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Plus, you get the V-6, which runs a flat A quick drive-by check of the local dealer showed that there was more than enough room for my child seat of choice, the Britax Pinnacle Now all I had to do was wait for the money.

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My first call was to Roush Honda, which is one of two employee-owned Honda dealers in the United States. The Internet sales manager, Patrick Hannahsmade me an aggressive offer on their Crystal Black coupe.

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It was, frankly, a staggering deal and I was tempted to just drive over and pick it up. The problem was the color. I wanted Modern Steel. Roush was willing to order me one, but the same problem that kept me from the Fusion also applied here. Time to look elsewhere. Frankly, it was difficult for me to even consider buying a new Honda based on how much contempt I have for a few of the higher-ups there, but I reassured myself that the balance of payments between Honda America Manufacturing HAM and myself had been firmly on my side since the middle of or so.

I made the deal on the phone and drove out with my check to sign the papers. I experienced no surprises, no upselling, no pressure, and no drama at Honda Marysville.

Last night I brought the Accord home, loaded the Britax into the center rear seat, and went to pick up my son from school.

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Bothwell Car Show & Swap Meet

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