Arhi ff love hate relationship definition

Arshi SS: Love- Hate story

arhi ff love hate relationship definition

P.P.S: After a long break, I am back with a new ArHi FF, here is the link. Arshi FF: Madly in love with you: Chapter 25B(Maha update): Consummation . now. “I told you I would manage.” “So what “But Mom, I have a presentation then!.

The final words before he left in anger for a drive, that she was the biggest mistake of his life. Wish that he had never met her, slashed through her like two-edged sword. His hatred towards her dominated powered by the sight of his sister trying to stab herself to put an end to her life as well as that of her rajkumari. His words caused not only wounds but twisted within her lacerating her beyond belief. His words she felt was the truth. It's impact could be seen in the way she perceived it.

She had renegaded on the promise she had given to Naniji that she would keep away from Di's room. Seeing her, Di had tried to end her life as well as that of the unborn child.

She felt was she destined to hurt all those she loved the most? With this thought came the image of Arnav who was disraught to her mind. The thought that where ever she went, whatever she did, however good her intentions were, all were like a house of cards ruled her mind. Though the intentions were good the end result had always been topsy-turvy.

Her very existence seemed to bring peril to others. She recoiled at the feel of her fate indicating that she was like a tornado engulfing all along its path and leaving a trail of destruction behind. With these thoughts predominating she decided on leaving. Her time at Shantivan was over and the damage accrued by her presence and efforts was beyond repair. Her only recourse and refuge was to shut herself in the confines of her Amma, Babuji and Buaji, the only place left for her to return to.

As Arnav drove through the darkness while he was as mad as a hornet, his exercise to exorcise the mind of the black shroud of anger, he saw various pictures flitting through his mind's eye. His Di trying to kill herself and her baby, the recurring nightmare of his sister's wedding day and his mother's suicide, his Nani, tears in her eyes, begging Khushi not to go to Di's room as it would hurt her more, Mami asking him why Khushi had gone into Di's room even when Nani had asked her not to.

These flitting images had a strong bearing upon his mind and he felt as though he was being pounced upon by a ferocious animal, eager to strangle and his fingers tightened on the steering wheel. The clenching of his jaws made the cut on his cheeks throb. It reminded him, of him soothing a crying Khushi asking her to stop her tears, telling her that he loved her. This succeded in the return of the memories of the time he was held in the cellar by his kidnappers.

He could feel the impact of her hug when she tracked him, her relief, her eagerness and enthusiasm at the sight of him alive, hiding together from the kidnappers, her warm breath against his neck, feeling her heart running like a hamster on the wheel. His heart recoiled at the words he had uttered, remembering all the difficulties they had undergone.

She had stood by him as his pillar of strength. She had even almost lost her life in her effort to save him. He could see clearly even now her falling off the cliff and lying senseless in his arms that almost drove him insane! His efforts to revive her had come to naught and he had nearly lost her. But somehow she had been revived! What if he had lost her then?

His bitter, acrid words returned to him and they made him wince. He realized that though her action was done in good faith had resulted in a near disaster that he had averted in time, he should not have uttered such cruel sharp words, especially those said in anger and hurt, when they were never really meant. His mother had time and again warned him of the power his anger held over him.

His quick temper was a bane and would all likely destroy his life. And now he had done the very thing that his Mama had warned him against. Used the razor sharp tongue and hauled her over the coals once again! Realizing his folly of letting anger rule over him, he rushed back hoping Khushi would be around to accept his apology. Khushi who was engrossed with her mind full of love between Arnavji and Di, realized that the bond that prevailed was one that of siblings as well as that of mother and child!

And last night Di had called him by his name not her beloved Chotey! She had refused to listen to a word against her husband and had shown her brother the door. She felt that she was instrumental in destroying the peace, harmony and happiness of the family.

Her very breath seem to cause a havoc amidst them, by being alive, by catching the fancy of the roving eyes of Shyamji, though she had considered him purely as a Buaji's paying guest, she seems to attract more wrath than she could ever dream about. Coming to a decision, prevailed by the events, she started to pack a bag of essentials she would need at her Buaji's house.

