Meet my team blade laser blazer

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meet my team blade laser blazer

Pretty sure the "Blade, Laser, Blazer" scene from Dodgeball is a direct spoof of THIS SCENE and pointing while introducing his team with the exception of his " secret weapon". Meet the Cobra's · 2 - The Dodgeball Version. My team. Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Blade. Laser. Blazer. I've believe you've met my fitness consigliere, Me'Shell. - We met. - And I almost. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the comedy Dodgeball: A True White (introducing his team): "Blade Laser Blazer " Later lampshaded by .. The Top), a scene where the hero and villain meet in a hotel room where the villain.

They came all this way for nothing! Subverted with Amber, who is a genuinely nice person who is attracted to Justin and really likes him. Word of God has it that the movie was supposed to take place in the early s The Globo Gym ad from the opening scene notes that White was fat inwhich he states as being six years earlier, placing the film inbut the case of Anachronism Stew including Peter renting Mona Lisa Smile on DVD, as well as digital cable being in existence would suggest otherwise; it pretty much looks as if it could have been set in the present day.

Averted, Kate falls for the lovable losers and eventually joins them. A Pirate Years Too Late: Amber is pregnant with Justin's child in the Average Joe's ad at the end of the movie. The Cobras are all athletic and with a single exception really, really ridiculously good-lookingand believe they are superior to people who aren't as good looking solely on the basis of their appearance. Gordon seeing his mail-order bride with another man. Beware the Nice Ones: Kate attacks White for harassing her at her home.

The movie begins and ends with a commercial of a successful gym and the viewer looking like a slob and grumbling, "Spare me" with disdain. The scene where Peter introduces the team to Patches, reassuring them that he's a normal guy. In the the theatrical cut, Patches says "I love the smell of queef in the morning", to which Peter says "Well Anabel popped her eyebrows at him and he handed her the last half of it.

She shrugged her shoulders and accepted. She turned to Steve with a little more gusto and gave him a good luck kiss.

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Not wanting to risk a fall from the wooden bleachers, Anabel opted for a seat in the second row. Not very high, but not out in the open either. She ignored the anxiety felt from having someone sitting behind her and looked to her right to see where Gordon's wife was. In response to the man's greeting, his wife scowled at him and sent him the loser symbol.

A surprised frown made it to Anabel's face and she turned back to the court. A giggle nearly slipped past her changing lips at the sight of a group of Girl Scouts entering through the far doors. Her pirate let out an exhausted 'bollocks' and a chuckle slipped out of her. Clearing her throat as a handful of people gave her dirty looks Anabel readied herself as the game started. When the first ball was thrown she noticed a blond woman walk in and take a seat in the front row.

Anabel's attention was caught by another girlish scream. Her mouth hung open as the guys had their literally asses handed to them. Steve started yelling angrily and incoherently when he got pelted with balls. Giggling a bit, but underlined in worry she hoped he would calm down. Peter was the last one on the court, finally hitting one of the Girl Scouts. But she pulled a fake injury on him and while he was apologizing and seeing if she was alright her teammates hit him out.

With a frown Anabel hopped off the bench and walked briskly to join the Joes. Linking her fingers around Steve's arm she told them all with confidence that they did fantastic.

While waiting for the winners to be announced Steve, in a hushed but determined tone, had Peter apologizing to Anabel with shame in his face. Later, the group sat around a table at the Dirty Sanchez bar. Peter was on one side of Anabel, flirting with the blond woman she now knew was Catherine Vetch, the lawyer doing his audit. Leaving them to their banter, she focused her attention on listening to Steve's conversation with the rest of them.

Behind her the door opened and she heard the voice of the owner of Globo Gym.

I didn't think that Nazi camp got out until eight. Did you decide to skip arts and crafts? I'm off the clock. I've believe you've met my fitness consigliere, Me'Shell. Anabel gaped at the largeness and hilarity of each man before White came to the last of them.

meet my team blade laser blazer

Which happened to be an unfortunately grown woman. Her nuclear power plant's team won the championship five years running, which makes her the deadliest woman on earth with a dodgeball.

