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clawdeen. clawd. deuce. cleo. frankie. love. The Three Misfits (A Monster High Fanfic) to his dad and half vampire thank monsterhigh. hybrid. clawdeen. +14 more Draculaura is new to the college life but meets her knight in furry armor. Not even our parents were allowed inside the gym! Whenever Draculaura was being lifted into the air, it was Clawd who made sure . (A/A hint as to why Cleo asked Howleen to go to the meeting was mentioned earlier!). Welcome to the Monster High parents section. MEET THE CHARACTERS: Everyone is welcome at Monster High, but the main tribe of ghouls includes.

After Yuri Lowenthal, he has been voiced by Ogie Banks. Though Clawd himself does not make an appearance in the Monster High Fright Song music videothere are several werewolf character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew.


The "Werewolf Rapper," for example, is portrayed by Taylor Belnavis. Character Personality Clawd is very friendly, outgoing and kind to the others, especially to his girlfriend, Draculaura. He's a loyal friend and a natural leader, acting as the captain of several sports teams.

Appearance Clawd is tall and physically fit, since he plays on the football, casketball and track teams. He has a piercing in his left ear, and has long sideburns and golden eyes like his sisters and furry. Abilities He has the ability of any other werewolf: Enhanced Sense of Smell: Clawd has the regular werebeast sense of smell, especially werewolves in particular.

He, like all werewolves, has a superb extreme sense of hearing.

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It can lead to miles. He gets "lunar empowerment" from the full moon, and can be extra speedy and be even stronger. Clawd is shown to be extremely naturally strong, but the strength seems to enhance on a full moon. Like all werewolves, he is extremely strong, able to take on the biggest of giants at Monster High super easily. Clawd can be super fast as seen in " Beast Friends " when playing casketball against Simon Clops and many other times.

Lunar influence increases this, however. Like all werebeasts with fur, and like Clawdeen and Howleen, he can get even furrier when he doesn't even want to.

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This might be assumed since Clawdeen and Howleen clearly have the ability. Special Abilities He is also a good lead in sports, especially casketball: He, unlike some other werewolves, is extremely good at casketball and can beat almost anyone at it if not everyone, which wouldn't have been a problem not to win in " Fear-A-Mid Power " if Draculaura did not in his arms during the game just before it was over.

Unlike most werewolves, Clawd is best with his athletic abilities, even beating Romulus in " Fright On! Clawd is happiest when he's playing casketball because of this. He most usually wins, which in " Fear-A-Mid Power ", wouldn't have lost at all if Draculaura haven't fallen into his arms. He is the strongest, most athletic werewolf at Monster High. Like casketball and other sports, Clawd takes his athleticism to the extreme, taking over any, if not every competitor at Monster High and who comes to visit Monster High from another school, which he would have won the casketball game more easily if he was not stopped by the cheating of a crystal ball in " Super Fan ".

Relationships Family Clawd is the older brother of Clawdeen and Howleenand the younger one of Clawdia. In the Monster High bookshe is the oldest of all Wolf children, [1] but in the other continuities, he is merely the oldest Wolf child still living at his parents' house. Clawd lives with his "big family in a not so big house and it always seems like there is some kind of drama going on over there.

The way they argue, you'd think they don't like each other, but you'd be wrong. They watch out for each other and if you fight one of them, you better be ready to take them all.

In the Monster High books, he has six other siblings not counting Clawdeen, so seven counting Clawdeen. In the books, Clawd is the very oldest with Clawdeen being the very second oldest.

It was Clawd's turquoise hat that he always wore. Smiling to herself, the young vampire put the hat on her head and turned back to the court where Clawd was looking her way.

He winked and smiled, his attention going back to the game when the ball was tossed in the air. Giggling to herself, Draculaura saw one of the vampires on the other team smile and wave at her. She rolled her eyes and went back to watching Clawd. The boy seemed shocked when Clawd let out a low growl. The Count's daughter held her tongue and tried to tune the other vampire out. One wrong move and Jade would tell Draculaura's brother, Dragomir, all about Clawd.

Jade had the ability to, as there was an arranged marriage between the blue-black haired vampire and the son of the Count. It had taken nearly two years for Dracula himself to approve of Clawd, and her brother was, if anything, worse than her father. After the game, which Monster High won, Draculaura went home with Clawdeen and Clawd, whom she was spending the night with. She was trying to make me get angry today.

She wants an excuse to tell my brother about us. If he finds out, Dragomir will kill you, no joke! No, it can't be! He wasn't supposed to be back yet. Dragomir told me he'd be home next week, and I asked him two days ago! If I have to put up with that bit- I mean, Jade, then he can put up with you.

I love you, and there is no changing that. When they broke apart, Clawd set Draculaura down, but held onto her hand. I had to see it. You were amazing out there, but why did that wolf always have a hold of you?

You remember Clawdeen, right? It took two years, but he could see I truly am happy. He left well enough alone and he has grown to accept the fact that I love Clawd and that Clawd loves me.

If not for your own health, than for me. I can tell you're already sad. I don't like seeing my little Lala sad. Clawd listened to Draculaura, and he began to walk towards his car, Clawdeen on his heels. Dragomir was fast though, and ran in front of Clawd. Dragomir turned to stone, along with Jade. The ride back to the Wolf home was silent and panicky. Duce never really said how long "temporary" was when he turned someone to stone. Dragomir could be chasing them that very moment.

Dragomir is stuck on following and honoring tradition. Where as I-", Draculaura began.

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And by the way, you did freak out and try to break us up. She and the twins started psyching me out. Back in the Monster High student parking lot, two stone figures began to return to normal. The vampires broke free of their stone casings, looking around for some sign of the four teens they had been fighting. Unlike his mother, he can only turn people to stone temporarily. He's in your sister's grade, and he's one of Clawd Wolf's best friends, whether or not either will admit it.

Duce is his co-captain on the casketball team, so they trust each other more than any other guy on the team. It was from a letter Clawd sent her when she went to Gloom Beach. I saw it in her room once and asked. Dragomir did not ask any other questions. The two got into his car and drove to the Dracula Mansion. Inside, he went through his sister's room until he found said envelope. For most of the night, Draculaura could not sleep. She found herself sitting in a darkened living room at three o' clock in the morning.

At about that time, she heard footsteps. Clawd was in the doorway, looking like he'd had about as much sleep as she's had.

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We need to get to sleep. Draculaura just nodded, allowing him to pick her up and carry her upstairs. It wasn't the first time she'd spent the night in Clawd's room. The first time had been after the Monster High homecoming football game a few months prior, which Monster High won.

That night was special for the two of them. The house was empty, Clawdeen, Howleen, and their parents had been at Clawd, Clawdeen, and Howleen's grumpparents house for the weekend. I never saw exactly how we got here. She shares it with her little sister.