How to create lookup relationship in salesforce dreamforce

how to create lookup relationship in salesforce dreamforce

the new activity lookup field can be linked with custom objects to create, inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to. I can't believe I could get stuck on something that looks so easy! Step 1 was no problem. Step 2 should be a cinch, but I cannot find Position on. You can create lookup relationship fields that link to users, standard objects, or custom objects. If a lookup field references a record that has.

Delete a Record, Delete Its Related Records

Strengthen your flow from faulting by adding decision elements. Provide descriptions, where provided, in Salesforce. This includes noting the data stored in a custom field, providing the purpose of a process builder, etc. Addison Dogster is a system administrator at Universal Container. Sally needs the ability to indicate that a contact as inactive.

She also wants to delete these inactive contacts and their related case records. After the calendar year, the records can be deleted on January 1 of the following year. While this can be handled via a trigger, Addison Dogster, being the Awesome Admin that she is, was able to solve this using two custom fields, process builder and visual workflow.

She can do this with clicks, no code!

Delete a Record, Delete Its Related Records – Jenwlee's Salesforce Blog

Set the FLS field level security for each profile. Only make the field visible and editable for the profiles that need it. The end result is this… 2. For those using Salesforce Classic, you can create custom fields by going to Setup Customize Contact. Since this is a processing field, you do not need to place this on the page layout. This is the end result… 3.

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Create the following flow elements by going to the Resources tab in flow. In the next step, we will perform a decision to determine whether any case records were found in the previous step.

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We cannot assume that there will always be related cases associated to an inactive contact. That would cause the flow to fail.

Difference between master-detail relationships and lookup relationships ~ Salesforce Tutorials

Essentially here, we want to see if the variable has values is not null. If cases are found, we want to delete the related cases.

how to create lookup relationship in salesforce dreamforce

Lastly, we need to delete the inactive contact. Now, we need to set the Fast Lookup as a starting element, indicated by the green down arrow. Child records do not have an owner.

how to create lookup relationship in salesforce dreamforce

Each child record has an owner and is not related to the parent record. The detail record inherits sharing and security from the master record. There is no security or inheritance between related parent and child records.

To relate an object to another object, no records should exist in the child object. To relate an object to other objects, there is no condition on the number of records. If you have the Roll-Up Summary field in the parent object, any create, edit, or delete action in the child record will trigger an edit action in the parent object.

how to create lookup relationship in salesforce dreamforce

If you have a validation rule and other rules in parent object, the validation rules will trigger for the parent object. You cannot create the Roll-Up Summary field in the lookup relationship using out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality. You can configure a field update action to update a field in the parent record using a value from the child record.