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With a cry of pain he fell to the floor and stopped moving. Anabel turned to Steve and they shared a terrified look while White blathered on something outlandish.

Gordon stuttered in confusion across from her. How can you be entered in the Las Vegas Open? You didn't win a regional qualifying match. We never even won a regional qualifying match. The dodgeball chancellor's an extremely personal friend of mine. I helped him shed some unwanted poundage before beach season.

So close your rule book on that one, Poindextor. We came here to celebrate as a team. Now if you don't mind There's plenty of bar here for you and the Globo-nauts. White continued to taunt, not knowing when to stop. Anabel let out her own offence as Steve stood to fight White.

meet my team blade laser blazer

Before she could stand to throw her own punches Peter got between the pirate and the bully while White mocked being afraid. Anabel met his frown and rubbed her hand along his forearm. It could be any one of us at this point. You should quit now and save yourself the embarrassment of losing with these losers in Las Vegas, La Fleur. Anabel tuned it out and continued to rub Steves arm to calm him down. When they were finished bickering White gave his, thankfully, final words.

And, La Fleur, best bring your bib cos it's gonna get messy. The whole thing fell between Steve and Owen, successfully getting everyone at the table covered. Peter tried to check on the waitress but she took off with agitation. White and his goons walked out laughing while Peter checked on his friends. A soft knock came from the front door and she poked her head around the corner in confusion.

Calling for the person to enter, Steven lumbered in with his hand covering his eye. Letting out a yelp Anabel rushed over to him, "what happened? The doctor's wanted to wait for the test results to make sure he wouldn't have anything other than a black eye. On her way back she stopped in at the gift shop in search of a very specific item. Finding it with glee she made her way back to the hospital room. Anabel nodded, her hand resting on his shoulder with worry.

Before he turned to leave, he gave a second thought and beckoned Anabel to join him in the hallway. With slight confusion she followed, "is something else wrong? Shock passed her face and then it turned to blatant anger. Her rounded eyes narrowed and her cheeks puffed up like she imagined her mothers would.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Steve's back go straight at her reddening complexion. As her mouth opened to sputter something incoherent the door swung open and Steve pulled her back into the room. Anabel's face was still blooming red and her chest pumping in huffs of air.

Steve gave her a playful look and handed her her puffer. With a sigh Anabel accepted and tried to calm herself. Twitching at unexpected fingers on her arm she looked at Steve with a shaky smile. With a tiny gasp she rummaged around in her purse while Steve chuckled. Her face lit up with a grin as Steve let out a pirates celebratory cheer. Anabel instructed him to hold the eyepatch in its place while she tied the strings.

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Checking to see that it stayed properly when he turned back, Anabel leaned forward to place a kiss over it. Letting her lips linger Steve let out a chuckle before she leaned back to look at him. They smiled at each other and let their lips meet lightly.

During supper one night he humorously explained how Gordon had been hit by two cars. When Anabel expressed her worries he shrugged them off.

Chuckling lightly, Steve reached out to take her hand. Anabel let out a giggle and reached over the table to give him a quick peck. In the following week Steve was back and forth between training for the Las Vegas tournament and packing his small apartment.

He would retell the days events to Anabel over tea before they tackled his hodgepodge personal items. The day before they were taking their flight to Las Vegas Steve finally packed the back of Anabel's truck and bid farewell to his home of four years. At the venue, Anabel was prevented from joining the others in the changing rooms.

Rolling her eyes at the dodgeball dancers Anabel perked up when the opposing team came out onto the court. Eagerly waiting for Average Joes to run out her face fell in shock when they came out of the fog in full kink attire. The crowd fell silent and a few people yelled obscenities. Seeing them in leather had Anabel giggling after she recovered from the slight shock.

Once they started playing it didn't take long for Gordon to be hit out. Then Anabel winced as Peter was sent to the sidelines.