Felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

Out of the Closet, Into the Streets: 2/6/11 - 2/13/11

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

the sgh foster-a-poem homepage Angeli married Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano. And because before she got married, Gary's former girlfriend was known as Felichi Pangilinan. . After a series of unsuccessful relationships, Dorothy finally tied the knot again with an American B-movie. Kristina Bernadette's mother was furious at the relationship. How could .. Angeli married Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano. REWIND: In the And because, before she got married, Gary's former girlfriend was known as Felichi Pangilinan. And yes And recently, he even came up with a book of poems. And yes. Cherie Gil, Ciara Sotto, Angeli Valenciano, Fanny Serrano and a host of other household . Kristina Bernadette's mother was furious at the relationship. How .. or Gary V. to most of us, fell deeply in love with a teenage girl who And yes, because Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon is the younger sister of Angeli.

Because looking at her photographs and listening to her voice I get the feeling she is. Rajo Laurel, Premiere Fashion Designer " She is the one person that the term 'down to earth' was made for.

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

Regine is a Phenomenon in terms of talent, yet she is real. Even if she has reached the apex of what a performer dreams to achieve in our entertainment industry, she has kept her feet on the ground. But I call her 'the' singer. Bernardo Bernardo, Actor-Director "Tremendous talent! As a performer, she still the sweet and unassuming lady I met inthe 'munting dalagita na Balagtas, Bulacan.

She's so sweet, unselfish, she's so OK, what's the opposite of unselfish? She's a generous performer.

I directed her recently at Ryan's 'Retrospective' and walang ka-star-star 'yang batang 'yan. She's absolutely giving and of course, the voice is a miracle. She has the voice for the theater - which is unusual because now the talents that you get have tiny voices, they don't have voices that project well onstage.

In this musical, it's not so difficult because we use mics, but with Regine even without mics, she can be heard in the whole theater. Forget the overstated 'Song Goddess of Asia' tag. Diva of the New Millennium is it! I saw Coco Lee perform live in Hong Kong for the launch of her debut album but Regine is a far better performer than the Chinese-American singer.

Filipino people of Spanish descent

When Regine sings she does not only entertain, she captivates and enthralls the audience and leaves them in awe. Shirley Pizarro, Journalist "Regine is a local talent with a world-class caliber. Given the right break, she could easily give other female international musical artists a run for their money because she definitely sings better than most of them.

Sadly, the prophecy did not come true. However,when Carmen was 18 years old, she bagged a beauty title. But it was farfetched from a Miss Universe crown. Carmen became Miss Saigon. Carmen Lea Imutan Salonga. Most of us know her simply as Lea Salonga. His screenplay was made into a movie, starring Jaime de la Rosa and a 16 year old actress named Dorothy. Helmed by renowned director Lamberto Avellana, the movie was a huge success.

The only child of a US soldier and a Filipina, Dorothy was also a semi-finalist in the Miss Philippines beautycontest. It was therefore not surprising that Marcial got so enamored with Dorothy that he did everything to court her.

Dorothy studied pre-Law at the University of Santo Tomas but her booming movie career made it impossible for her tocontinue. Likewise, Marcial took up Law at the University ofthe Philippines but the lure of journalism ended hisdream of becoming a lawyer. Marcial became known for his gift of gab and political skill.

This led to his victory as a town mayor at a young age of Meanwhile, Dorothy became popular for her actingprowess and dancing skill. This led to her victory in several acting derbies. But while Philippine politics and show business naturally intertwine, political kingpin Marcial and movie queen Dorothy were not destined to be together.

Dorothy married a man named Victorino who fathered her only daughter.

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

But their union did not last. After a seriesof unsuccessful relationships, Dorothy finally tied the knot again with an American B-movie actor-singer.

In contrast, Marcial remained faithfully married all his life to an American-educated woman who bore his only son and fourdaughters. But while Marcial survived the Korean War which he covered,he did not survive the war on the home front. Likewise, Dorothy did not survive her own war at home.

Both Marcial and Dorothy suffered violent deaths. Dorothy was stabbed several times. Committed 18 years apart, the separate murders ofMarcial and Dorothy made headlines several years ago.

However, both murders remained unsolved to this day. Some say that identifying their killers is not the issue because everyone, except the authorities,seems to know the identity of their respective killers. Rumors even abound that the masterminds in the murders of Marcial and Dorothy were related to them by affinity.

