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What the critics said "Town & Country is less deserving of a review than .. of Meet the Spartans, however, thought it would be funny to pair Meet The Spartans - I Will Survive (HQ) - Film Meet Spartans Meet the Spartans ()//F.U.L.L M.O.V.I.E//[] Meet the Spartans Spill Review Part 1/2. Casinoet tilbyr et stort utvalg av spill: Slots, videopoker, Golden Derby, skrapelodd og mye mer! Registrer deg nå å få en % bonus og regelmessige tilbud.

This one is far from the worst of the genre, but gets points deducted for sparking so many bad sequels and spin-offs. That and for spoofing a film that was, in itself, a satire. Redeeming feature Anna Faris, who has genuine comic chops and almost, almost, makes the thing funny.

What the critics said "Where the majestic 'Airplane' took the rise out of a series of disaster movies that had taken themselves far too seriously, 'Scary Movie' which only once tries to parody its source's parody - and fails loses considerable impact by not having its necessary straight man.

A Morecambe, if you like, without its Wise. Southland Tales Who's responsible? Why it's on the list After the runaway success of Donnie Darko, everyone expected big things of Richard Kelly's second movie, a twisty post-apocalyptic tale of porn stars and the second coming. And while his ambition is plain to see, the sad fact is that the plot makes no sense, even on repeated viewings.

Redeeming feature Unlikely as it sounds, Justin Timberlake's narrator is probably the best thing here, closely followed by The Rock. What the critics said "I suspect that the film will probably make more sense to people who've read the graphic novels, though I imagine that complete comprehension of something as wiggy and abstract as Southland Tales is pretty much impossible, even to Kelly himself.

Such is the mystery of art. The Sweetest Thing Who's responsible? Why it's on the list About as feminist as a Spice Girls video and considerably less jaunty, this crude rom-com tries to make a case for ladette humour, billing itself as a sort of American Pie for grown women.

The difference is that American Pie was funny; this is just cringe-inducing. And don't even get us started on The Penis Song, which the three stars co-wrote. Redeeming feature Thomas Jane at least has the decency to look embarrassed by what's going on around him. What the critics said "It's an excruciating mess, unable to make up its mind if it's a dating-game comedy, wacky road movie or a teen-market gross-out fest.

It succeeds only in being tacky, unfunny and profoundly unconvincing, and acted on brain-dead auto-pilot by the relentlessly vivacious Diaz. Street Fighter Who's responsible? Why it's on the list There still hasn't been an outright good game-to-film adaptation, but even by the standards of the genre, this one's a pretty poor effort.

Despite combining the martial arts skills of JCVD with the being-super-perky skills of Kylie Minogue, we simply weren't convinced. Redeeming feature It was Raul Julia's last film, and there's pleasure to be had watching his snarling, swaggering General Bison.

What the critics said "Since the film is PG, none of the violence that breaks out with predictable regularity is particularly believable or engrossing. Some of the film merely mimics the action of the game; at least in the game you get to participate in the bellicosity. Why it's on the list It must've seemed like a good idea: Only the star didn't act, the music didn't spawn a hit and the film itself is stupefyingly dull and badly put together on every level from cinematography to plotting.

Redeeming feature If you like Carey's voice, you might like some of the songs. To see her act, however, you'll have to watch this year's Precious. What the critics said "Glitter's rhyming slang is well earned. At times during the first hour of this 'rags to riches' story, Glitter appears to be the world's first Zen movie.

Entire scenes wander past with the nutritional content of a CD case. Revenge of the Fallen Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Another sequel that sees a massive drop-off in quality from its more tightly-plotted predecessor - and the first Transformers was no masterpiece - this is a rare case where improvements in special effects put filmmaking back, with the more intricate robots proving impossible to tell apart in a fight - apart from the racist and sexist stereotypes, anyway. A nonsensical plot, skewed tone and tin ear for cultural sensitivity combine to make it the silliest film of Redeeming feature John Turturro, who appeared to be in a different movie from everyone else - again.

