How to regain passion in a relationship

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how to regain passion in a relationship

We are in the throes of what researchers call passionate love, a state of intense longing, desire, and attraction. In time, this love generally. A good sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy and closeness. In other words, if you're hoping to improve your physical relationship. Unfortunately, passion often fades in long-term relationships (day-to-day life gets predictable and boring), and while this experience is.

Adventures in the Science of Female Desiremakes us look at women's lust and libido in a whole new way. As it turns out, women's desire can start to wane between one and four years of being with the same partner. The waning factor being the committed relationship, being monogamy. It's backed up by research.

8 Ways to Regain Love in a Relationship

In fact, Bergner even wonders if "monogamy's cure" may lie in the development of a female libido pill which would "reach into the psyche. Emotional closeness may bring security, but it may also be dousing the flames of desire.

At 3view, we ascribe to attachment theories for couples counselling. We believe in the mainstream view that healthy relationships depend on closeness, empathy, intimacy, and trust. And yet, we also believe that healthy relationships require a balance of passion and stability.

how to regain passion in a relationship

So, this may be one of the greatest conundrums a couple can face. Bergner cites research that shows "women who don't live with their partners retain their desire much more than women who do.

how to regain passion in a relationship

Sure, it works for some couples to live apart. But for many others, this is not the solution. Just as popping a pill for desire may not be the answer either. Further research, understanding, and shifts in our culture's acceptance of women's sexual desire, will shed more light on this delicate balance in relationships.

For those couples who have found their own keys to passion, or who prefer to bask in their rock-solid stability, keep it up. For the rest of you, we have gathered research, clues, and client feedback for some practical ways to stay hot and heavy: Try new activities or experiences together. If you have children, get a babysitter once a week. Studies have shown that sharing an activity that is novel and exciting can increase your sense of passion. Fight the urge to use pet names or speak to your lover in a way that turns them into something cute, like a child or pet or teddybear.

how to regain passion in a relationship

Remind your partner how sexy or hot or desirable he or she is. Kiss on the mouth regularly, during sex and at other times.

12 Ways to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

Have separate bathrooms, if possible. If you have to share, don't use it at the same time for functional purposes, like brushing teeth. Sexy candle-lit baths and showers are OK Have separate closets, if possible. Either way, get dressed in private, except when you deliberately want to strip in front of your lover. Keep some of the mystery and unfamiliarity alive. Plan to meet at a restaurant or date venue, rather than going there together.

how to regain passion in a relationship

Add the element of mystery or surprise. Both mystery and surprise also mimic the emotional state of a new romance.

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Here, little gestures also go a long way. Orbuch gave examples of surprising your wife at work and whisking her away for lunch or sending a greeting card in the mail. Do something that kicks up your adrenaline and arousal.

Young relationships start out with an adrenaline rush. A wife who was deeply in love with her husband came to Orbuch concerned about the lack of passion and excitement in her marriage. Orbuch suggested the couple work out together at home. So they bought a treadmill and some weights. It took just a week for them to be intimate — in the middle of their workout.

Take a mini-vacation — just the two of you. Studies show that for women, in particular, getting away is important.

Even if you have young kids or are super-swamped with work or other responsibilities, Orbuch underscored the importance of investing in alone time together—away.

In the midst of busy lives, financial responsibilities, kids and holding down a household, couples can easily forget to have fun.