Percabeth meet the parents

percabeth meet the parents

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Read Chapter 1: Back to Camp! from the story Percabeth: The parents (Percy “ Because I don't want you sneaking out meeting up with Annabeth to_”. But still, this meeting could make or break the relationship. Good luck You always hear about the mean dad in those meet-the-parents stories.

She responded with about a million heart emojis and told him to wish Annabeth good luck. Percy clicked his phone off and headed into the theater. It was very crowded, but Percy wanted to be in the front. Percy made a mental note of that and promised himself he would mow down everyone in his way if it meant she would smile like that again.

He picked up the program on the seat, sat down and snuck a glance at who was on either side of him.

percabeth meet the parents

On his left was a child, maybe 10, with shoulder-length chocolate brown curly hair. Percy noticed her eyes were gold as they darted around the room, lit with excitement. On his right was a middle-aged man with blonde hair and very brown eyes. Percy shrugged it off. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the curtain opened.

The show had begun. Slow, classical music began to play and a single spotlight shown on the right corner of the stage. A dancer who Percy vaguely recalled stepped out to do a fancy turn sequence. The costumes for the ballerinas were elaborate and sequined with bright colors that complimented their male counterpart. Before now, Annabeth had short leap solos or turn sequences in the group dances and she had a trio with two other girls, but she was the only dancer to have a solo.

Annabeth was dressed like a princess. A traditional, pink, princess. Complete with an elaborate pink tutu with gold lining and flowing sleeves of a sophisticated pink material with golden glitter. The bodice was pink as well and the shoulders were jeweled and reflecting gorgeously in the light. She was also wearing a small silver tiara, making her grey eyes stand out even more. She looked like a goddess. He loved watching Annabeth dance. Her face relaxed and she looked graceful as she stood tall in those unbearable shoes.

Percy could see the pure joy seep through her smile as she did 15 pirouettes, eliciting impressed applause from the audience.

percabeth meet the parents

Percy, however, knew she could do many, many more. When they were at his apartment, Annabeth had a habit of dancing around his kitchen. Pirouettes were her favorites to practice on his wooden floor in her dance socks and her hair in a messy bun. Annabeth leaped through the air, her hair in a tight ballerina bun and arms elegantly moving to her foot work.

She connected with the music and the audience. Everyone was hanging onto her every movement. Percy had seen bits and pieces of this dance before. When Annabeth was stressed, she would slip into choreography and hum the music as she moved. But seeing the piece as a whole was a completely different experience. Watching her was like an addiction. The man on his right, who had been on his phone almost the entire show put down his phone and paid attention. She had the audience wrapped around her nimble finger By the end of the dance, when Annabeth bowed, Percy was the first one to stand up, clapping loudly and cheering.

He initially received a few bizarre looks from other audience members, but to put it kindly Percy did not give a flying fuck. Annabeth was grinning widely and the man on his right joined him in standing up for the amazing performance.

Her eyes went wide for a moment, but she quickly recovered and smile at the rest of the audience. She received a standing ovation from everyone in the room. Nice to meet you, Hazel. Will had bright blonde hair and an easy smile. When the lights began to dim again, Hazel smiled at him before turning back to the stage. The rest of the recital was somewhat of a blur because Percy only focusing on his girlfriend. Finally, the bows took place and Annabeth and a few of the older dancers bowed last.

The entire audience stood up and Percy whooped at the blushing blonde on stage. The owner of the studio took center stage and Annabeth moved to his left.

He was a middle aged white man with brown hair and eyes and bushy eyebrows. He also had a scruffy beard. She laughed and hip checked him, making the older man laugh.

The final applause was long, but the dancers walked off stage. Percy held onto the roses and noticed the man on his right held a single pink rose. He got up and was about to walk out of the aisle when he felt a tug on his left sleeve. Percy waved and made his way through the aisle out of the theater, out to the pavilion. He waited for about 5 minutes before the dancers began to come out.

They were in comfortable dance clothes, but still wearing the stage makeup. He noticed Hazel walking out with Will and someone he assumed to be Nico. Hazel waved to Percy on her way out into the parking lot.

percabeth meet the parents

Percy finally spotted her gorgeous blonde girlfriend, who was still wearing her princess tiara. She had exchanged the pink tutu and leotard for grey drawstring joggers and a black short sleeved crop-top.

He was about to walk over to her when he noticed she was talking to a man. A middle-aged man with blonde hair and very familiar brown eyes. Percy noticed an Asian woman with long red highlighted hair down. There were two boys next to Mrs.

