Big love where men and mountains meet

Big Love - Season 5, Episode When Men and Mountains Meet -

big love where men and mountains meet

So it's pretty much just like the season as a whole. Bill walks out Recapping the Series Finale of "Big Love": “When Men and Mountains Meet”. Watch Big Love: When Men and Mountains Meet from Season 5 at Watch Big Love - Season 5, Episode 10 - When Men and Mountains Meet: In the series finale of Big Love, Margene plans on going on a cruise.

Frank and Lois say goodbye. She also has a great moment with Bill, where she talks about giving him the best years of her life. Here, I have a bit of a problem. Margene is at most 23 years old. Would she still have become this adventurous, charitable Margie if Bill had lived? In the epilogue, though, and in those two brief moments, we see her heart grow, just like the Grinch. Barb ends up pulling her into a hug, which is much like pulling a cat into a bathtub.

In the epilogue we see her mothering Margene as Margie gets ready to go off on a mission trip with really cute hair.

Recapping the Series Finale of "Big Love": "When Men and Mountains Meet"

Again, would this have ever happened if Bill was still around? Barb — In the beginning of the episode, Barb is planning to be baptized into the reform church.

Was Emma Smith in all her finery nodding at Bill to let him know that maybe the reform he was wanting could be just as easily brought about by a woman? Barbara Dutton Henrickson is a Persephoneer, readers. In the epilogue, we learn that Barb is running Henrickson Church Plus, and that makes me feel good. One last time, just to continue the theme; would she be here if Bill lived? This oft repeated question brings me to a thought that hit me while I was scrubbing cheese off my stove burner.

This season was deliberately structured to fall between Christmas and Easter.

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Bill, born into his new role as leader of the polygamists, was crucified by those who stood against him and his gifts of sod only to be reborn into the Celestial Kingdom. Pardon my lady-as-flower metaphors. Aristotle, a Greek dude with opinions on fucking everything who lived millennia ago, wrote a list of rules for tragedy in Poetics. These rules have influenced characters from Oedipus to Tony Soprano. The main character must be larger than life. He also must have a tragic flaw which ends up bringing him down and killing him in the end.

In most tragedies, this flaw is pride, or hubris. It's creepy but an interesting approach to the idea that these are trumped-up charges. It's rather telling that Bill pops in to answer questions that are directed to the wives. Nicki gets in a great sound bite when she says that the reason they are being sought out is because they use the word "Mormon.

Ben tries to win back Heather by naming a star after her. She thinks it's as stupid as I do.

  • Recap: Big Love Series Finale, “When Men and Mountains Meet”
  • Recapping the Series Finale of "Big Love": “When Men and Mountains Meet”
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn: Barb Henrickson

Hell, even Ben thinks it's as stupid as I do. Bill talks to Senator Barn about getting the municipality agreement take away from the compound. You know, since he's got nothing else to worry about. At least he's determined, I guess. Nicki and Margie have a passive-aggressive fight about how Nicki thinks the whole Bill-rape-charge is Margie's fault and Margie point-blank tells her that she doesn't feel that's true.

Nicki tells her Bill told her about the missionary ship and that it's stupid and selfish. Margie tells her it's not ridiculous and she hurt her feelings. I can't imagine why, she must get that reaction multiple times a day. Bill and Barb fight about Easter.

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She's not going to his services and tells him she's being baptized. Bill doesn't want to talk about it and packs up to go to Nicki's. Take advantage of the multiple wives thing much? Bill tells her they have nothing in common anymore and maybe his life is elsewhere.

She tells Bill that it's not fair because she followed his ass into polygamy. It's about time she brought that up. She changed her basic religious beliefs for him and he says that she's trying to destroy them. Bill says he built the church for her when she was ex-communicated. Eh, half a point to Bill. He did do it to help Barb, but he also did it so he could do whatever he wanted in his own church.

Nicki catches Bill coming in from Barb's. Margie and Nicki want Barb to open up about her problems with Bill.

big love where men and mountains meet

Barb comes close, but she can't open that door. Bill's always standing between them in some way. Barb goes out and picks herself up a shiny Mini Cooper convertible. She and Nicki and Margie go for a ride. Barb named it Honeybee. They ride around and Nicki picks at it and complains, but for a moment they are all peaceful and happy together. The lines fade off of everyone's faces, the smiles come out and the tension releases.

Margie wishes they could just keep going forever. A fleeting moment of happiness. Bill and the wives. Bill's pissed that Barb sold the wagon. He says that was a piece of their history from before she got sick. Margie tells Bill that she and Nicki are in this marriage too and they need to work it out.

So instead of talking about things, Bill drops another bomb that Homes Plus is no more. The loans got called in and the stores have lost too much money because of the boycotts and the only way to save it would have been to sell the houses and they can't do that.

He says that everything comes back to his being a polygamist. Bill and Nicki have a moment where he tells her to support Margie, because what she wants to do is kind and unselfish. Nicki does not comprehend this idea and tells Bill that the best place for Margie is at home, with them. Bill says that they are all free. Bill goes to see Cara Lynn when she doesn't show for breakfast.

She's says "I don't eat with Nicki" and Bill gets his parent game on and says "Her name is Mom and yes, you do. Nicki is at the shelter helping out when Barb comes to find her. Nicki is scared; she doesn't want to be alone. She thinks Barb's on her way out the door and Margie wants to leave. If Bill leaves, she'll be alone. She tells Barb in a moment of honesty and says "I have no ounce of the milk of human kindness in me.

I'm spiteful, jealous and mean.

Where Men and Mountains Meet

Trust me, got that memo. Bill gets on the capital and tries to force his municipality hearing into a debate about the legality of polygamy. He had to make one last stand, I guess. I know I'm supposed to be moved here, but I'm not really.

Making polygamy legal makes Bill's life easier, but what about marriages like Roman's or Alby's? What about those trapped women? Barb's got her Baptism dress and she tells Bill she loves him before she goes. Cara Lynn and Nicki have a nice, brief talk about how Nicki knows that Cara Lynn was in love and that she wanted to try out the dangerousness of love. Nicki tells her that it never feels any less dangerous. Barb goes to be baptized and can't do it. She's not Barb Dutton; she's Barb Henrickson and she needs her family.

Hundreds of polygamists come to Bill's Easter services. Apparently they all saw on the news how Bill wants polygamy made legal. It's feels like a forced manipulation to make Bill seem to be the hero one last time.

Barb comes in and Ben gives up his seat for her. At least he's polite, even if he is dumb. Bill has a vision of the polygamists before him, including Emma Smith, wife of Joseph and rebel priesthood holder.

He gets his sermon on. Barb tells the other wives that she didn't get baptized. Bill sits outside, writing pages and pages in a yellow tablet, while watching the wives through the window.

big love where men and mountains meet

He seems very happy and peaceful. Hell, he's even tolerable to me. Ben comes out and Bill tells him that he felt a grace descend upon him at the service.

Bill says everything's going to be OK and to remember that faith comes from love, not the other way around.