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yes it is! you can divide your days such as 3 days for jaipur and 1 day for all from jaipur you can head towards the ajmer now it is 3 hr( kms) frm jaipur by bus. On arrival at Delhi Airport, Our representative will meet you to pick you up . Reach Delhi and Drop you at Delhi Airport/Railway Station to Drop you there for. Jun 30, Two new Duronto trains for Mumbai and Ajmer and one AC double-decker The Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur AC double decker train will have. On the day of travel my bus met with an accident as it got collided with a car. It was fine journey from Ajmer to Jaipur as I have travelled for official Ajmer to Jaipur By Train: Find complete information about Ajmer to Jaipur train . FIND NOW.

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However, with the new Railway rules all this have changed and you can now claim refunds on Tatkal tickets too. So if your train is delayed by over 3 hours or there is a change in route of your train and it misses your station — you can rightfully claim your refund. Also, if a train is short terminated due to any natural calamity or technical problem, then the full fare paid for the booked journey will be refunded.

In such a case, the passengers should surrender their tickets to the Station Master of the station where the train got short terminated. The rule of two stops In case you miss the train from your designated boarding station, the TTE cannot allocate your berth to anyone else until the train passes the next two stops or during the next one hour whichever is earliest.

The rule thus allows you to board the train from the next upcoming station, if that is feasible. Once the train has passed the upcoming stop or the time linethe TTE is free to allocate the seat only to the next person on RAC list. Sleeping hours for middle berth occupant The rule says that any occupant of the middle berth cannot keep the berth up beyond the sleeping hours.

The berth should be lowered after the said time to accommodate the smooth seating of co-passengers. The rule mandates that all the passengers should be comfortably seated in the lower berth during the day hours. So, having the middle berth up beyond the earmarked hours is actually an offence. Carrying birds in train If you want to travel with your avian bird then you have to adhere to certain Indian railways rules.

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First of all, you cannot carry the bird along with you in the regular coach. Your bird will be treated as freight and placed in the luggage van. Chapter 10 of the Indian Railways Commercial Manual, clearly states that: It is the responsibility of owner to provide food and water for the bird while in transit.

As you will not be allowed into the luggage van, so stock the cage with sufficient water and food to last the journey. Indian Railways does not permit the transportation of exotic bird species, and even parrots fall under such category.

So seek clarification about Bird species in question before booking. The logic against providing such a basic facility, is to avoid unnecessary train delays as trains have to be stopped while the driver uses toilet.

In the last Rail Budget some special engines were commissioned with the provision for lavatories. Taj is known for the finest example of Mughal architecture with a style that combines elements from Turskish, Islamic and Persian. It stretches about 2.

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Agra fort one of the important fort in India. It is also known as Lal Qila, and Agra Fort. Akbar chose this city on the bank of River Yamuna as his capital and proceeded to build a strong citadel forthe purpose. His daughter Nur Jahan, who married Jahangir, built the tomb between and in a style similar to the tomb she built for Jehangir near Lahore in Pakistan.

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On the Way you will visit Fatehpur Sikri. The city was founded in by the Mughal emperor Akbar, and served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from to Laterly after some Further drive you will reach Jaipur check into hotel and Overnight Stay at hotel in Jaipur.

Jaipur Sightseeing - Delhi Departure. In the Morning after breakfast you will Check out from hotel and Proceed to visit Jaipur Sightseeing. Jantar Mantar - This is the largest and the best preserved of the five observatories built by Jai Singh II in different parts of the country. This observatory consisting of outsized astronomical instruments is still in use. The palace has niches and windows. Built in by Pratap Singh, the Mahal was a royal grandstand for the palace women.