And Optimus Prime's scenes are totally worth watching. What the critics said "With its fascist sensibility, assortment of smutty asides, illiterate gold-tooth-wearing homie robots and the hero's brainless mother, much of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is simply despicable.

Given the relentless din, the Leni Riefenstahl-inspired music and the headache-inducing visuals, OSHA should probably be investigating the conditions under which human beings made this thing. Or the conditions under which they watch it. Speed 2 Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Rarely has a franchise gone from the sublime to the ridiculous as fast as Speed.

The first film was a near-perfect action movie; the second shifted the action to that least speedy of mass transportation methods: As it turns out, you can't reduce the speed to six knots and expect the story not to slow down. And when the whole point of the film is that it can't slow down, you're onto a loser.

Redeeming feature The final stunt, where Jason Patric has to harpoon a seaplane. Who doesn't love people harpooning seaplanes?

What the critics said "I am thinking of suing Twentieth Century Fox for breach of contract. Where, pray, is the speed? I can bicycle faster than this ship. I know people who can swim faster. If things carry on like this, we can look forward to Speed 3 taking place on the back of a pony.

Freddy Got Fingered Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Vanity, vanity, thy name is Tom Green. If you were around in the s you may remember Green as the anarchic host of his self-titled MTV show. If you saw Freddy Got Fingered, however, you'll remember him as a shouting, tasteless buffoon responsible for these 90 minutes of would-be shocking sketches.

It's a film he didn't so much direct as perpetrate. Redeeming feature The film's defenders claim that it's actually "a greater, dadaistic post-modern vision". So that's OK then. What the critics said "This movie doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't below the bottom of the barrel.

This movie doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels. The Revenge Who's responsible?

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Why it's on the list To steal from Dennis Pennis, this is a C-movie in every sense of the word. Alongside a shonky script and hoary dream sequences, it's got a replica Great White so rubbery you could lop it into tiny pieces and stick it on your pencil, several glaring continuity errors, and a confused-looking Michael Caine in desperate need of a new agent. Oh, and a shark eating an plane. Redeeming feature It's got a shark eating an plane. Alone in the Dark Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list A big congratulations to Uwe Boll, who managed to get only two films on the list! And what a doozy his top-placer is, with a starring role for Tara Reid not a good sign since the first American Piea monster-in-a-museum idea we've seen a million times and a plot that defies the laws of nature as well as screenwriting, filled with non-sequiturs and barely explained events.

Redeeming feature Er, let's just say Christian Slater's eyebrows. What the critics said "Alone in the Dark offers ample evidence that House of the Dead helmer Uwe Boll should put down his joystick -- quickly, before anyone else gets hurt. Swept Away Who's responsible? Director Guy Ritchie, Madonna. Why it's on the list Much as we'd like to dismiss the reaction to Guy Ritchie's third film as a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that he made a film with his famous then wife, the truth is that it really is pretty bad, Madonna swinging from melodramatic to fatally blank like a metronome.

Redeeming feature The Mediterranean is a terribly fetching shade of blue. What the critics said "All the spunk and spirit of [Guy Ritchie's] first two box office hits, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch," are missing from "Swept Away," a movie so dangerously adrift from any artistic or commercial moorings that one cannot make out what is intended.

Why it's on the list It's almost impossible to believe, looking at this, that Martin Brest directed Beverly Hills Cop. After all, this is supposed to be a comedy too, but you wouldn't guess it from the laughs. Lo playing the sort of lesbian only found in movies talks dirty, sleeps with men it's impossible to take seriously.

Redeeming feature Christopher Walken and Al Pacino's cameos are the closest the film gets to funny. What the critics said "Nearly as unwatchable as it is unpronounceable. The pair should reconsider working with anyone who thought well of a movie hinged on jokes about the disabled, switch-hitting lesbians, and the sight of a dead man's brain splattered across an aquarium. Why it's on the list This is one of those films with a truly impressive collection of talent behind and in front of the camera - which makes the extent of its badness all the more depressing.

