Persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

The Empathy of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment — Seasonal Anime Checkup

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

Megaten Monday: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Ending . You do have the option of going back before the end fight and waking up Eikichi. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, known as Persona 2: Punishment in Japan, is the third game in the Persona series, following Persona 2: Innocent Sin as the. For Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on the PlayStation, and it was the main character from Persona 1 that Mary and Ellen went up to greet?.

In the Velvet Room, the player can summon a new Persona that belongs to a spell card's particular Persona family group. As a character gains experience levels, more powerful Personas from a spell card's group become available.

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In addition to pre-set spell cards, the player can also obtain blank skill cards by forming contracts with enemies through the right conversation. These blank skill cards can be tailored to fit a chosen Persona family.

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

All the protagonists wield Personas, manifestations of their personalities. The ability to wield Personas was granted to them by Philemon, a benevolent personification of humanity's Collective Unconscious.


In order to reset events, the party used the power of the Collective Unconscious to will the key event that caused the events of Innocent Sin out of existence in exchange for their memories of those events: She is joined on her adventure by others, including people who were involved in the events of Innocent Sin: Tatsuya Suou, a student at Seven Sisters and the main protagonist of Innocent Sin; Ulala Serizawa, a school friend of Maya's and an aspiring fashion designer; Baofu, a former prosecuting attorney out for revenge against the Taiwanese Mafia; and Katsuya Suou, Tatsuya's older brother and a sergeant in the Sumaru City Police Department.

Returning antagonists include Tatsuya Sudou, a madman who was involved in the incident that precipitated the events of Innocent Sin; and Takahisa Kandori, a former servant of Nyarlathotep and the main antagonist of Revelations: Persona who is resurrected through the power of Kotodama. Two other central characters from Revelations: Plot[ edit ] Eternal Punishment begins when Maya is sent to write a story about the Joker phenomenon: The Joker then attacks them, forcing each of them to summon their Personas.

After the Joker knocks them out, Philemon contacts them and warns of a growing danger to the city. After waking, the three pursue the Joker into the school clock tower, where he attempts to force a student to remember the events of Innocent Sin.

They are saved by Tatsuya, who tells Maya to forget about him. They eventually ally with Baofu, who believes that Tatsuya Sudou and his father Tatsuzou are involved with the Joker. Going to the mental institution where Sudou is held, they discover that Tatsuzou sent Taiwanese Mafia hitmen to kill Sudou. Once confronted, Sudou admits that he is the Joker, and reveals that he is attempting to trigger the reappearance of the Other Side.

[SPOILER: PERSONA 2] Analysis of Persona 2: Innocent Sin's Ending : Megaten

After escaping with the museum's visitors on a blimp, an injured Sudou makes a final attack that damages the blimp before Tatsuya kills him. When the party regroup, Tatsuya has vanished. Upon their return, the party continue to investigate Tatsuzou's activities, and find that negative feelings are turning other people into new "Jokers", who are in turn being kidnapped by Tatsuzou's agents. The party eventually learn that Tatsuzou and a secret organization he leads, the New World Order, are manipulating Sumaru's government, corporations, and media for his own ends.

Upon arriving, they find Eikichi captured by Kandori while looking for a friend. While Kandori attempts to awaken Eikichi's memories of the Other Side, Tatsuya intervenes and enables the party and Eikichi to escape. The group then save Lisa and her girl group from their promoter, another Order member, with help from Tatsuya, who again vanishes afterwards.

The one hitch is that Persona 2 Eternal Punishment is the latter half of the Persona 2 duology, which means that American fans were only getting half the story, but Eternal Punishment in its original release does a good enough job of conveying the events of Innocent Sin which is important for one of the big themes of the game, empathy.

While fans of Persona have expressed that they wished that either of the fighting games or Persona Q were canonical crossover JRPGs in the style of Persona 3, 4, or 5, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and to a lesser extent Innocent Sin had already done that over ten years ago.

Eternal Punishment not only features party members from the first game, one of two characters will become playable party members in this game as well. The connection to Revelations: The fact that these two characters are sympathetic towards one of the villains from the previous games is surprising given how sometimes the Persona games are written.

Persona characters want to understand why he would want to work with a group trying to bring down the world again after supposedly wanting to change in the previous game. They want to help him instead of fight him, even though eventually they have to do just that.

These changes to the original Revelations: Persona characters not only add to their stories themselves, but even just their updated designs reflect how they have grown.

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

Tatsuya is sad for a lot of the game. Persona that show empathy in Eternal Punishment, as Tatsuya also has a lot of emotions to deal with. Due to this, Tatsuya feels the burden of wanting to make sure everyone is able to live their lives without getting into the same trouble that they had to deal with in Innocent Sin.

He constantly is trying to refute Maya and her party from getting involved and also makes sure that Jun, Lisa, and Eikichi are also not reawakened to their Personas.

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

He really just wanted to get in a few more good parting shots before the credits roll…. One thing that I love about Tatsu is his lack of hesitation when swinging that sword of his around. I kind of think the guys saw this coming… The girls on the other hand…. I think the answer here is pretty obvious.

Did he just lie to her before kissing her? That would be the proper reaction me thinks.

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That however is not… And thus Tatsuya knocks Maya out and leaves her to be the responsibility of three maroons. Why does Tatsu always have to seclude himself for the sake of everyone else?

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

He planned everything else out to a T. Why not his dramatic departure as well. I hate how that face is such an amazingly bittersweet smile. It breaks my heart. Your brother sucks… Why does Baofu always have better lines then Katsuya when it comes to Tatsuya?

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment FINAL Boss Nyarlathotep

Thank you for the heartbreaking monologue Philemon. And by the time of Persona 2 most will have forgotten… That made me teary eyed… I think it will live on in anyone that played this game.

After the heartbreaking monologue we see Maya back at her workplace. Because that would help anyone rest in peace.

persona 2 eternal punishment ending relationship

Of course it was…. Eventually the rest of the goon squad shows up…. Oh god he knocked some girl up…. It looks like Eikichi and Jun have met up at Araya shrine….