She needed to be quick off the mark, lest Arnavji turned up at the door. When Arnav ran up the steps it was with trepidation of not Finding Khushi.

With his heart sounding like jungle drums, he opened the door to find her packing her things. Stuffing the last of her item into her bag, she answered his query of what was she doing, with, she was on her way to Buaji's house. As she stood up to leave Knowing Khushi, and her soft giving nature, he asked her not to do it, as he had not meant whatever he spoke and it came out only in a fit of anger, without meaning anything!

When she started to list out all the things that should not have happened he knew, Keeping Khushi by him was an uphill task. Her calm tone, reasonable argument along with the serene face, with no emotions like snow and ice she manifested, his heart clenched like a fist.

A hand of cold started to grip his heart. Her every word cut through him and reminded him of all the deeds that redound to his discredit that had made her suffer and still he had held her responsible. Her bad times started with meeting him at Sheesh Mahal and as a revenge for shouting at him at the Dargah, him airing the footage with commentary insinuating her of trying to snare a rich man that had left her exposed to the attacks of goons who had thought her to be an easy picking and had tried to have their share in the spoils.

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Her savior in the form of Shyam had led to her meeting the rogue and he had taken advantage of their plight. If all these incidents had not occurred, then his Di's life might not have been affected, she might have been happily living with her marriage intact and looking forward to her own family with pride and happiness. She told Arnav, that she neither wanted to hurt him, nor work in his office or at his home.

She had not even wanted to see him after the dargah incident, but Devi Maiyya's plan seems to be otherwise and her rule prevailed. Every time they tried to move away from one another they were thrown together. But now the time to separate has arrived as she does not want to hurt anyone anymore and especially, him.

The impact of her words was stupendous. Her clear eyes without a shred of guilt in it, left Arnav speechless, without a word to defend. He could see that her eyes were filled with love and deep hurt, like limpid pools in shadows, that made him squirm. While she walked past him to the door, his sense prevailed upon him to stop her. With a lump in his throat he told her, that he would not let her go! She beseeched him not to stop her from moving out as she did not want to be the cause of anybody's hurt anymore than what has occurred already.

But Arnav asking her to reconsider her stance told her that he never meant any of the stuff he told her and with silent eyes beseeched her to stay back.

He told her, that without her, he. Though Arnav scrutinized her honest eyes that revealed love and anguish, changing her mind about giving in to his request she continued it, as she too cannot bear to see Di upset because of her. When his softly spoken, what about me? Her question was rhetorically asked not expecting an answer.

The impact of her question on him was resounding. Her simple straight forward query effected him so much, that he was bombarded with a shocker of an answer in his mind. Like the query, the answer though unexpected was very much to his liking. He saw clearly that he could be happy, though not overjoyed as Di's happiness and well-being was also attached to it, he could still be contented. He had the confidence to set things right with nothing but Khushi by his side.

He felt with her presence beside him he could move mountains, and turn things around. She was his strength and comfort.

Her presence had a profound bearing on his deeds. It cut him to shred to see the numbness that had enveloped her and the stoic acceptance on her face with the realization that his Di was of utmost importance in his life and she came a distant second if ever she was there.

He felt disgusted and recoiled at his inability to show her his love, what she meant to him and how high placed she was in his life. The tipping point of realization that his heart had changed forever made him loosen his hold on her and let her move to the door. Feeling his breath stop, he recalled his sister words that if his loved one goes away from him he would feel his breath stop.

He realized that it was so with him where Khushi was concerned and her place was beside him and nowhere else. She was his wife and only his and he would not let her go away as she was as necessary for him as air and water to live. Just like skin to the apple or carrying water in the desert, her presence was essential for his survival. With Khushi opening her door to leave, Arnav slammed it shut knowing any attempt to coax her to stop from leaving would be of no use when she was being altruistic and self-giving.

It would be as difficult as to break iron with your bare hands. The damage his words had done was way too much for her to listen to his pleading. He refused to budge and allow her to leave when she asked. And with all other avenues closed by his own folly, though he abhorred, he used his trump card of contract marriage and asked her how could she break the contract?

