Shrek im a believer ending relationship

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shrek im a believer ending relationship

All four Shrek movies have great soundtracks. 2. "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth .. Donkey and Puss in Boots singing "Livin' La Vida Loca" to end a movie ?. but considering their relationship with the movie turned meme, Shrek, same without their smash mall ska cover of The Monkee's “I'm A Believer,” that “SP fact: we were offered the end credit song for Shrek 1 but the offer. Actors from the Faith Christian School Players rehearse for "Shrek – The entered into a special relationship with Music Theatre International, which more than a dozen songs, ending with the cast singing "I'm A Believer.".

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Duloc, Farquaad is torturing Gingy the Gingerbread Man into revealing the whereabouts of other Fairytale Creatures that are still hiding in the Kingdom so he can have them arrested as well. They are interrupted by one of his henchmen, Theloniouswho reveals that Farquaad's guards have acquired the Magic Mirror. Farquaad then sends Gingy to the swamp with all the other Fairytale Creatures.

The Mirror reveals that Princess Fiona is currently trapped in a castle surrounded by hot boiling lava and guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. Accepting this task, Farquaad decides to marry her to become king, and rushes out to prepare for the wedding before the Mirror can tell him what happens to Fiona at night.

The Mirror then shows the audience the story of Fiona's childhood. A seven-year-old Fiona dreams of the brave knight who, as her storybooks tell her, will one day rescue her from her tower and end her mysterious curse with "True Love's First Kiss".

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As she grows into a teenager, and then a headstrong woman, she becomes a little bit stir-crazy, but she never loses her faith in her fairytales "I Know It's Today". They approach Farquaad, with him being impressed by Shrek's size and appearance. Farquaad demands that Shrek must rescue Fiona, and in return, he will give Shrek the deed to his swamp "What's Up, Duloc? The two unlikely friends set off to find Fiona, with Shrek becoming increasingly annoyed with Donkey as time progresses "Travel Song".

When Shrek finds Fiona, his lack of interest in playing out her desired, romantic rescue scene annoys her, and he drags her off by force. The two of them reunite with Donkey, and all three attempt to escape while being chased by the angry Dragon. Fiona then insists that Shrek reveal his identity and is shocked that her rescuer is an ogre and not the Prince Charming her stories indicated.

Shrek explains that he is merely her champion; instead, she is to marry Farquaad. The trio begin their journey back to Duloc, but Fiona becomes apprehensive as the sun begins to set.

She insists that they rest for the night and that she spend the night alone in a nearby cave. Donkey and Shrek remain awake, with Donkey asking Shrek who he would be, if he did not have to be an ogre anymore.

As Shrek opens up to Donkey on who he would wish to be, Fiona transforms into an ogress as part of her curse that happens during sunset, stands apart, alone, and listens "Who I'd Be". Act II[ edit ] The next day, Princess Fiona rises early and sings with a bluebird and dances with a deer before making the bird explode and throwing the deer off a cliff.

She assists the Pied Piper in his rat-charming duties "Morning Person". Shrek brings down her mood by attempting to give subtle hints about her groom-to-be "Men of Farquaad's stature are in short supply", "He's very good at small talk", etc.

Weezer also had a version of the song at the end of Shrek's sequel Shrek Forever Afterwhich was inserted into the musical's finale a year into its run. The Smash Mouth version hit No. In Australia, the cover reached No. It depicts the band performing in a tent. Then, the scene switches to them walking out of a movie theater, complete with cardboard advertisements of Shrek and the characters.

Then, Harwell bumps into a blond-haired girl by accident and then tries to catch up with her. However, a man with blond hair comes up as Harwell freaks out and screams. Afterwards, the girl walks into a "fairy tale convention" at a hotel. Harwell continues to follow the girl into the hotel.

shrek im a believer ending relationship

Once in the hotel, Harwell tries to find the girl by looking through different rooms. The men finally arrive at the ogre's house at night. The ogre hears them, and sneaks up behind them.

He frightens them by telling them what he could do to them, then he roars and they all flee in fear. The ogre sees a poster on the ground and picks it up: He tosses it back on the ground and walks away.