Perhaps the original novel - not King's best, with its "shit weasels" and red mould - just wasn't suited for cinema. Redeeming feature Jason Lee's pretty good. But then he's only in it for about 10 minutes. What the critics said "It's when the weasel aliens exit from various orifices that the film disintegrates into a sizeable heap of poo. White Chicks Who's responsible? Why it's on the list There's willing suspension of disbelief, and then there's the idea that two society sisters of the Hilton variety can turn up for summer in the Hamptons having put on height and weight and become freakishly plastic looking due to being undercover male FBI agents without anyone noticing.

Add in thoughtless sexism and general offensiveness, dress in high heels and start threatening a sequel. Redeeming feature Terry Crews plays a playboy improbably attracted to one of the undercover agents, and actually manages to raise some laughs.

What the critics said "The premise veers wildly from its fertile setup, thanks to acting that isn't broad so much as grotesque, humor that's isn't smart so much as witlessly vulgar, and preposterous plotting that insults the intelligence.

Plan 9 From Outer Space Who's responsible? Would-be movie mogul Ed Wood. Why it's on the list Possibly the most entertaining movie on this entire list, Ed Wood's masterpiece mixes nonsensical dialogue, stock footage, dreadful effects and short recycled clips of star Bela Lugosi, who died during filmmaking, used with scant regard for narrative coherence. Still, there's an exuberance and ambition to it that most of the films here can only dream of.

Redeeming feature If you've seen the Tim Burton film Ed Wood, you'll probably feel all warm and cosy about even the most demented bits. What the critics said "Brilliantly terrible or terribly terrible depending on your viewpoint. Director Pitof, star Halle Berry. Why it's on the list It was clear that something was wrong the moment the shredded and strapped costume was unveiled, but the full extent of the disaster didn't become clear until we saw the equally shredded editing and the weird face-cream MacGuffin that gave the plot its Big Bad.

Bizarre - and not in a good way. Redeeming feature Berry in a catsuit, tangling with Sharon Stone. Disaster Movie Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list Disaster movie by name - well, you know the rest. Friedberg and Seltzer, the talentless hacks behind a string of godawful spoofs, turn their sights on a genre, but with their usual scattershot aim end up hitting innocent bystanders in their quest to fill 90 minutes without using a single original line of dialogue or funny gag. Freidberg and Seltzer persist in their notion that replaying entire scenes from better films, word for word, can be funny. Redeeming feature Er, some people liked the Juno spoof.

What the critics said "A disaster first, and a movie barely" - William Goss, Cinematical The Avengers Who's responsible? Why it's on the list A great cast, a classic TV series on which to base the adventure and some rather beautiful production design, The Avengers looked, on paper, to have it all. Shame that the arch dialogue collapsed, the jokes fizzled and the villain conferred with a table full of giant teddy bears.

Redeeming feature It's so surreal looking it's almost a work of art.

The 50 Worst Movies Ever

Just not cinema art. What the critics said "The Avengers" is a gargantuan misfire, but it probably isn't the hilarious travesty that a lot of people are expecting it to be. A great, big, boring multi-million dollar piece of useless eye-candy. Eddie Murphy and director Brian Robbins. Why it's on the list A film so fantastically misogynistic and misanthropic that you'll have to watch Raw a number of times to even begin to forgive Eddie Murphy, this sees him in nerdy mode as the put-upon husband of a monstrously abusive wife also Murphy.

Offensive to anyone with any taste. Redeeming feature Believe it or not, this was Oscar nominated - albeit only for its make-up.

And Thandie Newton looks beautiful in it. What the critics said "Norbit" is racially insensitive, politically incorrect and beyond crude and what Newton was thinking is hard to fathom " - Luke Sader, The Hollywood Reporter Meet The Spartans Who's responsible? Why it's on the list The makers of Airplane! Less a plot than a bunch of unfunny teens riffing. Redeeming feature There are lots of abs and boobies, if that helps.

