something that will NOT become Archer, and the archer is very likely the Shirou from the fate route, before the final chapter where he eventually gets to Saber in spirit heaven or whatever.

Both endings are ok, and I do enjoy it having the only "Good" ending, where everyone is kind of chilling and happy.

I do like the epilogue in the TV series where Rin and Shirou are in London living together, but the ending with everyone seems pretty dang nice here. Shirou here is not becoming Archer, he is turning into a happy person who can learn to love himself, others, and have value in life. He finally gets happiness. Sadly this had the most awkward H scene, and Shirou is rough and almost mechanical, but I assume Rin will train that out of him.

Rin is adorable enough that I think there is no way he doesn't learn. Shirou grows a pair and isn't as wishy washy, and he turns out alright here. I wish him and Rin many sorcerous children to make their lives crazy. Lancer is friggin awesome. His jibes, his reaction to Shirou saying stay away from Rin, he was definitely cool.

Wish I had seen more of him. Also Saber being fairly petty when it comes to food was adorable and I think helped reflect Arturia's actual age. It started off ok, then it just got weird. Findinig out Sakura was a master was a shock, finding out her past I was intense.

It explains so much about everything. I knew Shinji was physically abusive, but didn't think he would be sexually abusive. I have no idea but her adopted father, grandfather, and maybe Kirei along with random magus d'jour using her since childhood was pretty unexpected. The most H-scenes, though the first stood out to me.

It was Shirou dreaming of Rin, but he woke up feeling drained and crazy, and she had weird eyes in it. I cannot imagine this being Sakura using him while he slept, saber gets nommed early by Sakura's Shadow, so I doubt it was her she seems the same until being ate, and I'm very sure it wasn't Rin.

Again a lot of the Rin stuff is there, and Rin even falls for Shirou in the epilogue in the true ending. The eyes make me think it might be and might somehow feed into Sakura but it was a bit of a puzzle.

Also, as someone else here mentioned, where the heck was Taiga for most of this? Plot hole I'm sure, but her absence was at least hand waved away in the other routes. I actually like Kirei through most of this route, and in the end I didn't like him but I understood him. The entire archer arm thing kind of got me though. Archer has his spell and all that, and Fate Shirou is likely Archer, so why the heck was the steel body thing a big deal? I don't understand how it basically possessed him and turned him into some weird collection of blades.

Also, why the heck didn't Saber's shealth do much of anything for all of that. Yes its stronger when she's his servant but even after the contract is broken in UBW it still helps.

The normal ending is really junk, and I am kind of surprised it wasn't the first one. Sakura gets old alone and dies, planting flowers every year, waiting for Shirou, and then they watch cherry blossoms in the afterlife? The true ending is weird but the entire HF route is weird.

I like that Rider is around without her mask. I like that Rin and Sakura are cool.