The impact of his statement was so severe that it stunned her. He reminded her of his words on their wedding night when they entered into the contract marriage. Any thought of renegading the contract was simply not acceptable. Khushi recoiled at his words and at the thought, that the marriage was for him still just a contract! When she voiced out her thoughts, though he affirmed that it was a contract marriage, he shied away from seeing the hurt in her eyes his words once again caused her.

He knew if he had not played this card she would have prevailed upon her senses to oust herself from his life as quick as a wink, thinking of the comfort his Di would get from it. But he was not ready to throw away their life together for his Di.

Even if Khushi could be prevailed upon he was not ready to do it.

arhi ff love hate relationship definition

Khushi though disillusioned, being a fire brand, living up to it countered him with, what would he do? Hand her over to the police for not fulfilling the bargain?

His stuttered threat, to make Akash leave Payal, was disgusting even to his own ears. The feeling of futile prevailed on her and the feeling that they were back to square one, just where they had started even after all the pain, turmoils, perils they underwent together dominated her. She felt, for Arnav Singh Raizada, deals and contracts predominated and she was still his favorite punching bag. She could not jeopardize her sister's happiness for the sake of her freedom and happiness. She realized that she was like a nut caught between the nut cracker.

Arnav feeling the turmoil that she was undergoing, wanting to put an end to this farce told her outrightly that, however much stubbornness she would show to go away, the same amount he too would show in stopping her.

By now, she does know him well! Her retort, that she does know that he would remain a devil as he was, who bulldozes everyone to abide by his wish. Even though she had thought that there was a change in him, it was just a wish on her part. He has proven that and he gets thrill out of breaking her heart into smithereens while reminding her of all the things that she wished to forget. Arnav could not bear to see her anguish.

He could see clearly where her mind took her to. The vivid pictures of Diwali night, their wedding when he had tied mangalsutra around her neck with abhorrence and splashed in disdain her maang with sindoor, flashed through his head. His remorseful calling out, Khushi, had no effect on her. She, recoiling at his affection and accrued with the harsh words that he had uttered, she told him that it was good that he reminded her that Arnav Singh Raizada could never change and as long as the contract was in place, she would not leave the house.

With the relief flooding his veins he breathed a sigh that he was able to prevail upon her to stay back by hook or by crook, though not relishing the method he had to resort to. He felt at least she was with him. But, that was thanking his stars too soon. Khushi calculated that the six months would be over in twelve more days and then she would be free from him forever. His relief was a mere touch on and her words made him gasp. When Khushi asked him with clear eyes, that he forced her into contract marriage because of foolishness to believe Shyamji's words that she loved him, Arnav fumed and roared like an aggrieved lion, that he was an eye-witness to both hugging each other with Shyam professing his love and she asking him to leave his Di for her!

Khushi became wide eyed at his fury and asked whether he saw them. At his nod, she told him that seeing what had been written on the mirror with the lipstick to come to the terrace, she had assumed it to be him and never thought it to be Shyamji.

While she was waiting for him, Shyamji had come and held her in a bone crushing hug and had told her that he loved her and not Rani Sahiba. His grip did not allow her to struggle a bit and had felt her arms were being pulled out of their sockets. It had left behind marks of his brutal crush. Wanting to prove him to be a liar, she had asked him to leave Anjaliji which she knew he would never as she was his safe deposit for a rich and luxurious life.

Having married Anjaliji for her money would he leave her for a girl with no means of her own? If he had stayed back he would have heard her ripping Shyamji's claim to shreds and his character being assasinated. He would have never fallen prey to his lies. Once again she showed his deeds that redounded to his discredit.

The truth she told had Arnav stumped and held him in silence. When she asked Arnav, that the reason for their marriage being to safeguard his Di's marriage, which has lost its validation why does he want to prolong it?

When he now knows that there was nothing between his brother-in-law and her, why was he stopping her? When he chose to remain silent she prevailed upon him, when now their contract marriage and her presence were itself threat to his Di and her mental balance, why was he insisting on her staying back and be within the folds of this bond? Getting no response she moved out of the room, offering her prayers to Devi Maiyya at her feet, for Anjaliji and her well being, prevailing upon Her friend, for answers on her future, contract marriage and life after that.