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

Despite his escorts, Marcial was killed amid rows of airplanes in a wide open space in broad daylight while descending down the tarmac of what was then known as the ManilaInternational Airport MIA. Yes, Dorothy Jones was the real name of Nida Blanca. And you know the rest of their stories. But her parents did not name her Valentina.

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems

Not even Venus or Aphrodite. They opted for the holy-sounding Kristina Bernadette. But she did not turn out to be a saint.

Being the youngest, Kristina Bernadette captured the heart of her father. Father and daughter were inseparable. His heart ailment grew worse there. On the same day, a man was exchanging hearts with a southern belle in nearby San Juan church.

Nine years later, on August 21, the man who got married in San Juan church was celebrating his birthday with his basketball buddies. Kristina Bernadette and the married man never kneweach other.

They lived very different lives. But inKristina Bernadette and the married man met at work. Their first meeting blossomed into deep friendship. Some said that she longed for a father figure. But the friendship blossomed into romance which went beyondcontrol.

Kristina Bernadette used her heart, not her head. She decided to live with the married man.

An Accounting of a Life: August

It did not take long before Kristina Bernadette gave birth to her love child who was the spitting image of her live-in partner. But as in the past, Kristina Bernadette had her way. She went on with her liposuction. Her live-in partner also got annoyed whenever Kristina Bernadette would hand him a stick of Milagrosa candle every time he used the bathroom. Kristina Bernadette confessed that she learned this trick from her mother. Their relationship turned for the worse.

Kristina Bernadette finally realized that her live-in partner could never be her savior. She decided to leave the father of her son and her live-in partner for many years: And everyone knows the heart of her story. Suppose that she decided to work for Discorama. The Muslim princess was assigned to host the Tough Hits segment of the show.

As Tough Hits girl, she did the weekly countdown of popular songs with bastardized lyrics to elicit cheap laughs. Soon, a female newscaster of a major TV network introduced the Muslim princess to her brother, a flight steward. After a whirlwind courtship, the Muslim princess married the flight steward who used to be a child actor whose only claim to fame was playing the role of a toddler Bongbong Marcos in a Marcos bio-flick.

After a couple of months, the Muslim princess and the flight steward quietly separated. But career-wise, lady luck smiled at the Muslim princess when she was given a big break by the major TV network. She bagged the plum assignment of delivering the evening news while at the same time hosting a successful TV magazine program which was pitted against a similar program in a rival TV network hosted by her former UP professor.

Later, the Muslim princess got married again, this time to a well-known local politician from a province south ofManila. They were blessed with two sons. Now, the Muslim princess and her magician husband He couldmake a bigCoke bottle disappear before your eyes are happily separated. He worked as a radio reporter for a major radio and TV network. With perseverance, he was given a Sunday morning radio show. Later, he would occasionally pinch-hit for announcers whenever they would not show up for their radio program.

He also hosted a daily radio serialization of movies for a program dubbed as Sineradyo. Theshow was hosted by gossip queen, Lourdes Jimenez-Carvajal who was more popularly known as Inday Badiday or Ate Luds to her legions of fans.

Later, the Black Nazarene devotee married a lady executive of the radio and TV network where he had moved up to become the host of its early morning radio show. They adopted a girl and had a younger son later.

Suppose further that both the Muslim princess andthe Black Nazarene devotee became elected government officials and they both decided to run for the same government office on the same year. They both run for say, the presidency of the Philippines. Okay, suppose that they both run for the position of Vice President under opposing political parties. Who would you vote for?

The Muslim princess or the Black Nazarene devotee? If you would vote for the Muslim princess, you just wasted your vote. If you would vote for the Black Nazarene devotee, you are good at spotting a winner but it does not mean that you did not also waste your vote. Because the honorary Muslim princess is former Senator Loren Legarda who lost her bid for the Vice Presidency of the Philippines in the national elections.

And yes, the Black Nazarene devotee who helps carry the replica of the Black Nazarene image barefoot and wearing only a white undershirt sans bullet-proof vest during the annual Quiapo procession as part of his religious devotion yes, he still does it up to this day is Noli de Castro, current Vice President of the Philippines.

They were the best of friends. Well, birds of the same featheralso flock together. Indeed, they were very close to eachother. They were the perfect tandem. Like suman and ripe mango. Or nuts and bolts.

felichi pangilinan and gary valenciano relationship poems