The phantom edit ending a relationship

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the phantom edit ending a relationship

What this means is a lot of footage ended up on the editing room floor, and a lot of the politics, the clone storyline, and the majority of Phantom Menace. way more about this relationship than I was in the original prequels. Making him on a level approaching them reduces the relationship between So Anakin's supposed to have more maturity in the Phantom Edit, with "a in the least and we can appreciate his journey from beginning to end. Megan Purdy: Cutting The Phantom Menace was one of his better decisions Obi-Wan was at the end of The Phantom Menace; his mentorship by that ultimately the edit cut too much of Anakin's relationships that inform his.

The Phantom Edit

There's a richness to the original portrayal of the Gungans in general also: Boss Nass and his people were a foreign power, one that the Naboo had only a tenuous relationship with. There's no real symbiosis gee whiz wasn't that a theme of Lucas's? So Anakin's supposed to have more maturity in the Phantom Edit, with "a few yippees and other childlike behaviors removed for your pleasure.

And what, pray tell, were the Phantom Editors hoping to accomplish with that?! Because if they start tinkering with Anakin's life journey then I seriously gotta question whether these guys understand Star Wars at all.

Anakin's tale beginning as a child was part of the whole scheme: He's not supposed to start out a brash, headstrong young Jedi-turned-brooding Sith Lord at this stage in the game.

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No, we really need to see an earlier chapter in his life, when he's wild and carefree and na? The TPM Anakin should act innocent, because he is innocent, and that has to be established now, if his fall to the Dark Side is going to have any heartbreaking impact in the least and we can appreciate his journey from beginning to end. Else we might as well throw out any character development and chuck in one of those "paper dolls" from Star Trek.

For all these reasons and more, I don't like the idea of the Phantom Edit, even though I haven't seen it.


Nor do I really care to see it. And it has to do with what film is as an art form: And it shouldn't matter about what film that is, and not every film is a good one even. Many are mediocre if not downright unwatchable: But that shouldn't mean that even a mess like Yor: The Hunter From The Future doesn't have intrinsic value: It was someone who believed enough in that vision to commit it to film, for all the hard work that that entailed.

the phantom edit ending a relationship

Maybe someday Lucas will go back and re-work TPM as he did the original trilogy, and it will still be his vision.

But for the same respect that I wouldn't change a thing in Yor, I wouldn't want to be the one who changed Episode I in the least. Y'see, a filmmaker also is trying to contribute something of his or her own to the world. Something that will be lighting up a screen long years after they've left this earth. Why should they want someone else to not in remaking per the original spirit but take that contribution and alter it for their own sake?

A filmmaker is trying to express his vision, so that maybe someone might take notice, and maybe stop and say "hey, I wonder who this guy was? He's worked to make his life count for something ever since almost dying in a car crash at And he's doing it in a very special way: So there's nothing worse than getting excited about the newest film in the series and walking out of the theater disappointed.

the phantom edit ending a relationship

Sometimes, it just wasn't quite what you wanted it to be, and other times, it's an abomination that shames the franchise forever. Let's face it, even great films sometimes have room to improve, sometimes a bloated trilogy really only deserved one movie, and sometimes it's just fun to see what it would look like if you blend unrelated movies into a single storyline.

Here are 15 fan edits so good, they put the original to shame! Almost all of the Senate scenes are cut, as is Jar Jar Binks and any mention of "midichlorians. The movie was overcrowded with villains, pointless subplots and bad emo dance numbers. It also cuts the scene where Harry's butler explains Norman's death, so it adds emotional weight to Harry's decision to help Peter in the end.

In this section, Topher has removed General Grievous. Anakin is frustrated with the Jedi and gets closer to Palpatine. He tells Anakin that the Dark Side of the force has the ability to prevent death.

the phantom edit ending a relationship

Sidious issues Order 66 across the galaxy, and almost all the Jedi are killed. She travels to Mustafar to confront him, and realizes that Obi-Wan was telling the truth. Obi-Wan was able to hide aboard her ship, but Anakin believes that she brought him there to kill him.

the phantom edit ending a relationship

Yoda and the Emperor have their lightsaber duel. And we are left on that dark note. You have to understand that Grace can only use the footage available to him, so some of the same problems exist that plagued the original films: I have seen a few of the other fan edits that have been online, including the famous Phantom Edit — and this is probably the best of the bunch.

After that, Grace hopes that other actors, editors and filmmakers will run with the ball, produce and showcase remixed films on a annual basis within this private community. Jason Reitman has been directing live stage reads of classic film screenplays at LACMA, showing how a filmmaker can make different choices with an interesting cast can completely change a written screenplay.

This seems like the next evolution of that, but also an exercise in storytelling with the use of crafty editing.