Robert de niro meet the parents interview


robert de niro meet the parents interview

Jimmy Fallon and Robert De Niro Reminisce About First Late-Night Interview After reuniting with Meet the Parents co-star Ben Stiller for a Saturday When Fallon brought up the nearly decade-old interview, De Niro replied. Both MEET THE PARENTS and MEET THE FOCKERS star Ben Stiller, Matt Lauer Meets the Fockers is an interview segment with the Today. Meet the Parents () on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more Robert De Niro to Be Celebrated at Marrakech Film Festival .. During the interview, Mulaney showed a clip of the theme song and opening credits of “Switcheroo,”.

And just the team, I always enjoy these people. So it was fun just to have the chance to work with them.


I enjoyed it a lot. When you're doing comedy, you have -- I have -- less restrictions. But there's just more room for having fun, in a certain way. Ben, what was it like to be able to punch Robert De Niro in the face?

We did a fair amount of that.

robert de niro meet the parents interview

But obviously, it's all movie fight. But it's a very strange environment to be in, to be smothered in that pit. And it's just not very You know, those pits are just Petri dishes. A giant Petri dish! But that stuff was really all fun. And the kids' bouncing house was challenging, I pulled a muscle.

The Life Of De Niro, From 'Mean Streets' To 'Meet The Parents'

I'm not gonna say which muscle. But I pulled a muscle. And you have to watch out, because your back, it's not Those are environments that are made for children. Not older gentlemen like ourselves! And it was the first job I really got, I guess in like or I was playing the son. And now I come back and play the father, so it kind of come full circle in that way. And my relationship with John, the playwright has been so long. So I'm really looking forward to it.

And it's something I really never thought about doing, until the idea got presented to me. So I'm excited to delve into it, it's kind of an unknown thing. But I'm looking forward to it. And I think I'm okay. But it's definitely one of those relationships where you're always aware of the dynamics there. But we're pretty friendly. And I think I'm pretty good, I'm okay at it. I think if you're a good husband, then that makes you a good son-in-law.

I'm not like the character. I'm less stern about those things. But I still am And just making sure everything is, you know, okay!

I don't know, I mean, you do whatever you're doing, and you don't think about it. And there's this feeling, well this isn't real, because it's in a movie. Even though it is real!

robert de niro meet the parents interview

What's happening to you? But I don't know.

robert de niro meet the parents interview

I mean, I can't think of anything that was actually painful. I have had some lonely moments. I remember one scene in particular, in the bathroom.

And all of a sudden there was nobody around. They were all just far away. And I heard like from far away 'Action! Just look at the parents of the person you're with, and you're interested in. And not only what you're getting into with them, but how they'll behave, how they are, and how you have to interact with them.

You know, hopefully for the rest of your life. So that's something to think about. You're not just marrying the person, you're attaching yourself to the family. It's just one of those themes people relate to and love to see. They love watching the screws being put into Greg laughs. What's it like working not once, but three times with Robert De Niro?

It is truly amazing. I remember before we made the first one Jay Roach the director said to me 'What do you think about Robert De Niro playing your father-in-law?

Interview: Shawn Levy, Author Of 'De Niro: A Life' : NPR

I'm sure that will happen'. But, then it became a reality not just once, but now three times. I thought the first was a fluke. Now we have done one every five years. Are you on a first name basis with him now? Do you call him Bob? I am pleased to say I know him well enough to call him Bob.

He actually prefers that. Can you explain it a little? Jack has a heart attack so he starts to think and becomes concerned about who will continue his family's legacy and he doesn't really have any options.

Basically he's stuck with my character, Greg Focker.

robert de niro meet the parents interview

So he asks me. It doesn't really turn out that well. You guys have an epic, physical fight at your son and daughter's eighth birthday party. Yes, Greg decides enough is enough and literally fights back. It gets really physical. We get into it. What's it like standing toe-to-toe with Robert De Niro? He is, after all, the Raging Bull. He can throw a punch. No, because I do a lot of mixed martial arts and UFC fighting in my downtime so I felt pretty competent.

I was glad we were able to mix it up a little bit and get out of just the boxing and a little wrestling. Coincidentally enough, these Blu-rays were released not too long before the theatrical release of Little Fockers. They were obviously released to coincide with it. That said, Parents comes loaded with additional features. Spotlight On Location hands you a standard behind-the-scenes look at production.

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes are self-explanatory. The Truth About Lying educates you about how a polygraph really works. Silly Cat Tricks profiles the training that went into helping Jinx pull off his acting. It really reveals a wealth of information about the production from director Jay Roach and producer Jane Rosenthal, along with what is essentially a delightful conversation between Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller that really lets you know this was a pair made in heaven from a casting point-of-view.

robert de niro meet the parents interview

This Blu-ray features a respectable amount of bonus material to browse through. This film, of course, was by no means at the high end of production budgets, but a solid effort was given for this release. It even includes a theatrical trailer for the film. Meet the Fockers, unlike many sequels themselves, is not an entire repeat when it comes to the additional features of the Blu-ray.

Deleted Scenes extends some scenes of conflict and laughs. In contrast to the previous Blu-ray, Outtakes was renamed Bloopers for Fockers.

Meet The Fockers