Guts casca relationship poems

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guts casca relationship poems

Romeo and Juliet's relationship came to an end by suicide. Guts and Casca's would have to be the Eclipse and Brand of sacrifice. . getting % on a paper I wrote the night before, she drew attention to the Parasyte quotes. This by far is my favorite fanfic of Guts x Casca, and I have read just about all there is on this site lol. There really wasn't much revealed about their relationship other than that one night. You're right, I liked this more than the poem.). Please note: Quote citations should follow the official naming convention for Berserk storytelling units. This means that each manga release before serialization.

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I think the only thing that stopped guts was his belief caska loved Griffith and would be happier with him. Love that guts isn't crazy about just having sex right and left.

I hadn't read a story about this time period. There really wasn't much revealed about their relationship other than that one night I'm glad your filling it with fluff goodness.

And I think it's an absolutely legit assmption of hers that after having already slept with him he would expect it on the nightly.

That she was willing to strip herself for him in preparation despite her nervousness is absolutely endearing - it shows her innocence and inexperience.

guts casca relationship poems

We can all relate! Seriously though, I enjoyed this little moment of happiness. I had to stop reading the series, well I don't even know if it's still on hiatus or active, I was just so disappointed in what became of Casca. PTSD is bad, but she seems extra bad. Thanks for writing and sharing this!

You're right, I liked this more than the poem.

guts casca relationship poems

Man, can they arrive too late and Griffith just already be dead? Casca was a better leader anyway. She actually cared about the men. They don't need that horrible, beastly monster!

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You captured Casca's uncertainty and character SO well! I'm almost scared to read the next chapter, knowing their agenda is to save that terrible person. I really liked their bandit friends giving those two an opportunity to be together some more before their mission.

guts casca relationship poems

And I certainly don't mean to under-credit or imply a lack of faith in Miura, I was just voicing my general narrative anxieties which are more attributable to seeing other fans off this site dismiss the narrative significance that a recovered Casca would have.

But Casca's narrative significance isn't tied to a continued resentment of Guts, far from it. In fact I certainly hope she will have a much bigger and much more interesting role than that, because that's the exact same role she's been having since the Eclipse. Fortunately, their relationship really has much more going on than that.

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Vixen Comics on December 03, Yes, it was significant and I do not think that it's severity should be dismissed because it had held real consequences, but at the same time if this incident becomes an issue at all I would hope it would be to at least start a dialogue between Guts and Casca or Casca, Guts and the elf King about Guts own mental trauma due to the eclipse.

I will be disappointed if Casca merely continues to grudge Guts and give dirty looks and verbally rebuke him.

guts casca relationship poems

Maybe Casca will not be able to resume a physical relationship with Guts right away but I do not think it should mean she should continue to hate him like she has in her damaged regressed state where she is unable to evaluate the events that led up to it.

I mean if she remembers that incident why would she not remember all the other things Guts has done to protect her at the expense of his own body and well being?

guts casca relationship poems

I think "glossed over" might be too dismissive, but I agree with the general sentiment. Like I said in the podcast threadthat event has already been playing a determinant role for many years.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Staying hung up on it would feel restrictive, especially since there are so many more things weighing in the balance for them. The simple fact they have both become different people in a different world already means their relationship will by necessity be different from what it was.

Their respective trauma, the conflicting way in which they dealt with it, their individual goals, their son