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As we approach our anniversary, here is something to keep you on the edge of your seat! This is a stripped version of our song "Magic". If you. She took her own life while visiting the rapper, who memorialized her They had met her only hours before. later; namely, that the girl, year-old Jocelyn Flores, was dead. .. But two months after the Houston show, the singer uploaded a video to “Listen to this album if you feel anything,” he wrote. Phil Jones, Still trying to figure it out I can just think about the music itself here. You can upload your audio clips and people around the world can listen to you see one "single" she posted, and also PRISM, which is a 16 track album.

I've always wanted to rap. He tells me a song called "Demons In The A" was the first one. I can't even listen to it now it makes me cringe. There were like six comments or something and I was like "this is so sick, this is awesome that people are actually commenting on my song I did not expect that all.

While most internet rappers seem to quickly build up a standoffish image to the media as part of their brand, 6 Dogs is completely open during our phone call now describing the inner workings of Soundcloud and the repost black market.

So do you think it's a good practice for young artists? Well only if it's good. If it's trash there's no point in doing anything. Paid promotion already happens on every other social media platform. So why not Soundcloud too?

Who else were you buying reposts from? I fuck with Lil Tracy.

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But if the song is good then it's just going to help fuel the fire along with kids just finding it anyway. Soundcloud really is a business though. You gotta market yourself the right way and you have to get exposure one way or another. But at the very least, a million plays on the lower end is over a thousand dollars. It's like 4 or 5 maybe.

I don't really care, because I got such a boost from it so I wasn't going to ask for a portion of it but I guess he just cut me off because he thought I was. But I don't know, it's whatever. He actually hates the comparison when I initially make it. I definitely see it. I mean, Peep is so sick.

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I was in Math. Well, I have a favorite rapper and a favorite artist. My favorite rapper is Key! My favorite artist though is Slug Christ.

Just from an art perspective he is beyond everybody. Ugly God rose to prominence on the platform from his dorm room during his freshman year in college. The same with Lil Yachty. The most relevant and recent example is Earl Sweatshirt, who at 16 gained recognition and critical praise for his debut mixtape Earl in So the question begs to be asked: The answer to the question, just like the previous, goes in a bunch of different directions.

They would let me go record and stuff. We were gonna get [redacted] or whatever, I was trying to turn up for the video. I guess I got like, too [redacted]. Oh my god I looked so fye, I looked beautiful, I had a gucci bandana on, upside-down visor backwards on top of the Gucci bandana. So we were walking to the graveyard and I was off the shits. He just took off running. Apparently it was the wrong house. So the guy who lived in the house came outside, I just remember him screaming at me.

Give me a break Ugh, I hate iPhones. I don't see what's so wrong with downloading a promo before it's release date in order to help promote the artist or play it.

Not all artists, dj's, rappers have "permission" to sample other ppl's work either but they do it anyways.

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I mean I don't wanna get arrested if I download a kpbs mp3. I am almost positive that just about every dj on this forum has "illegally" downloaded a mp3 from some site, blog, forum, or internet resource so we all should be in jail right?

The majority of tracks on soundcloud are indie tracks produced by indie producers trying to support an underground sound. If you can't see the difference between downloading some Rihanna track vs some independent underground artist then that's a shame.

That said, every unreleased promo lid I've gotten on I've earned either via networking of building my own reputation in my scene - or in some cases I hst ask the producer and they give me the unreleased track Except you're playing a shitty kbs file which makes the artist's track sound like shit - this does a disservice to the artist's track.

There's also a chance that the track is unfinished and isn't meant to be played out yet Have you even just tried asking the producer? Sometimes people are willing to hate if asked. And if they say no, then is it that hard to just wait for the release? It's not like there's a shortage of music available. I don't go on soundcloud looking for hip hop or house music which can be found elsewhere I was just trying to help others out.

I don't need record labels knocking on my door for downloading kbps mp3s: I'm going to personally make another thread telling ppl to not use this website and warn them that these artists will probably be very upset at us.

I have learned something from this.


They will prob try to ruin my career as a dj but i guess that's my punishment: If a track is unreleased then it's unreleased and the producer or label - that generally isn't getting rich off this music - doesn't think it's ready for the public yet.

Whether it's because it's unfinished or they're ironing out some deal or they simply want the tune to build hype shouldn't matter. If they wanted you to be able to download the song the they would have activated the download button. Give these guys - who you're supposed to be a fan of - just a little respect and wait till they're ready to release it before you grab - especially if you plan on djin with the track.

Again, you're missing the point - its not about labels knocking down our door or artists trying to ruin your career - it's about a basic sense of respect given to the artists you're supposed to hold in esteem. I know you are right. I need to be put in timeout cause I downloaded 5 songs already: Sometimes I'm too anxious for a song to come out if I really dig the artists tune that's my problem: If afrojack ever knew I downloaded his song without his permission he would probably defan me and delete me off his facebook.

I know he's too busy traveling the world and making killer tracks but he'd be ashamed if he ever knew I did such a thing. I will personally message him myself but he prob won't give 2 shits about me: I should of just kept it to myself. Now I got myself into a bit of a pickle Hopefully he'll go easy on me Dear Afrojack, I am a small town DJ and huge fan of yours.

But I wanted to inform you that I "illegally" downloaded one of your songs without your permission off your soundcloud. I understand if you hate me because I deserve this. I drive a dodge neon and live with my parents and dj at a few dive bars. I don't get payed in cash they'd rather pay me in crawfish. I understand if you want to contact the proper authorities and put me in jail. What I have done is against the law and should be punished for my actions I blame the internet cause if i didn't have a computer I probably wouldn't have access to your copyrighted music.

I know you are probably busy banging vegas hookers and doing all sorts of cocaine and wild partying and making trillions of dollars off your music performing but please if you could just spare my pathetic life and forgive me.

If you decide not to my family is already in law enforcement and they will take care of it for you. Sincerely yours, The Bad DJ 4: At least you're consistent with the douchbaggery and disrespect - ill give you that.