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But to be honest we'd advise watching a workout video over this. They have better storylines. What the critics said "Here and now, the writing-directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer water down their own blend of pop-comic diarrhoea in this witless, tasteless, formless spoof of 's homoerotic box-office warriors. So infuriatingly lazy that its leads don't even earn Mad Magazine-clever nicknames.

I'm moving to Europe. The Room Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Famed far and wide as the most inept film ever made, The Room combines the worst of every discipline, to the extent that it was dubbed "the Citizen Kane of bad movies" by Entertainment Weekly. Redeeming feature It's the most fun you can have watching a terrible movie, with its midnight screenings consistently drawing crowds and audience members throwing plastic spoons at the screen.

And the interviews it has prompted with Wiseau are equally bizarre. What the critics said "Given audience reaction, pic may be something of a first: A movie that prompts most of its viewers to ask for their money back -- before even 30 minutes have passed.

Maybe that has something to do with the extreme unpleasantness of watching Wiseau and actress Juliette Danielle engage in a series of soft-core sex scenes; or with the overall ludicrousness The Quickening Who's responsible? Why it's on the list The original Highlander is no one's idea of high art, but its concept and execution had a certain elegance to it.

Bratz Spill Review

But that movie's catchphrase - there can be only one - turned out to be true in more ways that the filmmakers realised: Redeeming feature People get their heads chopped off. What the critics said "Mulcahy and company don't ask us to suspend disbelief; they ask us to pretend we've all had weed-whacker lobotomies The Happening Who's responsible? Why it's on the list How could it all go wrong for such talented filmmakers?

Shyamalan says that Wahlberg and Deschanel's overly mannered performances were a deliberate throwback to disaster movies of yesteryear; to everyone else, they felt forced and flat. And as for Walhberg's scene talking to a plastic house plant - God save us. Redeeming feature The premise is a creepy one - and some of the initial suicides are terrifying, particularly the hairpin-through-the-neck one.

What the critics said "Now we have this ill wind, this feeble gust of an environmental horror story? Perhaps, with his next film, he'll have a surprise twist of cinematic brilliance that will explain and atone for the creepy stuff that's been happening to him.

Why it's on the list Two chip-shop delivery men dreaming of wild sex and easy women instead slip into boorishness, misogyny and crude jokes. All of that might, maybe, be just about OK if it was funny - but this is so cringe-inducingly nasty that it just isn't. Redeeming feature Lucy Davis, who deserves better than a place here.

What the critics said "This is one of the two most nauseating films ever made a seedy medley of sketches a masterclass in filmmaking ineptitude.

Heaven's Gate Who's responsible? Why it's on the list The story goes that director Michael Cimino asked why no one was drinking champagne at his film's premiere, and was told, "Because they hate the movie, Michael. But it's a Western - go figure.

Redeeming feature The minute cut is said to be considerably better than the original minute version. What the critics said "Heaven's Gate" is something quite rare in movies these days -- an unqualified disaster. Epic Movie Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list A lazy collection of recreations of scenes from blockbuster movies and, for no obvious reason, the likes of Nacho Libre and Borat, but with added scatological humour. Redeeming feature The aging Harry Potter cast gag is a good idea, briefly. What the critics said "The cinematic equivalent of a tapeworm, this delivers few laughs beyond the initial chuckles of recognition.

Seltzer and Friedberg who also directed have another script in development called Raunchy Movie; one idea they may not have considered is "Watchable Movie. Jones, Chicago Reader 4. Raise The Titanic Who's responsible? Director Jerry Jameson, screenwriter Adam Kennedy.

Why it's on the list A film so expensive that its producer famously quipped it would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic, this Titanic flopped at the box-office and caused author Clive Cussler, on whose book it was based, to deny Hollywood his books for 20 years then he allowed Sahara, which is another story.

