Rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

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rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

Drop your keys off with us and we'll take care of the parking whilst you're away. A secure space guaranteed & a service you can trust at Manchester Airport. Do you trust StressFreeParking - Meet and Greet? on for several weeks and I eventually contacted the car park contractors, RS09 directly. I had booked the meet and greet service from Speedy Park at Manchester via Stress Free Parking. Meet and Greet parking at Manchester airport is the easiest airport parking option available. All you need to do is drive straight to the airport terminal where a.

An ordinary holidaymaker can pay through the nose for leaving a car at a UK airport.

rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

We spoke to a whistleblower who told us that they'd seen former colleagues picking up other staff members, eating in the cars and in some cases causing damage to the cars in their care.

What about the others? But how many are not delivering the security they promise?

BBC Watchdog: Meet and greet-ed or mistreated?

We decided it was time for our own little survey. We booked six cars in with six different companies, at three major airports. Each car was fitted with a tracking device which told us whether it actually went to the car park they said it would and crucially, whether it stayed there.

In fact, every time we checked on our car the gate was open and the car park was even left unsecure at night. Our car was immediately driven to a place with a fence, a gate, and a CCTV camera, but 24 hours later, our car was driven by what we can only assume is an RS09 employee to a residential address in Crawley.

rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

It then stayed there for eleven hours overnight, before being taken back to the car park. So what about the other two airports we tried?

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Then there was Luton. Although we put two cars in with two separate companies, Stress Free Parking Ltd and Swift Airport Parking Ltd, they were both taken to the same car park. The whole point is to have it visible as a deterrent and there is none visible.

As a piece of waste ground it was fine, as a secure car park, totally inadequate. They also offered travellers secure parking - performed by drivers who were all fully insured. Not true, says Ashley Wood who worked for them until last month. I've only had my licence eight months now. Now how's that likely to end? Nicola answered the call: We were just in complete shock I dropped the phone.

rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

I said no way on this earth that he could replace that car for that price. So a car hired out to a stranger, a car driven around at speed by uninsured drivers, a car left damaged beyond repair on a major trunk road and car left damaged beyond repair on a major trunk road.

RS09 Meet and Greet - Gatwick Airport Parking

None of this would happen if all the companies do what the best ones do: But this isn't always the case. If Gatwick-based valet company RS09 have one, then its news to some Watchdog viewers.

rs09 meet and greet parking manchester

One returned from holiday to find parking charge notices from Tesco. Its number plate recognition cameras had filmed her vehicle in one of their car parks for longer than the three-hour limit. So we decided to see what would happen to ours.

Posing as a holidaymaker, a member of the Watchdog team left this BMW in the company's care, complete with a tracker so we could monitor its movements. They told us it would be put in their private car park. The first spot we tracked them to looked more like a field, then it was moved to a recreational ground car park where, although there was a sign saying the land had security, the gates were unlocked and there were no cameras.

We later discovered the company didn't even have permission from the council to park cars at the recreational car park, and 24 hours later when they delivered our car back to us a ten pound note we'd left inside was missing. They've apologised unreservedly to Dean Dollings, the driver, and say a series of "highly unusual system failures" led to his vehicle being mistakenly identified as a hire car.

Airparks have now offered him a new like-for-like car.

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For the customer who got a ticket from Tesco, they say the car had been taken there for a valet service, but the supermarket hadn't been informed. But they've apologised for leaving it at the recreation ground overnight - they say it should have gone to a secure compound. We parked our car at Airparks Birmingham in the summer.

We had the package where they were meant to drive to the airport to drop our car off on our return from holiday, which was ok, but we discovered that it had not in fact been cleaned, which we had paid for!

This was the least of our worries. The next day in the light we noticed that our brand new Honda Civic had a scratch across the front. We rang straightaway to complain about both issues and they referred us to an email address, as they did not deal with complaints over the phone. A few emails went back and forth, but they kept saying that as the car was taken off-site before the complaint was made then there is nothing they can do about it.