Chase and Percy recalled their names to be Bobby and Matthew. The entire family was dressed up and both of the little boys were tapping their feet impatiently.

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Percy just stared at them until Annabeth turned away from her family and scanned the crowd. Her eyes landed on Percy and she gasped, but quickly disguised it as a cough. She excused herself, but not before awkwardly hugging each of her family members.

Percy found it depressing that someone so graceful on stage could be so awkward in movement in front of a different audience. She stood in the same place as her family walked away into the parking lot. Her father grabbed her arm before he left with his family and said something quietly in her ear that made Annabeth lose her composure for a millisecond before she tightly smiled at him and waved as he walked away. As soon as they were out of the pavilion, Annabeth whipped her head toward Percy and sprinted toward him.

He caught her and twirled her around. Her dance bag was in her hands and her arms were wrapped around his neck, hugging him. He inhaled her scent of lemons and nuzzled his head in her neck. We have to have a plan! If we see them, we'll talk to them, until one of us just blurts it out because of the pressure.

Or maybe a half head in my case, I don't know how well Annabeth would handle the urge she gets sometimes to rip half of it off. As we went downstairs, I couldn't help but notice something that I hadn't seen in my room. Annabeth looked good today. And when I say good, I mean really good. She wore a light purple V-neck, and white shorts that showed off her long, tan legs. She was clutching her Camp Half-Blood beads nervously, and even when her features were scrunched up as she thought, she was still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She caught me staring and said with a laugh, "Checkin' me out Percy? I wouldn't have to if you didn't always look so beautiful!

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She blushed, as I opened the door for her and we walked out to the car. I was one of the very few people in New York with a car. I'd go so far to say it's my second most prized possession, behind Riptide. It's a black Lamborghini which was a 'thanks for saving the world and all our butts' present from the gods. Annabeth got in and rolled her eyes as I wiped her fingerprints off of the handle. I didn't really feel like talking, more like curling up in a ball and crying, but it's impolite to just sit there in silence while in a car with your girlfriend.

I decided to get Annabeth going on architecture and then I'd smile and nod and pretend I could understand more than a quarter of the words she was saying. I used biomimicry to make the shrine to Artemis and it has an aesthetic curvilinear dome I listened to her for about 5 minutes, smiling and nodding whenever she paused until the Empire State Building came into view. Oh gods, we're so close. Her hand slipped into mine, and gave her a grateful squeeze and a smile.

Even if she does burn me into ashes, you can visit me in Elysium. I didn't actually like that idea too much. She leaned her head on my shoulder and I felt warmer instantly. Then again, the warmth could've been because my I was about to pee my pants and my bladder couldn't take it any more. By some miracle, we found a parking place only a block away from Olympus so we got out, locked the car, and headed to our doom.

The man at the front desk was a teenage boy. Sadly, it was because he was looking at my girlfriend. I kinda wanted to sit there and have a nice long chat with him about how Annabeth was mine, blah blah blah, but I think it was only because if I did then I wouldn't have to be upstairs. Annabeth said, "I'm the official architect of Olympus and my boyfriend here saved the world" and showed him some VID very important demigod pass.

He gave us the key card right away with wide eyes, still looking at Annabeth, but this time in awe. Thats right buddy, I thought, she's mine. I gave him a death stare and punched my hand into my other open one for good measure. In the elevator, I was pretty sure "Achey Breaky Heart" was on, but it could've been a recording of some dying cats. I watched the little screen that said which floor you were on. We were moving surprisingly fast, only staying on one floor for about a second.

Then, quite randomly, Annabeth was really close to me, then her lips were on mine. This is gonna sound really cheesy, but every time we kiss, it's like our kiss on my birthday. I can't think and I can't see and I want it to go on forever. All too soon, we broke apart, and she said, "I'm mostly scared I won't be able to do that any more after today. She laughed and I realized what she meant when she kissed me. She was mostly worried not about getting disowned, or me turning into ashes, but that Athena could somehow separate us.

percabeth meet the parents

Even when under construction, Olympus looked great. Annabeth was doing such a good job keeping up with all of the crazy demands of the gods, and still making it look fantastic.

Apparently, the fates weren't rooting for us, because we saw Poseidon right away. Not too far behind him, reading a book on a bench, was none other than the devil herself.

Oh, wait, pretend you didn't read that! Not too far behind him, reading a book on a bench, was none other than Athena. Annabeth and I quickly let go of each other's hands. What brings you here?

percabeth meet the parents

And Annabeth, good to see you! My shrine is looking quite stunning, if I do say so myself. Not that I'm not glad to see you of course.