Redeeming feature The sight of the wrecked Titanic sailing into New York is strangely moving. What the critics said "The execution is so bland it makes even the ludicrous stretches of the plot seem airless and unexciting. All podcasts are conducted fairly casually, and the hosts occasionally get drunk over the course of the show. A Couple of Cold Ones: It is Spill's oldest podcast, debuting in Januaryand it focuses mainly on film. Originally, it was hosted by Korey and Carlyle, though Leon was added as a third host in November In JuneCarlyle left the show, essentially the last remaining part of his involvement in the site as a whole, to pursue opportunities as a novelist and screenwriter, leaving Korey and Leon as the sole hosts.

Korey originally had planned for Leon to replace him, but later changed his mind. This proved fortuitous, as mere months later Carlyle decided to retire from the show.

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Segments include discussion on weekly box office rankings, "The Top Five," followed by free form discussion and a segment on e-mails and tweets submitted by members of the site. It is usually recorded on Sunday nights and released on Mondays. In Augustthe crew began using Prince Paul 's "Flattery" as the shows theme song.

In late the cast expanded to include Billy "Uncle Popcorn" Brooks, whose controversial inclusion eventually changed the dynamic of the show.

Brooks was a regular for all of until his leave in Marchpartly due to Co-host inability and reluctance to adapt to the new format with Brooks. The podcast is a spinoff of A Couple of Cold Ones. The show does not have a fixed topic, although it often deals with film, internet videos, current political events, celebrity gossip, black issues, personal anecdotes and humor.

The purpose of the show is to "talk bullshit," and it is defined by a stream of consciousness style. The podcast has numerous running gags and recurring elements including the show's mascot, Goatsey. An imaginary bipedal goat, Goatsey helps lead to the intro, in which the crew shouts the show name and plays "Get to the Choppa" by Austrian Death Machine.

The latter part of the show includes "Fuck Yo Thoughts," the show's e-mail section, a reference to a quotation by Don "Reverend X" Vincent, one of the show's running gags.

Traditionally, this is the longest of the Spill podcasts, with no set length. It sometimes runs approximately three or even four hours. Because of these long running times, "Let's Do This" is often split into two segments, with Part 1 released on Wednesdays and Part 2 on Thursdays. The Spill Call-in Show: A recurring live podcast in which Korey takes calls from members of the community and answers their questions.

The show is always posted with a chatroom where listeners themselves can interact and comment on the live show as well. The recording of the audio portion of the show is sometimes posted later in the week as its own podcast so even those who missed the live show can listen to it. The show has no set release dates, and it typically runs an hour to an hour and a half, but its length varies significantly.

Previous shows included a live-animated video feed that accompanied the audio, but the current show is audio only. The show is broadcast live on the website, typically on Saturday afternoons. However, unlike their normal reviews, they go more in detail about the movie's or TV show's plot.

The show would normally only take place during the airings of a television show such as Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. Hosted by Korey and run by Cyrus with occasional guest appearances of the Co-hostthis podcast serves to discuss the entertainment news stories of the day. These stories are typically collected by Cyrus and pulled from the areas of movies, television and video games.

The Daily Spill runs Monday through Thursday. On specific days there are various deviations to the podcast's formula. At the end of the Tuesday podcast Cyrus gives an overview of the week's home releases. On Wednesday the duo dedicates a segment to answering user questions.

The Thursday edition of the podcast sees the addition of the "Trending Trailers" feature, in which recently released movie trailers are briefly discussed. The hosts struggled for the first few weeks to solidify a format and title, eventually landing on "Let's Play This".

However, due to Co-host and fans complaints that it was too similar to "Let's Do This", a call was put out to the fans to come up with a new name. After a lengthy suggestion period, the name "The Loading Bar" was chosen, both for its reference to the aggravating loading times most gamers are familiar with, and for its alcoholic connotations "loaded" and "bar".