Returning to their bedroom, she crawled into the lonely bed after freshening up while Arnav who was pacing the room till then lay back on his chaise lounge looking at her lovely face.

Peace dominated his being with the knowledge that she was back in his room, his bed, his life. He vowed to himself as well as her that he will make his efforts to redound to his credit by winning her back, winning her love within 12 days, thereby giving their marriage a chance to survive.

With these thoughts dominating his mind he let himself slip into the arms of Morpheus. In the entire update it is Arnav Singh Raizada's temper that has contributed to the unraveling of his marriage. His sense of unrealistic attachment to his sister even to the extent of closing his eyes, towards the unconditional love that his wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has for him and his family, contributed to it.

But when he realized the extent of damage his harsh words had done, his sense to right the wrong done prevailed. But his deeds redounded to his discredit. Skating on thin ice, the contract marriage, he has held on to Khushi by his side and is trying to have his efforts redounding to the good. That's it from me. Hope you enjoy it.

Day 12 Thank you, RabbaVe for the banner! She was asleep, drained by the events of the past few days, curled up in her white blanket with small pink roses spread on it. His eyes softened at the sight of her relaxed face. He sat up and looked his fill of her. So it had all been a lie. Shyam had manipulated him, turned him against Khushi… And he had fallen for it. It had been unexpected. Knowing that Khushi loved another had cut him like a knife, lacerating his heart, leaving him bleeding.

Had it been just that slimeball, Shyam, he could have dealt with him easily. Di would have cried and fainted, but she would have seen sense. He could have managed, as he had been managing for the past decade. Her loss, a sense of betrayal had cut him to the core. That had complicated things further. Faint dark circles under her eyes, the gauntness on her face… She had paid heavily for his sins. Being insulted by thugs on the streets of Lucknow because he had aired the clip… Arnav swallowed hard.

His thoughtlessness had led to her public humiliation. They had been getting close. They had been on the verge of confessing why farak padta he, when the storm had broken over their heads.

She had known how disappointed her family would be in her, how furious his family would be, how unhappy all would be… He had not been bothered by their tears and complaints, only by the blow that Amma had given Khushi.

love hate relationship by Trapt lyrics

He had pushed her out of the room, forcing her to sleep on the tiles in the cold. He buried his face in his hands. With his actions and his words, he had made life hell for her. His family had not helped either. They had punished her for a crime that had not been hers, but his. Her own family had shunned her. All because of him. Just him and his bad judgement. He looked at a sleeping Khushi with moist eyes.

A girl with less spunk would have gone under.

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But not his Khushi. She had bounced back, matching him word for word, action for action… She had made his family open their hearts to her again. She had regained her place in her family.

She had hidden her unhappiness behind her smile. Getting frustrated, She decided to meet arnav one last time and if he still doubt her love she would take her life but would never marry someone else, she indulge in determination and drove toward his farmhouse, his mumma place that is the only place that gave him peace.

She already know whenever he was sad and depressed, he spend his most of time in his mother embrace and get one last chance to solve all their misunderstandings. Arnav gave strict warning to watchman not to let anyone in but khushi being adamant whatever happen today if god itself come to her way she won't stop and would meet him by hook or crook.

Know all his tactics much well, she find her way to the balcony like once she barged when he is depressed. Grinning at herself, She instantly jumped inside and shake her shoulder proudly for her bravery. Arnav was sitting in his room holding his mother picture get alerted and immediately went in the living room listening some loud sound. Shock would be understatement for him. She is standing in front of him whom he least expected.

Her stunt amused him. Now what the hell you want khushi? Get out from my house right now!! Khushi Placing hands on her hips: So that you have fun with your new girlfriend?

Stop talking rubbish and get lost. With lot of difficulty I entered your house and instead of feeling proud of my victory, you are shouting at me''. She pouted sadly and he rolled his eyes awfully.

