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Know Ya Fett: 20 Things Star Wars Fans Forget About Mandalorians What was Jango Fett's relationship to the True Mandalorians and how. When Master Obi-Wan Kenobi located Jango and Boba on Kamino, Fett fled to join Count Dooku. . She helped him find his armor, and they began a relationship. Fust had a substantial bounty posted by Sebolto and, with Roz's advice, Fett. In this manner, Boba Fett followed the footsteps of his predecessor, Jango Fett, perpetuating a legacy of dirty work for the Dark Side of the Force.

Fett tried to instill in the first generation of clones a sense of their Mandalorian heritage, but that disappeared after Fett's passing and the moving of cloning facilities to Coruscant and Centax The Death Watch, led by Tor Visla, wanted to see the galaxy under the control of Mandalore, returning the Mandalorians to their conquering ways. However, the Death Watch leader was taken down by Jango Fett, who sought vengeance over the passing of his adoptive father.

It kind of looks like an alternate reality in which The Punisher was a wooly mammoth. The Mandalorian symbol has ties with the settlement of the Mandalorian homeworld, formerly known as Roon. On the planet were giant, magnificent creatures called mythosaurs. They were rumored to be the size of a small city and looked somewhat like dragons. The Mandalorian Crusaders hunted the mythosaurs into extinction, yet the creatures still lived on in Mandalorian culture.

The Mandalorian Crusaders wielded ceremonial weapons called mythosaur axes, made from the bones of mythosaurs. The Mandalorian symbol was modeled after the skull of a mythosaur.

Mandalorians are also asked to fight to protect themselves and their families. A civil war was fought to decide if they should keep their culture of fighting and conquering alive. In the Mandalorian culture, fighting was sometimes used to settle disputes sometimes with only one person walking away from the fight.

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It was said that Mandalorians rarely wear jewelry, but if you do see a Mandalorian with jewelry and they're removing it from their body, it means that they're about to fight, so run for cover!

Lightsaber wielding Darth Vader loosely resembles in appearance a katana-wielding samurai warrior. When it came to the Mandalorians and their nomadic warrior culture, their lifestyle and history was loosely based on the Celts. Science fiction writer Karen Traviss contributed to Mandalorian history.

Although initially thought to be based on Spartans, Traviss based the Mandalorians on the Celts, whose culture consisted of clans loosely allied with each other and suffered from infighting. Death Watch suffered a setback after Vizsla was felled by Jango Fett, who was avenging the passing of his parents at the hands of Death Watch. Death Watch was revived by Pre Vizsla, who wielded the infamous black-colored Darksaber. Vizsla would see his defeat at the hands of Maul, and many Death Watch members left after refusing to follow their new leader, an outsider in the eyes of some of the members.

The Mandalorians were in desperate need of direction and leadership which came in the form of Duchess Satine Kryze. During this time, Satine and Kenobi developed feelings for each other. Before Kryze passed away, she told Kenobi she loved him. Some Lebanese weddings have a zaffe, a collection of family members, singers and dancers that will escort the groom to the bride's house. When it comes to Mandalorian weddings, they are surprisingly much more simple to carry out.

In The Clone Wars, Boba Fett finally got his chance to execute a revenge plot alongside a band of other bounty hunters he had joined. Assuming the identity of a clone trooper cadet, Boba Fett infiltrated a Republic vessel. After Boba failed to kill Windu once, the bounty hunters urged him to cause an explosion on the ship, which crashed the ship and nearly killed Windu.

Attempting another plan, Boba Fett set a bomb in Jango Fett's helmet and left it in the wreckage of the damaged ship, intending for it to detonate when Windu came looking for survivors.

After this failed, the bounty hunters then set a trap for Windu by taking hostages. In the violent hostage situation, however, Boba Fett realized his mistake in allying with the bounty hunters.

When the Jedi discovered the bounty hunters' location, Boba Fett was captured, and Hondo Ohnaka convinced him to tell the Jedi the location of the hostages because Jango Fett would have wanted him to do the honorable thing.

However, Boba Fett still swore to never forgive Windu. His name was changed to Jango during development, and George Lucas is thought to have purposefully chosen the name as a reference to the movie Django. In this film, Django was a violent mercenary and drifter with a rough past in the American Civil War.

Django becomes entangled in a feud between former Confederate soldiers and Mexican revolutionaries when he allies with the revolutionaries to steal the Confederate officer's gold. Lucas may have drawn on this iconic Western character when developing Jango Fett, as they share similarities in their mercenary professions, violent and cunning methods, and dark pasts. However, Django has a relatively happier ending for its title character than Attack of the Clones had for Jango Fett.

Jango Fett's iconic Mandalorian armor was not easy for Morrison to film in. Jango Fett's helmet in particular caused a few problems. Morrison explained, "You couldn't see anything! I remember filming with that mask on, one of the first days in the studio, standing there with no guns, just my fingers pointed out.

I thought they could've got me some toy guns, but I didn't even have that, would you believe! He eventually discounted the idea as too hokey, but this developmental idea would have drastically changed Jango Fett's part in the series. This change could have changed Jango Fett's role in one of two ways. If Jango was still included in the series as Boba Fett's father, that would mean he would likely be Anakin Skywalker's father figure in some form, as Lucas' idea was to portray Boba and Anakin as stepbrothers.

However, this idea could instead write Jango Fett out completely instead of including him in the Skywalker family. The Mandalorians have a long history of bloody war, making their armor a symbol of fear in the galaxy. The Mandalorians fought in many conflicts, from early conflicts with the Jedi to the Mandalorian Civil War involving the notorious Death Watch.