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For NES on the NES, Game Endings FAQ by AdamL. World Cup Super Sprint Super Spy Hunter Super Team Games Superman Swamp can choose from: NOAH'S ARK (no relation to the PAL NES game by Matchbox). very good version for the nes system everything is upgraded as far as stages, vehicles etc & having infinite continues is a very big help in finishing the game. Super Mario Bros., or Super Mario World? An early breakout hit of the arcade era, Spy Hunter inspired everything from vehicular combat.

Firehouse Rescue Fisher Price: I Can Remember Fisher Price: Joe Gilligan's Island Goal! Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival M. The Search for Dr. Quest of the Avatar Ultima: World Championship Wrestling Werewolf: Family Edition Wheel of Fortune: Smoke Hammerin' Harry Kabuki: War in the Gulf Warehouse No. Dogfight Spirit Big Challenge! Both licensed and unlicensed ie Tengen, Color Dreams, etc. There is no tournament to play here but you do get to choose between 5 Opponent's Skill Levels: After the game is over it will show your score and the opponent's score and this is the mes- sage you receive, complete with spelling error: The one good thing about the game is that when you beat one of the lower level opponents you automatically go to the next highest opponent instead of back to the title screen.

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At least you get something. When you finish the final stage you get a measly "Congratulation" screen and then a game over screen, which shows the percentage of enemies you shot down. The picture of him next to the plane fades to gold as the corner curls up. You eventually get taken back to the title screen.

Each stage is divided into 3 or 4 sections, but you play through each stage continuously. When you face the final boss in Stage you have to beat him 5 times.

Beat him and watch the amusing ending sequence, which consists of all the bosses giving you a part of a secret code of sorts. Then the screen with "The End" appears and stays. There are a total of 4 events you can choose from: Downhill, Ramp, Jump and Slalom. You start at a ranking of Class 1. When you complete all 4 of these events, if you have scored well enough you will achieve a Class 2 rank.

Work your way up to Class 4. There is no ending here whatsover. You can get gold in all the events, but it won't do you any good here. I rented this game many times when I was younger and could only finish it using a Game Genie.

I remember thinking how cool it was when I actually beat it playing through it 3 times and getting that cool special ending. There are 7 castles you can choose from on the select screen. The 8th castle, the House of Ruth is in the middle, but you cannot enter it until you have gone through the other 7 castles and beaten the boss of each one.

When you finally make it to the House of Ruth you will have to defeat 6 of the 7 bosses again not sure why the German boss was omitted and then you fight Ruth. Upon defeating her you get the last gem and have a cup of coffee with her you sit down and have coffee with all the bosses after you beat them, which makes you wonder why they came after you again in the House of Ruth.

After your sit down with Ruth you go to the Altar of Peace, where you must put the 8 gems 8 eyes in the correct order on the altar.

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If you got all the hidden scrolls in each level you should be able to figure out the correct order. If you put them in the wrong order it lets you keep trying, but you have no excuse now that you know the order. When you enter them correctly the room will shake and a hole in the wall will open up and you will walk through it.

A winged creature will give you the following multi-screen message: It then brings you to the stage select screen at the beginning of the 2nd Quest. Go ahead and plow your way through the same stages again, except this time it is definitely more difficult, as the enemies move faster and there are no clue scrolls, but the order of the gems will be the same when you get to the altar again.

After you enter the gems at the altar the wall will open again and you will walk through it again. The same winged creature will greet you and say the following: It then goes to a screen showing 6 members of the programming team and then repeats the ending message you just got. We all know there is a 3rd Quest, but for some reason they never give you the password to start the 3rd Quest or even let you press any button to get out of this 2nd ending, as it keeps repeating over and over.

Once you make it through the 3rd Quest and place the gems in the altar, you will go through the wall again and meet the winged creature for the 3rd and final time. From here it keeps repeating the message until you reset. You definitely got your money's worth out of this game if you purchased it back in at retail price, that is if you could even get very far in it. The final boss battle takes place at the end of Stage 6 while Stage 7 is the stage where you escape the explosion by maneuvering through the various barriers in the stage.

You get the ending sequence showing you escape, followed by the credits, then back to the title screen. The game resets to Level 1. Beat the boss of Level 3 and you go on to Level 4, but it is a grey screen. Consider beating Level 3 beating the game. Finish Level 8 and the game goes back to Level 1. When you get to a certain point in Level 3 you restart at Level 1.

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You play up to Level 6. Ordinarily when you beat Level 6 you go on to Level 7, which is a blank screen. Using NESten's cheat mode I found the value that controls the level selection and bypassed the blank Level 7 to get to Level 8.

Level 8 is the final level. When you beat it you are treated to another blank screen, but it is definitely the last level. Finishing Level 3 is considered beating the game. Once you finish Level 7 you go back to Level 1. When you get to the end of Level 3 the game freezes on you. When you complete Level 8 you go back to Level 1. When you finish Level 2 it goes back to Level 1.

Near the end of Level 2 the game started flickering uncontrollably. I was able to use the NESten cheat mode to get to Level 3, where it did the same thing at the end of the level.

I used the cheat mode again to get to Level 4, where it did the same thing. When you beat the spider at the end of Level 3 you go back to Level 1. Finish Level 5 and you go back to Level 1. When you finish Level 5 the game freezes. I verified with NESten's cheat mode that there are no levels after Level 5. Completing Level 4 returns you to Level 1. When you complete Level 4 you get shipped back to Level 1.

When you finish Level 12 you get sent back to Level 1. You go back to the beginning after Level 4. When you finish Level 19 you go back to the beginning. Beat the Level 3 boss to go back to the beginning.

You go back to the beginning after Level 2. Using NESten's cheat mode I was able to get by the wall. When you finish Level 3 the game sends you back to Level 1. Another game that you can only beat using an emulator. You go back to Level 1 after beating Level 3. I used the same method to determine that there are 9 levels in all. Finishing Level 2 brings you back to Level 1. There is no final level to this game, you just keep going between 4 different levels, 2 of which are titled Level 1 and two are titled Level Too similar, in fact.

No levels, no bosses, nothing other than driving and shooting forever. In both games, you control an armed supercar at high speeds across different types of terrain. Your enemies are other vehicles and must be blown apart with extreme prejudice.

This is where the similarities end, though. Spy Hunter for the NES is a ramshackle arcade port that has little reason to exist. The story takes place in the year with the United Nations under attack by unknown terrorists. Finally, after even rookie agents have been sent out to their doom, the C. The plot has no bearing within the events of the game and was likely added just for its Western release.

The first stage, for example, is a freeway with insane curves, chunks missing, and abrupt turns. While these environment changes are initially intimidating, the game allows you to slow down and speed up manually.

This enables you to process the onscreen shenanigans. Compared to other devious shoot-em-ups of the era, Super Spy Hunter is generous with its guiding of the player.

As with any shoot-em-up, power-ups are your friends. In Super Spy Hunter, they come in the form of red and blue vehicles.

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Both types of vehicles will cycle through different letters. Once the vehicle is destroyed, it will throw out the letter icon last displayed. Powerups from red vehicles mostly provide mods for your primary cannons, such as automatic directional control instead of manual, extra power, rapid shooting, and extra life for your measly life bar.