Tekken tag tournament 2 lili ending a relationship

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Asuka Full Name Asuka Kazama Also Known as Gang Mediator (TTT2) Kansai Ending Description: After defeating Lili, Asuka is shocked to find that her rival is . One bit of fan speculation addresses a potential romantic relationship. Kazuya Mishima is a fictional character in Bandai Namco's Tekken fighting game series, first Although Kazuya's rivalry with Heihachi ended in Tekken 7, his relationship Kazuya fights Akuma during the end of Tekken 7's story mode; Harada . In the sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Kazuya murders Jun to increase. Despite being a non-canon game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has some of the best But in the end, Lili begrudgingly congratulates him for his victory. . Hwoarang and Baek's relationship is another thing that's never been.

tekken tag tournament 2 lili ending a relationship

You don't get much more sappy and sickeningly sweet than these endings, but they're so corny and kitsch that they're oddly heartwarming. Panda's ending is probably a personal favourite as we see Panda grow jealous of Xiaoyu and Miharu's friendship while Panda and Alisa become closer. It's an oddly relatable scenario even though two of the characters are a giant panda and an anime android. Having lost her again, Jin gets furious and transforms into Devil Jin, but in Devil Jin's ending, we see Jun appear to her son and apparently remove the Devil Gene's influence.

The last shot we see is of Jin fall to Earth and land on a beach, where his Tekken Force soldiers retrieve him. This one could almost be considered canon considering we see Devil Jin in similar circumstances in Tekken 7's story mode.

While pretty emotional, the only problem is that both endings are way too short! In Asuka's ending, we see her act as a mediator between two aggressive Osaka gangs, and then beat up the two gang leaders when they ogle her up too leeringly. Lili's ending then reveals that all of the gangs are secretly under her thumb, and she pays them to act chummy whenever she appears in town so that she can upstage Asuka as the new gang mediator.

Ancient Ogre One of the few legitimately creepy endings in the game, Ancient Ogre's sees him summon a whole hoard of others of his species to Earth.

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All of them grow to gigantic size and wreak havoc by simply stepping on cities like anthills while chanting their alien language. The ending is beautifully animated in a weird impressionist style — it reminds me a lot of the original BFG animated movie, which also sees horrifying giants stomp around and break shit.

tekken tag tournament 2 lili ending a relationship

It all looks like some kind of ancient civilisation's depiction of the apocalypse, like the Mayans' or whatever, which is pretty fitting considering the inspiration behind Ogre's design. Jack-6 This ending has a very "Iron Giant" vibe, which makes it an instant classic.

A huge meteorite threatens Earth, so Jack-6 rockets into space and attempts to smash it to bits. When that fails, he goes full throttle and succeeds, but destroys himself in the process. My favourite part of this ending is the fact that Jack manages to launch himself from the ground to the stratosphere in like 1 second flat. Alex's ending sees him attempt to devour a wayward Roger Jr. It's fucking stupid in a funny way.

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Roger and the dromeosaur. It all becomes pretty tragic though when Roger Sr. Sounds like a dream scenario, right? Well, more like a nightmare for Lars. All of the other Mishimas move comically fast to eat the grub while poor Lars can't get a chopstick in edgeways. Just when it looks like he can get a leftover konbu strip, Heihachi, still being the colossal penis he is no matter the universe, slurps it up off Lars' own chopsticks.

One of the funniest endings in the game, only just behind Wang Jinrei This ending's pretty legendary as being one of the most hilarious and WTF endings in the series, for sure.

tekken tag tournament 2 lili ending a relationship

So, you've got the four oldest farts in the series — Wang, Sebastian, Jinpachi and Dr. Bosconovitch — all sitting round a big table, discussing their futures and veritably pissing all over the fourth wall and each other verbally, of course.

Wang and Jinpachi get into an argument about which of them is more immortal, with Jinpachi concluding that the only reason Wang still lingers is because "those wussy game developers" couldn't go through with killing him off in Tekken 6.

tekken tag tournament 2 lili ending a relationship

Marshall Law turned his head and could not believe his eyes that his childhood friend Michelle Chang was his partner. In their first match together in over twenty years, Michelle Chang and Marshall Law defeated the team of Craig Marduk and King putting every other combatant on notice.

While sitting in the transportation hub waiting for their next match, Michelle decides to catch up. Marshall Law's expression went from thinking to sorrow as he turns his head to face Michelle. Marshall Law looked into Michelle's eyes briefly before their transportation hub arrived at their next stage.

Michelle also pulls her hand away back to her chest. Marshall Law attacks Jack-6 with machine gun like fists and power kicks it into it's partner, P. Marshall Law got in german suplex position behind P. Jack while Michelle assists the german suplex with a flying kick to the face.

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The team of Jack-6 and P. Jack was defeated by the tag combination demonstrated by Marshall Law and Michelle Chang. Suddenly memory of the loss of his wife soon enraged Law as Ancient Ogre looked Marshall Law in the eyes and smiled cockily. I thought Jin killed you! Ancient Ogre's face turned from cocky to serious at the sound of Jin's name. Ancient Ogre braced himself with confidence he didn't need to worry about Law coming for him.

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At that moment, two spheres of high energy incarcerated both Law and Ancient Ogre to keep them separated. When's Marshall Law's jump kick had touch the sphere he was confined in, the sphere's energy shocked him also adding more pain. Ancient Ogre looked around the sphere and chose not to resist. Marshall Law instead breathed heavy in anger and ripped his upper body clothing into pieces then began punching through the sphere. The person on the intercom flipped a switch which activated high intense electricity to shock Law.

The person on the intercom ceased the electricution and spoke again.

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Angel and Unknown glances at each other and faces down Ancient Ogre and Mokujin ready to fight. Michelle applies cotton with alcohol around Marshall Law's ripped body knowing that they are going to their next fight. Marshall Law stops and realizes that a similar thing has happened to Michelle thinking back how Michelle's father was killed by Heihachi Mishima. I'm sorry Michelle, please forgive me. Marshall Law and Michelle stepped off the transportation hub for their next fight only to see the team of Kazuya and Jun Kazama waiting for them.