In the forest, various fairy tale creatures are being loaded into wagons for the rewards: The donkey's owner voiced by Kathleen Freeman can't get him to talk when asked by the knights, so they drag her away. As she struggles with the knights, she kicks the lantern holding Tinker Bell, and it flies into the air, landing on the donkey and spilling pixie dust on him.

He floats into the air. The donkey talks now as he floats away, saying, "You might have seen a house fly, maybe even a super fly, but I bet you aint never seen a donkey fly! The pixie dust wears off, and the donkey falls to the ground. The knights try to seize him, but he runs into the forest.

When the knights approach, the donkey hides behind the ogre. The Captain of the Guards announces that Lord Farquaad authorized him to arrest them and transport them to a designated resettlement facility. The ogre says, "Oh, really. You and what army? As the ogre walks away the donkey follows him and compliments him on how great he was with the guards. The donkey says that he doesn't have any friends and asks to stay with the ogre, who then tries to scare him away.

The donkey just gives him a compliment on how scary that was and sings. The ogre tells the donkey that he is an ogre, but the donkey doesn't care.

The donkey asks for the ogre's name, and he replies, "Shrek. As Shrek eats his dinner, he hears a noise and shouts at the donkey to stay outside. He grabs the wolf and tosses him out, but sees hundreds of fairy tale creatures camped outside his house.

Pinocchio and one of the pigs tell Shrek that Lord Farquaad evicted them and put them there. The donkey tells Shrek that he knows where Lord Farquaad is, so Shrek announces that their welcome is worn out, that he will see Farquaad right now so that he can get them all off his swamp and back where they all came from. Shrek tells the donkey that he is coming with him.

The donkey is happy and says, "Shrek and Donkey, on a whirlwind big city adventure. In a castle, the town's lord walks down a hallway.

shrek im a believer ending relationship

When he reaches the guards at the end, it's obvious that he is a dwarf. He enters the torture chamber where the executioner, Thelonius voiced by Christopher Knightsis drowning The Gingerbread Man voiced by Conrad Vernon in a glass of milk. The lord voiced by John Lithgow torments The Gingerbread Man, and then crumbles one of his severed legs.

He tells The Gingerbread Man that he and all the other fairy tale trash are monsters that are poisoning his perfect world. He demands that The Gingerbread Man tell him where the others are and starts to tear off one of his gumdrop buttons. The lord knocks The Gingerbread Man into a trash can then asks, "Mirror mirror on the wall, is this not the most perfect kingdom of them all? The Magic Mirror then presents the eligible bachelorettes, "Dating Game" style: Cinderella, Snow White, and Princess Fiona in the castle guarded by a dragon.

Lord Farquaad says that she's perfect, and that finally he will be the perfect king. The Magic Mirror tries to tell him what happens at night after sunset, but he tells the mirror to be quiet.

Lord Farquaad then announces that they are going to have a tournament. Shrek and Donkey reach the castle at Duloc. The parking lot is arranged like the one at Disneyland. Shrek remarks that it must be Lord Farquaad's castle. It's extremely tall, and Shrek jokes that he could be compensating for something.

As they approach the roped lines for the ticket booth, Shrek tries to talk to Duloc's costumed mascot voiced by Andrew Adamsonwhich looks like Lord Farquaad, but he runs away in fear through the lines. Shrek walks straight through the ropes, dragging them along as Donkey follows, and tries to calm the mascot down.

The mascot gets knocked out when he runs into the turnstile. Shrek and Donkey go through the turnstile. Elevator music plays in the otherwise quiet and deserted courtyard. The souvenir shop only has Lord Farquaad items. Donkey sees an information booth and pulls the lever.

There is some clicking, and then the doors open, revealing music and wooden puppets like in "It's a Small World" that sing the rules for Duloc, "a perfect place". The doors shut and a camera takes Shrek and Donkey's picture, then their photo comes out, showing them stunned. Shrek and Donkey hear fanfare and go in that direction. Lord Farquaad is high upon a balcony announcing that the tournament winner champion will have the privilege to go rescue Princess Fiona.

