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Feb 26, helpful) advice on relationships and (worst of all) Onigiri's disgusting . Only Minami Itsuki could make idiocy look fun and cool (note that she. Itsuki Minami — "Ikki" to his friends – is an Ordinary High School Delinquent who .. actually a girly-looking guy who is in a BDSM type relationship with Arthur. .. and she is shown giving Rika advice, but for some reason, Rika had to raise. A piece of advice for everyone: Reread it. . Ikki (the true god challenger) through out the manga you can find Minami's hand Do they start dating in the end?.

Kaito shoots a Storm Rider pointblank in the forehead with a. The poor guy wasn't killed, but his helmet shattered and he was knocked out. The members of Kogarasumaru get absolutely terrible marks in school. The Gravity Children have unnatural talent with A-Ts and the ability to quickly and easily analyze their environment with perfect accuracy. Because riding A-Ts is like Le Parkour on steroidswith a rider needing obstacles and perches to accelerate off of, having a perfect 3-D map in one's head makes life a whole lot easier.

The Wind Regalia prototype Ikki is given by Kururu to aid him in his fight against Ringo breaks after being used twice. This becomes a recurring trope regarding Ikki's A-Ts. In the early volumes, this is played for laughs as Ikki's A-Ts are always in need of repair because he breaks them during an A-T match. Later on, however, this is played for drama as Ikki's A-Ts take a hell of a beating when he uses the Null Wind trick during the Slepnir match and as a result are in danger of breaking.

Luckily, Aeon's loli-maid gives them a quick repair just before Ikki races Nue across the battleship. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Kazu, during Akito's introduction to the class.

Not another character who stands out more than meeee. At that point, Plugman clarifies that he didn't mean to not pay him. Anime and reality are different, you know!

Many characters, but Kogarasumaru sans Ikki often end up like this thanks to Ikki's antics. Ikki himself is this to Mikan, Rika, and Ume. Rika — "Spinning Rika Hoooooold!! Other characters do this as well, calling out what trick they're about to perform. Cannot Spit It Out: Ringo to Ikki for a good portion of the series, though recently she finally got the courage to do so.

As with Ringo, she finally managed to spit it out, although for her, it happened in the finale. Can't Live Without You: Arthur and Shalott Captain Ersatz: John Omaha, who bears a striking resemblance to American politician Barack Obama.

When he first appears in the manga back at the time when Obama was still running he was referred to as a candidate. By his next appearance after the election but before Obama was sworn inhe was referred to as "President Elect. Each team is usually less than ten members, and if it is more than that, it is truly massive with only a few characters in focus.

The teams usually keep to themselves, and the main three are Kogarasumaru, The Sleeping Forest, and Genesis. Kogarasumaru has either "Crush! With the exception of some of Onigiri's fights, fights that involve girls are taken seriously and often have brutal consequences, such as the almost-assassination of Simca. While the series was never sunshine and flowers, it got noticeably darker with the deaths of Spitfire and Aeon Clock and The Reveal that Sora is the Big Bad. Everyone who is badass, even the Gravity Children and Brain Chargers.

The subjects of the two bio-engineering projects only received mental upgrades, yet they, and normal humans, can still take horrendous amounts of damage and control insane levels of power because they train hard enough. More than you realize at first: The wheels Ikki is given by the owners of the Grand Slum near the end of Chapter 5?

Turns out to be the main component of the Wind Regalia. While on the topic of it, While Sora's explaining to Ikki, Agito, and The Sleeping Forest what's really been going on this whole time, he mentions that he didn't want the Wind Regalia to fall into Ikki's hands and Agito asks why.

Sora just casually brushes the question off and only says that Ikki would have been much more powerful than him if he had the Regalia in his possession. In more recent chapters, we find out why Sora really didn't want the Wind Regalia falling into Ikki's hands. Turns out it's incorporated with the strength of 21 other regalias he and Nike stole off of other Gravity Children over the years.

The strange place Ikki and Koroji visit briefly in Chapter 5? Spitfire and Aeon Clock are mentioned to have been on the same team at some point during the past during Kogarasumaru's battle against Behemoth. Guess who teams up against the Takeuchi brothers later on?

East Shinonome High School's Crying Statue Secret and how it really works allow the rest of the team to hear what Ikki tells Ringo about the Genesis Union in chapter 91 after being revealed tens of chapters earlier. In recent chapters, the flame regalia since it can tap into skylink and copy other road's tricks. This proves helpful for Kazu in his battle against Nike. Nike is mentioned in passing several volumes before his introduction.

Then he makes his entrance by kidnapping someone before revealing himself to be a Hero Killer. The guy with the weird mask covered in parts of a face who punches Ikki for not getting in line for the Glam Slum shop. More than chapters later, he's revealed to be one of the last two missing members of the original Sleeping Forest, the Thunder King of the Rising Road and Nue's father, Black Burn. Ikki has Ringo, Simca, and Kururu after him. Rika is an inversion: She had at least three members of Sleeping Forest in love with her: Sora, Kilik, and Dontores.

Ikki has a pet crow that actually has a nest in his hair. Ringo aka "Croissant Mask" got part of her wig and a strap of her swimsuit cut by Agito. I finally realized Ringo. Ringo was ten seconds away from screaming if Mikan hadn't walked in on her holding a break feast plate. Laughing lightly her sister turned to the photo of team Kogarasumaru. Like all her sisters they were all waiting for the time Ikki would finally make he and Ringo "official" if he didn't he would have to endure the wrath of his surrogate sisters.

