Loving your long distance relationship

I am in a happy long-distance relationship. How? – P.S. I Love You

loving your long distance relationship

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Sometimes only one of us worked on that, that being not me. Thinking of how I ended up being happy in a long-distance relationship I see that it boils down to a union of techniques. I cannot wait but share these with anyone who wants their relationships to thrive. In fact, I discovered that the techniques work on any relationship.

loving your long distance relationship

Discuss This is the most important one. Talk, speak out, express your thoughts, express your feelings, share your doubts, share your fears, exchange views. Just spit it out! There are moments when you feel low and want to keep it to yourself.

So, you keep a distance thinking that it is for the best. This makes the situation worse. You cannot keep silent and hope that the other thinks you are alright, after all, there are ways of interaction other when words. Your emotions, looks, actions speak for you and the other person bound to notice that something is wrong.

They might think, there is something that upsets you in them. If they also have a tendency to close, the distance between you will only grow. This is a verified technique. If your spirits are low, just say so and see what happens. High chances that the other is also feeling low. Once you are honestly talking about your feelings you are amazed by its effects.

Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship by Stephen Blake

Others start to open too. As if they waited for someone to open the window. Now you can feel the fresh air in the room, you feel the movement and the space to develop. Meet often This one is particularly strong for a long-distance thing.

When we started, I thought it would be enough to meet several times a year. With all the technologies you can chat whenever and wherever, you can have meals together, watch movies together and see each other in real time. Imagine, not so long ago people had to write letters and wait weeks for an answer. Nowadays, if you order yourself a notably delicious cake which in addition looks appealing you could let the others now and receive the wishes to enjoy it before you even make the first bite.

I thought the technologies would help to maintain the relationship. There are even apps for the long-distance thing.

But turned out I hate Skype. I hate that I see myself in the corner of the screen while talking, this is like two of us are facing a mirror and trying to talk. In the last horrible update, I am not even able to switch off the image of me so, I put a piece of paper of this portion of my screen. If you are aware of how to make it disappear, let me know! Alright, maybe video chat is not that bad, but the push notifications from messengers… My phone has to be on mute otherwise I will be stressed by all the beeps.

I like chatting and messaging but I also like to live the real life. When a message arrives and I see it, I know that someone wants to reach me and is waiting for an answer. I have to answer right away or, it becomes a liability. And so became the relationship at that time. After we discussed, it was clear that we need to meet more often.

This is about priorities.

loving your long distance relationship

It is what it is, and we can only do our best today in loving each other, and work toward a life together with patience and faith. Therefore I give my best in choosing love over doubt.

Then I share my frustration with him, talk to a close friend, or do something uplifting just for myself. Then the feeling of love comes back on its own and laughs gently on my worried mind. Every relationship faces challenges, and doubts may plague us sometimes. Become clear about who you are and what you want. In a long-distance relationship it may even take more time to realize the other one is just as human as you.

Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship

Try to first see what it is in you that makes you irritated, and exchange thoughts about it calmly and respectfully. Always keep curious and ask lots of questions. Be willing to open up just as much. Also, talk about where you want to head together and how you want to live. As long as you respect and love your partner, you will always find a way to deal mindfully with conflict and disagreement.

loving your long distance relationship

Spend quality time together. Just make sure the time with each other is well spent.

loving your long distance relationship

Try to treat the distance as a friend, not an enemy. Be creative, play with the technical possibilities—celebrate occasionally with a dinner on Skype, watch a movie via shared screen, or dance to some good music. Your joy about sharing those day-to-day things may be very high, as you do not take them for granted. Visit each other as often as you can, and spend time just the way you want.

Save up money for visits, split costs, and plan activities you want to do together. This is crucial for you as a couple, and it refuels the batteries. Even if you see your loved one often, you still need to consciously choose to spend quality time together. The point is to not deny the hard parts, but also to not feel paralyzed by them. These are just a few ways to find strength and happiness in a committed long-distance relationship.

loving your long distance relationship

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