How to spend quality time in a relationship

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how to spend quality time in a relationship

Spending time together is very important and valuable. It is also very important to consider how the other person you are wanting to spend time. Ultimately, a lack of quality time can create rifts in a relationship. If that's you, don't worry—it's not too late to start spending more quality time with your love-bug . Spending time with others helps to strengthen our identification as a Even if couples spend very little time together or apart, the relationship is.

Once we got married Ken was satisfied just to occupy space with me; like being in the house together or driving in the car together.

how to spend quality time in a relationship

That satisfied HIS need for spending quality time with me. But it made me feel lonely; wishing I had his attention like I did when we were dating.

Here is a list of some things that make me as a wife happy.

The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Partner - ACW

When a husband sees his wife happy he should feel that in his spirit as well as enjoying the time together. An example is to hear of what he is reading about in Scripture and then share that with me. I also love to sit out by the fire pit and watch Ken build a fire to perfection. We chat and enjoy sharing our dreams together.

We are spending quality time with each other; it is time to relax and enjoy our time together. To have coffee in a restaurant; talking eye to eye about what makes us happy with each other.

Not worrying about work or other responsibilities, it is just Ken and myself. To start the day together praying and enjoying a cup of coffee before work begins. This can show that he is asking God to lead his family today.

how to spend quality time in a relationship

Usually it is the wife who is asking her husband to pray, but it brings so much joy and peace in her spirit when she knows he is putting God into the day all on his own. Taking a relaxing walk in the garden shop looking at all the flowers that we would like to put in our yard.

The most important thing is spending time anywhere, while doing anything that you each will enjoy. If you are able to laugh, smile at each other, hold hands while walking, which helps us connect in a positive way while doing whatever you are doing; then this is my idea of quality time. Spending time with the one you love will bring health, joy and happiness into your life.

how to spend quality time in a relationship

Find ways to spend alone time; just listening to each share about their day. Canadian Living Relationships 8 ways to spend quality time together Aug 28, By: Shannon Christie Share Making time for yourself, your work, your friendsyour children and your spouse can sometimes feel overwhelmingly difficult, but it doesn't have to be a stressful juggling act.

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We asked real couples in various stages of their relationships what quality time means for them, and how they find time for it. Make the most of your time "We both work shifts and, with two kids under the age of four, we rarely -- if ever -- get a traditional Saturday night date together.

Instead, we take moments when we can, which is sometimes a quick quiet breakfast in the car after getting the kids off to day care or the time before one of us goes to bed. It's not dinner and a movie, but it's meaningful to us.

The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Partner

Schedule your time together "We're in a long-distance relationship right now, so we literally schedule our time together. Rather than being at the mercy of seat sales, we bought a block of flights at a discount so we have a lot of flexibility in when we can see each other in person.

how to spend quality time in a relationship

The rest of the time, we have Skype dates and text throughout the day. I sometimes think we actually spend more time talking than some couples who live under the same roof.

Celebrate the small stuff "I travel pretty often for work and we have gotten into the habit of taking the opportunity to create mini-commemorative moments. If I'm leaving the next day, I'll make a special dinner that night. When I'm due to get in late after a long flight, my husband will pick me up at the airport.

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Every departure and arrival gives us an excuse to show each other how much we appreciate our time together. Find a shared interest "We met while playing softball, so having a shared interest like that was an easy way to spend quality time together.

how to spend quality time in a relationship

Now that we're expecting our first babyI'm still playing but my wife had to opt out.