The show often features community members as "fan experts" on video game titles, and it is the only other podcast on the site that has accompanying video reviews as well.

Unlike the film reviews, which are created in a cartoon style, the video game reviews are created in a pixel art style, similar to a bit console game. In addition to audio reviews of the latest games, The Loading Bar also released a twice a month "Email and BS Show" in which they would answer questions from the fans.

Also, most weekdays The Loading Bar posted "Happy Hour" videos, which are video playthroughs of the first hour of a current or classic video game. On May 23,facing increasing pressure due to Spill and Hollywood. Jason and Jeff went on to found the video game review website Rage Selectthe spiritual successor to the Loading Bar, frequently inviting former members onto their podcast.

After Billy's departure from Lets Do This in Marchdue to fan backlash and other conflicts, Billy and Korey began their own show. Alan appears in the background providing more calm and subtle talk, in opposition to Korey and Billy's more rambunctious and joking nature. The show's style is similar to that of LDT, but runs on more fan driven discussion. The show's topics come from the Spill.

While originally the two had left the name of the podcast up to the fans, they soon got frustrated with the ethnocentric and race-driven title suggestions, after specifically asking the fans to refrain from racial or stereotypical titles. The show is uploaded every Thursday. On May 23, the podcast was canceled by Korey. A weekly podcast that reviews the latest in video home releases. Expanding upon Cyrus' written reviews and taking the place of the defunct Blu Tuesday podcast, "Remote Viewing" features site critic Cyrus, writer Brian Salisbury and "tech guru" Luke Mullen as they review and comment on recent DVD and Blu-ray releases, both from a critical and technical standpoint.

The show began in a monthly format, but due to fan enthusiasm and the numerous films covered in any given episode it was later expanded to be weekly. The show also features an ongoing contest in which the hosts will announce keywords during the podcast. When those keywords appear somewhere on the site typically in one of the comment sectionsfans can write in and win a copy of a recently reviewed film.

It is typically released on Tuesdays. On May 23, Remote Viewing was announced to be canceled on the official Facebook page. Salisbury and Cox later went on to make a spiritual successor podcast on their own site OneOfUs. It was the only podcast to regularly feature guest stars. The guests were numerous and included people in various creative industries as well as other people from the website. The show was split into volumes and subdivided among them into stand-alone issues.

The show, like Let's Do This! It was also the only podcast that seems to be subject to any level of editing. Each episode was concluded by a now ironic collective cry of "Long live the League!

Meet the Spartans Spill Review Part 1/2

It was typically released on Fridays. On April 5,Cyrus and Leon announced that LEOG would be coming to an end due to dwindling popularity and that discontinuing the podcast was not an executive decision by Hollywood. The name is a pun on Blu-ray Discs and was selected after a fan contest to choose the title. Its running time was usually 30 to 45 minutes long.

After weeks of falling ratings, fan complaints about content and length, and a conflict of interest with their weekly written Blu-ray and DVD reviews, Korey and Carlyle announced that Blu Tuesday had been cancelled. Shootin' The Shit was a podcast in which all of the Spill crew talked about some random news.

It has not been done in years, but was never officially cancelled. Spill Dot Con[ edit ] Spill Dot Con is the annual spill convention that began ina weekend long event that takes place over many venues with activities that range from live music acts in rapper Del the Funky Homosapien performedto live art shows.

The convention also features panels, both featuring guests and the Spill crew. While Spill Dot Con offers large number of events and panels, the convention is a lot more laid-back and "down to earth" than most conventions of this size. The convention noticeably grows larger every year, with being the largest gathering in the convention's history.

The laid-back nature means that Spill Dot Con is mainly a get-together and fan appreciation party for Spill. The members get a chance to hang out with the Spill Crew during special shows and parties and mingle with their fellow fans. Spill community members also submit crude fan films which feature in-jokes known to fans to "the first annual Spill.