Monster high meet the parents

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monster high meet the parents

When Dracula meets Frankie, they decide to create a school. Debi Derryberry and Cassandra Lee Morris in Monster High: Welcome to .. Parents Guide. Rebooted ghouls are less scary; some mild peril. Read Common Sense Media's Monster High: Welcome to Monster High review, age rating, and parents guide. You don't really have to love to read or like dolls to like monster high products. If you are a parent reviewing these books then you might not can grasp the whole concept of the . We also finally meet "Julia" or "Ghoulia" from the doll line.

Last time I wrote about Monster High, a parent who likes the product chastised me for not talking about the products in-depth. So, I decided at that point to really explore the Monster High brand.

I looked closely at the dolls themselves, spent a lot of time on their website, hunted up old press releases, and watched many, many webisodes. In this HubPages articlethe target audience for these dolls in stated to be year olds, which sounds about right to me. In fact, 12 may be shooting a little high. From my experience and from this descriptionthe target audience is year old girls.

Perhaps this confusion of the target audience is why we see some of the things that we do in the Monster High brand. Let me share some of what I learned with you. They have the tiny waists, curvy bodies, long, thin legs, and big heads of the Bratz dolls. Their faces are big-eyed, pointy-chinned and highly made-up. The clothing that these dolls wear is very problematic for me.

Six out of six of the female characters are wearing very high-heeled shoes and four out of six are wearing very short skirts. These are not outfits that would be allowed in most schools because they would violate the dress code of even the public schools that my children attend. I asked some tween girls what they thought of the clothes that the Monster High characters wear. These girls said some interesting things. One said that the clothes were inappropriate because they were too tight and short.

But she also has on a shirt that shows her stomach and really high heels.

monster high meet the parents

So, is she supposed to look like a little girl or a grown up going to a club or what? They are highly sexualized. Say whatever you want about the message of fitting in and celebrating differences, but each one of the main characters is dressed in clothing that looks like something that the Pussycat Dolls would wear, rather than a high school student.

If you want to show girls who are different learning to embrace that, why not make some of them different sizes and shapes, and ditch the sexy outfits? Image via Wikipedia Themes The themes of the webisodes are much like that of many shows directed at children in this age group. Overall, Cruelty to Others was the overwhelming theme that I encountered in these shows. It's got a killer dock that goes out over the water. Being a nymph means that mom can leave the water and hang out on land as long as she doesn't travel too far from her grotto otherwise she gets really weak".

In the Monster High book seriesLagoona's parents live in Australia, but she lives with her uncle unnamed and her aunt Coral in Salem.

Lagoona had moved to Salem as a foreign exchange student from "down under". In her 'Basic' diaryLagoona mentions having a few cousins 'living up north'. Friends Although Lagoona is one of the kindest students at Monster High and thought highly of by many, Lagoona's student file outside of the fear squad her strongest connections are exclusively with fellow water-type monsters, such as Gillington "Gil" Webberher swim team mate and boyfriend, and Sirena Von Booanother swim team mate, and Kala Mer'ria childhood friend.

Lagoona's involvement with the fear squad started as several loose friendships that came together when the team was revived by Cleo de NileFrankie SteinClawdeen WolfDraculauraand Ghoulia Yelps as team assistant. Lagoona herself actually was invited for the new fear squad, but she had to decline on account of having just prior been voted captain of the swim team.

Why We Fright Until the fear squad's first success by getting to go to the Gloom Beach competition, Lagoona was their one supporter, Fatal Error and even thereafter remained something akin to an honorary member. One notable action of hers, possibly remembering her own treatment at the hands of Kala, was take a stand for the fear squad against Toralei Stripe 's ridicule. She made herself another of the werecat 's enemies this way, when before Toralei had no intent to target her.

Kala is Lagoona's childhood friend and aquadance partner from when they were about twelve years old.

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The two had a good relation, though not good enough for Kala to entrust Lagoona with an important secret, namely that she is the daughter of the kraken that was believed to terrorize the Great Scarrier Reef. Rather, his reputation was a mixture of prejudice and the Mer'ris' chosen coping strategy.

monster high meet the parents

For Kala, keeping people in the dark about her identity was the only way she knew how to live a semi-normal life and it hurt her tremendously to be near Lagoona, who at the time was a better dancer, who would join in on saying bad things about the kraken, and who could openly enjoy the support of her immediate and extended family. The Junior Novel To even things out, she sabotaged Lagoona's first major aquadance performance, ensuring Lagoona would never dare dance on stage again.