Anyways I came here to tell you the truth but now i change my decision. He gave her go ahead look and she continued,'' I reject him for you but now i think i should only marry him. He tightened his grip hurtfully and close his eyes controlling his rage.

All the flashes of their beautiful moment came before his eyes. His eyes darken in fire and saw her moving toward the main door. He felt as if she is going away from his life forever and he would never be able to see her ever again and before she take her foot outward, he grabbed her arms roughly and pinned her onto the door locking it up.

Inside she is jumping in joy knowing how her presence affecting her and she continue played with him.

He exhaled a sharp breathe controlling his nerve but nothing is calming him. Sooner her cellphone rang and jatin name flashed in her mobile. My fiancee is waiting for me. He is getting mad by each passing moment which is not go unnoticed by her.

Oh really you will stop me? Giving a buttery smile,she turned to leave but before she make any move he tore her shirt sleeve furiously and pulled herself in his strong arms. She stated shortly showing equal attitude and again moved back to strode away when he removed her scarf from her neck and broke first three button of her shirt and her slightly revealing cleavage exposed to him.

How can you do this? Twisting her both hand behind her back, he crashed her deadly closer in such a way they can feel each other breathe. He tore other sleeve of her shirt gladly. Khushi looked into his eyes seeing the depth of his love. Her breathe get irregular.

She interlocked her hand with his palm and look at him intensely. The temperature between their bodies began rising. He rubbed her lips with his rough fingers seductively. Cannot able to resist herself she tilted her head away while he brushing her lips with his own lips.

He kissed her eyes and sucked her eyelids. He began roaming his hand all over her body and stroking it that is creating havoc sensation on her. At present he was deprived of one thing he needed most and that was love and now he needed more than before. For so long only pain and anger had filled his mind and emptied his heart. Every day this space increased and made him alone but now he wanted her love. This time khushi taken the initiative and his heart swell in happiness.

Their tongues met and then both were drowning in another world. He kissed her back with equal passion and intensity, showing her that he too wanted this kiss as badly she want. Her mobile beep brought them back to their senses.

He widen his eyes realizing their position and immediately pull her apart. Guiltily his eyes went at her disheveled shirt that is almost tore by him and her sensitive parts no more hidden from his eyes. Moving backward, he took steps away but being stopped suddenly listening a voice from behind.

That means khushi is saying right. Her father is really not well. Here she is suffering from mental trauma and he doubted her. Feeling disgust and angry on himself, he cannot able to met her eyes and continue walking away but khushi stopped him hugging him from behind and whispered in his ear something that made him weaken.

arhi ff love hate relationship definition

There is only numbness from his end. He was silently holding her without exchanging any word. That when she realize some wetness on her shirt and look at him audibly. Tears dripping from his eyes knowing about the actual truth. She raised her hand to cupped his cheeks but he inched back. Before he comprehend the meaning of her words, he saw her removing her shirt. Narrowing his eyes in surprise, he glance at her discard shirt shattered on the floor.

He looked away feeling reluctant to look at her. Khushi yeh kya kar rahi ho tum? Looking at the floor. She inched and raised his chin touching his face and smile by his kind gesture. Blog part ''I wanted to make you mine. He never seen the bold side of khushi.

He could feel heart beating violently. It was not due to physical desire but also love. Her breast moving up and down saying everything. He could feel her love in each heartbeat of hers. Pressing herself by her waist, he increased the pressure of his mouth and she followed him. They both kissed each other madly until it became inevitable to break it. When they both parted, she was breathless.

You have no idea what is going to happen with you in next moment. She took his hand and began touching and tracing it over her face arousing him. Bending his head and trailing kisses southward, he accessed her chest by smoothing it with his wild kisses and bites. She sighed and kissed and nibbled his shoulders, clawing his back at the while. He circled his arms around her milky back and get hold of her hairs and placed few urgent smooches on her delicious mouth while his hand began stroking her all over.

She pulled his hairs and knead him more toward her moulds. She is giving herself to the man she loved more than her life. With one pull he unhooked her bra with her teeth and threw it away over his discard shirt. She shuddered when he turned her to face him.