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meet me in the dark book trailer

Jul 13, | Leander Watts, Meet Me in the Strange, Press, Videos · Roberto to the Dark Tower Came Official Book Trailer Reveal. May 13, | News. Watch the Book Trailer for Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bone, gray eyes, dark-brown skin, bone-white hair rising into the air like smoke. . done that for me, because I know what it did for me when I did see these. Read on for more about author Cynthia Hand, and her book, plus the trailer & giveaway! Meet . But even meeting her can't make up for all the crap he gets from the . The cover didn't stand out to me until I read the synopsis. Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Dark Intercept by Julia Keller, Plus Giveaway!.

Shahana, a young girl living in war-torn Kashmir.

meet me in the dark book trailer

June '5 years ago, I died. Song of the Slums Published: May An absorbing, page-turning story about fame, changing fortunes and music, set in an alternative Victorian world, from the brilliant creator of Worldshaker.

The Mystery of the Golden Card: May Magical twins, mystery and danger, unexplained events, and an Evil that refuses to be contained. Twins Jack and Jaide are troubletwisters and in this book they must use their elusive Gifts to search Rourke Castle for the mysterious Golden Card of Translocation.

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Song for a Scarlet Runner Published: April The fantastic story of a young girl who must run for her life because she has brought bad luck to her village.

Classic adventure-fantasy by an author with a fabulous and original storytelling voice. The Debt Instalment Three Published: March Book three of a high-octane thriller series.

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Dom has four more Herculean tasks to perform. In this instalment he has to find a valuable and mysterious piece of technology. Turn off the Lights: The Debt Instalment Two Published: February Book two of a high-octane thriller series. Dom has five more Herculean tasks to perform.

meet me in the dark book trailer

The Debt Instalment One Published: January Book one of a high-octane thriller series. Fifteen-year-old Dom is cast out of his comfortable life in the Gold Coast's Halcyon Grove when he inherits an ancient debt. Now, he has six Herculean tasks to perform October There is no getting away from the past. YouTube redesigned its pages in April ; be careful about using tutorials for designing a channel page if they are dated before that. According to the study, fans linking to online videos via Twitter watch an average of 2: Each website page should be optimized so that search engines can find it; likewise, you need to optimize your book trailer so people can find it.

But one immediate thing to do is pay attention to the keywords that can be used to find you and your video. On YouTube, there is a difference between tags and keywords.

Meet me in the dark trailer

Tags can be used by anyone, while keywords are only used when you want to participate in the Promoted Videos ad program. In practice, though, a tag is a keyword and is crucial to the success of your video because viewers use tags to search.

meet me in the dark book trailer

You need to know what keywords people are searching for, and Google makes it easy with their Google Keyword Tool. On YouTube, you only have about characters for keywords, so choose keywords that are specific to your book.

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Using your name as a keyword. If your pen name includes three names, consider omitting the least used name, usually the middle name.

meet me in the dark book trailer

However, if your publisher has 1, videos on the hosting service, you must ask yourself this question: Will your video come up in top ten responses for that name? Finally, scan the list of keywords for any potential unwanted traffic. How did the publisher accomplish this?