How to deal with abandonment issues in a relationship

How to Properly Cope With Abandonment Issues in Relationships

how to deal with abandonment issues in a relationship

How can we overcome fear of abandonment and change our attachment patterns ? . of a relationship after I was the age of 3, I never thought I had issues from it. The effect is so profound that it remains forever to haunt you in your subsequent relationships. Abandonment issues wreak havoc in one's. The Characteristics of Abandonment. No relationship is perfect. There are several issues that can crop up and force one to deal with them.

Knowing what is making you react this way will win half the battle for you and help you deal with the problem better.

how to deal with abandonment issues in a relationship

Self Help If counseling is not something you want to do then try to help yourself. Sit down and retrospect about your life. Why are you feeling abandoned? You'll probably find that there has been a history of abandonment issues in your childhood and that is influencing your adult life today. Once you have been able to identify with this, you can start to deal with it.

Talk to a Friend It is very difficult to come out of the cycle you have created for yourself, by yourself. So take the help of a friend. Let them talk to you. At the back of your mind you know that the clingy nature that you've developed for yourself, is not necessary, but you cannot let go of it.

how to deal with abandonment issues in a relationship

A friend telling you the same thing and stating reasons why it is not will probably do the trick. When you hear something about yourself from a third person's point of view, it helps to get a realistic perspective of things.

Forgive One masters the art of forgiving and half the problems in the world will be solved.

Fear of Abandonment: Overcoming the Fear of Being Left Alone

Sadly though, it is a very difficult thing to practice. Try to forgive the person who abandoned you. It will be a lot less painful and put your mind at rest.

You don't let something affect you, you won't be affected. Positive Attitude This is probably a true test of mettle. Being in that abandoned state of mind, it is difficult to think straight, let alone positive.

How to Properly Cope With Abandonment Issues in Relationships

But it really does help if you can. Try to leave all the negative emotions behind and develop a positive attitude. Do whatever it takes to get you there. Get busy with an activity, try to succeed at something so you get the feeling of achievement and self-worth back. Try feeding yourself with affirmations about the positive things in your life, learn how to make yourself happy.

Practice meditation and yoga to help you develop mental strength and understanding. Daniel Siegel talks about the importance of creating a coherent narrative in helping individuals feel more secure and strengthened within themselves. When people make sense of their past, they may be less likely to feel such intense, knee-jerk fear of abandonment. However, even when they do feel fear, they are far better able to calm themselves down.

They can identify where their fear comes from and where it belongs, and they can take actions that are more rational and appropriate to the reality of their present lives.

They can enhance and strengthen their relationships rather reacting with fear and insecurity and creating the distance they so fear. Strategies to calm down when you experience fear of abandonment Every one of us has fears about being left alone. Another general practice to adopt is that of self-compassion. Kristin Neff has done studies, revealing countless benefits of self-compassion.

Rather, it involves three main elements: This refers to the idea that people should be kind, as opposed to judgmental, toward themselves. This sounds simple in theory but is much more difficult in practice. We can all be a better friend to ourselves, even if we feel hurt or abandoned by someone else. Being mindful is helpful, because it helps people not to over-identify with their thoughts and feelings in ways that allow them to get carried away. When people feel afraid of something like being abandoned, they tend to have a lot of mean thoughts toward themselves perpetuating this fear.

Imagine if you could acknowledge these thoughts and feelings without letting them overtake you.

How Do Your Abandonment Issues Affect Your Love Life?

Could you take a gentler attitude toward yourself and let these thoughts pass like clouds in the sky instead of floating off with them — without losing your sense of yourself and, often, reality?

The more each of us can accept that we are human and, like all humans, we will struggle in our lives, the more self-compassion and strength we can cultivate. The more individuals can trace these feelings to their roots in their past, the more they can separate these experiences from the present. It takes courage for someone to be willing to see what hurt them and face the primal feelings of abandonment they may have had as children when they had no control over their situation.

However, when people are able to face these feelings, they can essentially set themselves free from many of the chains of their past. They can become differentiated adults, who are able to create new stories and new relationships in which they feel safe, seen, soothed, and therefore, secure.

December 21, Jordan Gray Everyone feels the pain of abandonment at some point in their lives. Whether it was as blatant as a parent abandoning you at a young age, or as subtle as an emotionally intense relationship ending abruptly, everyone feels the sting of abandonment at some point in their journey.

So what is abandonment? Abandonment is the feeling of losing love or connection with someone you cared about. Abandonment is a cumulative, deeply penetrating emotional wound that encompasses all of the losses you have experienced stemming back to your childhood.

how to deal with abandonment issues in a relationship

For some people, who had particularly severe events of abandonment, this fear of loss affects them heavily on a daily basis. They enter into safe, arms-distance relationships where no one truly knows them. They take a job where they excel so that they constantly feel needed and validated. To drive the point home in a more tangible way, I will share a personal story of emotional abandonment.

I would do absolutely anything for her. I would regularly cancel plans at the last minute with close friends in order to hang out with her. I would engage in behaviour that went against my values in order to appease her.

I made someone a priority who largely considered me an option. I made my partner and the relationship drastically more important in my mind than I cared for myself as an individual. When the inevitable day came that she ended the relationship, I was completely distraught.