The answer she got was slightly surprising. After you finish eating go spend the day with that little idiot that used to hang around here. Nothing stops me, not a challenger, not a rule, or law. A cold knot formed in the pit of her stomach. Just like with Ikki she wasn't there making the knot tighter. It was sad when the people you loved didn't love you back but she considered it sadder if they died before you could tell them how you feel.

Ringo believed Simca felt this way towards Spitfire. Sure enough Simca was kneeling before a tombstone with flames carved on it, a bouquet of flowers. He's happy so don't worry. Quietly she kneeled beside her, nodding her greetings then saying a silent prayer for the fallen king of the Flame Road.

Simca and Ringo had never been on the best of terms but lately they'd been finding some middle ground with each other and the bad blood slowly fading away.

Ikki wasn't the type to spend hard earned money on things like chocolate or stupid love cards. It simply wasn't in his character.

Her face eased back into a softer expression Ringo had rarely seen from her former rider. He's a special case, no matter what cage you put him in or hard much you tie him down he'll break free of. Nothing can bind him…expect you Ringo. Even when you two were forced to fight he'd thought of you more than anything. When he defeated Sora and after. A smile took form on her face. She'd heard all she needed to. In truth Yayoi had begun to enjoy tuning up ATs more than she ever thought, especially Agito's.

Leaning back in her chair she wondered what life was like for him, three personalities so different from each other all in one body.

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Frankly she found Lind to be scary, Agito to be an asshole, and Akito to of course be the most likable. The day had gone by with her parents asking her if she planned on doing anything, she told them she already had a lover to attend to.

When she opened the door she found a certain Fang King standing before her dressed in casual clothing. Listen I know this is sudden but…we spent all day looking for Ikki but we couldn't find him and gave up.

Then I remembered yesterday and…do you want to go to the festival? I promise I'll make up for Agito working you like a slave dog. Inside it warmed her heart to know he was kind enough to do such a thing even if it did give people the wrong idea.

And Lind, not a word out of you understand! By the time Yayoi came back Agito had his ATs on with an annoyed expression on his face. Walking outside he grabbed her by the hand. Agito's slasher smile was plastered all over his face. They'd decided spend the whole day riding before moving down to the festival. All in all it'd been a pretty good day for the lovers.

All was well until they smelt a disgusting smell fill their nostrils. Kazu's face went ashen. Hiroyuki…you said…" From out of the shadows a short, pudgy figure rocketed forward with one AT on his head. Nue, his fellow riders, and others looked at him. Kazu had to admit Onigiri had been improving his 'Smell Road' in the weeks following their victory.

His speed was greater but more importantly every time either he or Emily got close their senses were assaulted by a noxious smell that made them fall back giving Onigiri a lead. We're losing on Valentine's Day to the biggest pervert on the whole team! There's no way we're losing and besides…' he glanced at his watch, it was nearing nine o'clock.

He just close enough to knock Onigiri off his balance when he spun around releasing another wave of noxious gas. I think he used that stuff to disable the locks, Hiroyuki said he made the locks water proof but with Onigiri's sweat and ATs…" It was too disturbing to think about so Kazu simply focused on the race. Up and down a series of skyscrapers they all were nearing the downtown area of Tokyo where the festival was in full swing. If you plan on stopping me now's the time to it!

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The tone of his voice was one that set Kazu into a different mindset, it was the tone Ikki used when he challenged him or when someone dared him to do more than he thought he was able of. Of all things this fat idiot is giving us some AT practice so we don't get completely rusty.

Facing Emily he could see she'd arrived at the same conclusion. Seeing them on his tail Onigiri performed his Slum Spin thinking that would throw them off his tail. As the wave of gas and sweat hit them Kazu and Emily began to spin rapidly creating sparks with their ATs. Small explosions began to quietly lift them off the surface of the building they were riding down, growing in strength do to the gas Onigiri kept releasing.

When the couple pulled back they smiled happily at each other completely unaware of the fact Onigiri had been blasted into the air as well and was now falling…towards a bathhouse.

Upon landing Kazu realized his error and ran to the railings. I told you guys I wouldn't be denied my boobs…I meant it. Remember, next week we're getting back to daily practice!

A chorus of screaming soon followed. Emily patted him on the shoulder. But hey, he'll be fine. Frantically he grabbed Emily, ignoring her confusion and headed towards the festival ground.

Where the hell are you? She'd search all over the city but never the purple-haired object of her affections. A breeze of wind hit her back causing her to turn around to find said person grinning at her. Pushing the anger aside Ringo thought now would be a good time since he was right in front of her.

Their eyes locked and try as he might he couldn't look away. She couldn't lie, the anxiety was getting the best of her. He'd said she'd always been the one closest to him and he meant that with a passion. All Ringo felt was a rush of gale-force air hit her back followed by a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist.

Looking up the moon looked so close she felt like she could touch it if she tried. Surprisingly when she did reach for it she saw Ikki's hand reach for it alongside her. What Ringo saw took her breathe away.

Spread out was a little picnic with flowers and food. It was small but it looked so neatly organized one couldn't help but admire the care put into it.

Ringo was so memorized she hadn't even realized Ikki had picked her up bridal style and carried her over. I know it's cheesy as hell but it's what my gut told me to do. In other words I love you. Finally she managed to regain a grip on her mind. I'm telling you this as Itsuki Minami, no one else. I want you to fly with me because I love you more than anything else.

Suddenly Ringo remembered Simca's words; At one point I had him but then he realized who really stood behind him the whole time. Against all her better instincts, all reasoning, she acted on her emotions.