Lagoona fled to Monster High some years later, finding peace in the all-accepting climate at the school, but was forced back due to circumstances beyond her control. After unintentionally upstaging Kala again, Lagoona had to fight through a dangerous confrontation to finally get the truth out of her former partner. The promise that Monster High could give Kala the same welcome as it had done Lagoona helped in calming her down enough to talk things out.

Apologies were exchanged and their friendship restored. Knowing little of either her heritages, Lagoona helped get her acquainted with sea culture. Happy Howlidays The two also spent a lot of time together in the days leading up to Lagoona's leave for the exchange program. A negative to that was that, in trying to look out for Lagoona, Sirena worsened Lagoona's fear of leaving Gil with the newly arrived lake monster Lorna McNessie.

A positive was that Sirena supported Lagoona in her investigation, which resulted in them finding out that Gil and Lorna are strictly friends and that Lorna already is with a boy named Finn.

Looks Gil-ty Pet Lagoona's pet is a piranha named Neptuna and who is carried around in a fishbowl purse secretly. Lagoona Blue's 'Basic' diary She is feisty and enjoys nipping other monsters when they least expect it.

monster high meet the parents

Lagoona fell for him first, drawing romantic images of the two of them in her clawculus book and daydreaming out their scenarios. Gil positively took note of this and borrowed the book to write an invitation to a date in it while Lagoona was out of it. She accepted, which was the start of their relation. Blue Lagoona What with Lagoona being a saltwater monster and Gil a freshwater monster, two species with a history of not getting along, Hatch Me If You Can their romance has been a troubled one with most of the damage hitting Lagoona.

Monster High - Parents

Specifically, modern-day freshwater monsters are the ones looking down on saltwater monsters, causing Gil's parents to disapprove of Lagoona and Gil to be reluctant to meet Lagoona's family. Gil kept these views a secret from Lagoona until she forced it out. Road to Monster Mashionals Gil's initial solution was to keep his relation hidden from his parents and to lie to Lagoona, but Toralei forced out the truth in retaliation for Lagoona's defense of the fear squad.

Lagoona gave him an ultimatum: In the end, Gil chose her. Desperate Hours In return, his parents enrolled him in a different school to keep the two apart, leaving Lagoona unconsolable.

Back-to-Ghoul However, Gil proved resilient to this method and eventually his parents allowed him to go back to Monster High. The next incident came when Lagoona invited Gil and several of her friends to spend spring break in the Great Scarrier Reef. Gil, being his parents's son still, was reluctant to spend time in the ocean and meet Lagoona's family.

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It put even more strain on their relation, but circumstances that jeopardized his friends left Gil with no other choice than to singlehandedly swim all the way from Skull Shores to the Great Scarrier Reef and get help from Lagoona's parents. To her delight, it got him over his own prejudice. Escape from Skull Shores Any nagging from Gil's parents didn't reach Lagoona for a long time, but inevitably flared up again.

monster high meet the parents

Gil's father threatened to find a job outside of the Boonited States of Scaremerica and have the whole family come along to remove Lagoona out of his son's life. Afraid to lose him, Lagoona offered to become his friend instead if it meant they could keep seeing each other, but Gil declined.

The wish was fulfilled by turning Lagoona into their ideal daughter-in-law, starting with her becoming a freshwater monster. It worked well enough at first, but Gil grew displeased with how un-Lagoona-like Lagoona had become and the wish was undone shortly after.

monster high meet the parents

Mattel requests the trademark for Lagoona Blue. The Monster High website goes live, featuring Lagoona Blue's profile. Lagoona Blue's profile art is revealed. Lagoona Blue makes her animated debut in the Higher Deaducation commercial. Like Draculaura, she spoke with an American accent.

Lagoona Blue makes her 2D cartoon debut in " Jaundice Brothers ". Lagoona Blue's first doll is released as part of the ' Basic ' series.