Shrek and Donkey march past the contestants knightsthen Farquaad instead tells the knights that the one who kills the ogre will be named champion. Shrek bursts open a wine barrel to slip up some knights, then slides through the brew, swinging at them with one of their axes like a hockey player.

Donkey climbs onto the other barrel and rolls over some more knights. When more knights arrive, Shrek jumps into a corral and fights them like a professional wrestler. After a while, the crowd cheers for Shrek. Donkey joins in, "tag team" style, knocking out another knight. After Shrek sits on another knight, a woman voiced by Jacquie Barnbrook shouts for Shrek to give "give him the chair", so he whacks him over the head with a chair.

After Shrek throws the last knight, Donkey kicks him, knocking him out. Shrek hams it up for the crowd. Lord Farquaad signals to the knights with crossbows, but instead of giving the order to kill Shrek, he proclaims that Shrek is the champion. Farquaad tells Shrek that he won the honor to go on the quest.

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Shrek replies that he is already on a quest to get his swamp back, where Farquaad dumped the fairy tale creatures. Farquaad offers a deal to Shrek that if he goes on this quest, Farquaad will give him his swamp back, with the squatters gone, so Shrek agrees. On the way to rescue Princess Fiona, Shrek and Donkey pass through various vegetable fields.

As Shrek munches on some vegetables, Donkey asks Shrek why he's going to fight a dragon and rescue a princess to get his swamp back, which Farquaad filled with "freaks". He tells Shrek that he should act like an ogre, and lay siege to his fortress and grind his bones.

Shrek sarcastically suggests that instead he could have decapitated some villagers and drank their fluids. Shrek tells Donkey that there's a lot more to ogres than people think, that they are like onions and have layers. Shrek and Donkey pass a run-down windmill.

After two days, they finally reach the castle where Princess Fiona is held, up on a mountain. Dried lava and brimstone are everywhere. Donkey thinks the smell is from Shrek, but Shrek tells Donkey that if it were him, Donkey would be dead.

They reach a footbridge over a river of lava leading to the castle. Donkey is afraid to cross, but Shrek backs him up, tricking him to cross. Inside the castle, Shrek tells Donkey to look for stairs so they can reach Princess Fiona.

Shrek puts on some armor of a dead knight. Suddenly, the dragon breathes fire and chases after Donkey. Shrek grabs the dragon's tail, but it shakes him off, sending him flying into Princess Fiona's room and waking her up.

Meanwhile, the dragon has Donkey trapped.

shrek im a believer ending relationship

Donkey complements it on its white teeth, notices that it's a girl dragon, and gives it more appropriate compliments. The dragon picks him up with her teeth and walks happily away. While Shrek recovers, Princess Fiona lies back down on the bed and pretends to sleep. Shrek approaches her but instead of kissing her, he shakes her forcefully and shouts for her to wake up.

Princess Fiona voiced by Cameron Diaz wants romance, but Shrek keeps his helmet on and drags her down the stairs. Down below, the dragon is cuddling and romancing Donkey. Shrek grabs a hanging chain and swings towards the dragon, but the chain is stuck up above. He shakes it loose, and he falls, knocking Donkey away as the dragon is about to kiss him.

The dragon kisses Shrek's naked butt. The chain's frame falls around the dragon's neck like a collar. Shrek and Donkey run away, then Shrek grabs Donkey and Fiona as the dragon chases them, repeatedly breathing fire. They crisscross the castle and the chain tangles around all the pillars. Shrek locks the chain into the floor with a sword. As they run across the bridge the dragon burns half of it up, but they make it safely across.

The dragon tries to fly after them, but the chain holds it back. Safely on the other side, Fiona demands that Shrek remove his helmet and kiss her. He removes his helmet, and she is shocked and disappointed that he is an ogre. Shrek tells her that Lord Farquaad sent him, that he's the one who wants to marry her. Princess Fiona tells him in that case that Lord Farquaad should rescue her and she refuses to leave.

Shrek picks her up then they head back to Duloc. Shrek and Donkey start making short jokes about him. She says that they are just jealous of him.