I love makeup meet the contestants on bachelor

i love makeup meet the contestants on bachelor

We chatted with 10 former Bachelor contestants to find out their best beauty secrets. you in case of the unexpected – be it a work meeting or last minute date. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup; the more natural the better. 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood's Contestants Revealed! Meet the 30 Women Vying for His Heart. By Jennifer Drysdale‍ AM PST, December Elyse, 31, a makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska. elyse_jpg. ABC. An In-Depth Look At 'The Bachelor' Contestants' Beauty Routines how to do her makeup and contour like a pro before she went on the show.

How do you source your ingredients?

i love makeup meet the contestants on bachelor

When I was making my own, I did a lot of research. I spent so much time reading through every little tiny ingredient that I found in a lip gloss. I would just sort it out and Google them, and see what the actual ingredient was, what it was doing, whether it was a carcinogen.

Everything of mine is very natural. Something you can pronounce, like safflower oil. Are all of your ingredients organics? How is, for example, the iron oxide in your lip gloss different from the iron oxide in conventional lip gloss? Not all of them are [organic].

Bachelor contestant Jade Roper talks about her cosmetics company | Fortune

Where do these chemistry skills come from? I went to community college and then to culinary school for patisserie and baking, which is pretty much like basic chemistry. Was going on the show part of your plan to get the word out on your company? Towards the end of casting, I was called. It did prolong the release of my line, but I knew it was perfect timing because the exposure would be amazing.

Has the show helped with the business? After I was sent home, the traffic on the website was crazy. I feel blessed that I was able to show my company on [The Bachelor]. Just the exposure and the small window of opportunity I have right now, while my name is relevant, is going to be huge. I am definitely going to take advantage of that.

What are your plans for keeping up that momentum once the show is over?

i love makeup meet the contestants on bachelor

My plan is to do a couple of expos this year. Turns out "before dates, a producer will tell you more or less what you need to wear," Sharleen Joynt, a contestant from season 18 of The Bachelor wrote on her blog.

And as some of you may know, sorority sisters share clothes, makeup, etc.

Meet 'The Bachelor' contestant with her own organic cosmetics company

And if you are the type to pay extra close attention throughout the course of any single season, then you just may have noticed that some of the same clothes continuously pop up on different contestants. And remember that sorority reference? Well, it is exactly the same way that you may borrow your college roommate's going-out dress or favorite top, Bachelor girls share clothes.

And one particular dress, on Ben Higgin's season of The Bachelor-- this dress was tossed around by some of the girls, according to Caila Quinn, "If you saw Amanda Stanton, Leah Block, and Lauren Bushnell all wore the same dress three different weeks in a row, Quinn, who was a contestant on season 20 of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradies, revealed to Fashionista.

'Bachelor' Colton Underwood's Contestants Revealed! Meet the 30 Women Vying for His Heart

The girls apparently took turns wearing a black and gold sequined bodycon dress by Dress the Population that happens to originally belong to Amanda. Not very many people have that fancy of a dress just lying around in their closet-- unless it were their prom dress.

i love makeup meet the contestants on bachelor

Which if that was the case, I don't think the women would want to be seen on national television wearing their old prom dress.

That being said, the women who end up being the final two pretty much get the special treatment-- or at least that is what it seems. According to Ali Fedotowsky from season 14 of The Bachelor and season six of The Bachelorette, "I don't know for sure if the final two girls get their makeup done I didn't make it that far on The Bachelorbut I do know that they are given dresses for the last rose ceremony," Fedotowsky told E!.

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The finale dresses are stunning, but let's be honest here, there is definitely more to them than meets the eye. According to Bustle, they pointed out that the season 16 winner Courtney Robertson was wearing all black just weeks after one of the fellow contestant Kaci B.

Regardless, those dresses are beautiful and the women are definitely lucky just to be able to wear them! And have you ever wondered how all of the women look so good during the season and you wonder if someone is doing their makeup-- well, as we established before that the contestants don't really get any special treatment and they do their own makeup for that matter.

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Which is why some may be slight experts when it comes to makeup whereas others panicked over making sure they looked good at all times-- especially when being on camera. Take Olivia Caridi for example-- turns out she dreaded the idea of having to deal with not only lack of sleep on the show but making sure she looked good, "I've never been that great at doing makeup, so I had a professional makeup artist come to my house to teach me how to do everything and make me a list of everything I need to buy," Caridi from season 20 of The Bachelor told Allure.

I didn't even know what that was. She works with people on reality TV, so she knew that there wouldn't be a lot of sleeping, so she advised on buying a white or a nude eyeliner to put on my eyes to make them look bigger, which I didn't even know was a thing. Then, a couple days before filming, I went to Sephora and bought foundation, eye shadow palette, brow fillers, like every single thing you could ever imagine.

That was fun and expensive, but it was worth it. But maybe Caridi is right-- and perhaps it was worth it.