Krystal amber relationship advice

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krystal amber relationship advice

Amber Liu decided to break off her silence by revealing that she's in a “Krystal + Amber = KryBer Love” “They are madly in love with each. It's important to note that, on both occasions, it was Amber herself that It's like, oh, I'm dating Krystal or I'm dating Minah or something like that. SNL Korea fails to heed to its own advice on sexual harrassment at work. f(Amber+Luna+Krystal) at f(x)'s Summer Special Event in Japan - Celebrity Photos. jessie Henry & Amber their love-hate relationship is awesome. jessie.

The fan accounts are probably best dismissed when trying to figure out the kryber relationship, since we simply can't see them. Going on, I don't think they're all forced or purely for show, for various reasons. We do have moments where the two aren't aware the cameras were on them and times when they either don't care, or forget that they can be filmed. Anyway onto the fake stuff. We know they're well aware that they're shipped and that Amber is a troll who clearly understands what it's like to ship celebrities may we all reach the heights of Shipping Master Amber.

So we have her posting things on social media about Krystal and acting a bit more touchy than usual in public. Someone said they noticed Krystal makes Amber act really cut and out of character, so I have to wonder if when she's acting that way if she's not teasing us a little bit.

The one thing I've always wondered is: I know it exists, but is it as known over there as much as it is to the international community? Meaning is it relevant enough for SM to encourage them to push them to act a certain way?

We also need to talk about Jessica, since her relationship or supposed lack thereof with Amber does get a lot of attention. This is another thing I personally am on the fence, because I've not seen enough proof beyond an ambiguous video where someone said Amber was "scared" of her. There was also this one time Jackie was interviewed and she was citing people who take care of her sister and she said "Jess. A lot of people think that if they do dislike each other, then it has something to do with Krystal, which would be great in terms of a shipping perspective, but we've no proof of that, and it's possible the two just don't click.

As far as where I think they are now I think they enjoy flirting with each other and probably always will, going into the whole them being in permanent "like"with each other but their interactions aren't screaming anything deeper anymore.

krystal amber relationship advice

Sure they're cute, and I like to joke around, but I think that the romance may have passed and that is fine with me. So long as they're happy, but they'd still make a hot couple. Also curse you all for making me ship Jackie and Krystal. You brought up many good points and I'm horrified that you've jumped on the Jackstal ship.

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I remember Jackie mentioned a Jess in Kcon sibling panel too. Also Amber thanked "Jess" and "Tiff" among the chunk of Korean names in f x 's first album's thanks to I think she meant the snsd members. I don't think Kryber is as popular in Korea as they are among i-fans, although they probably heard about it.

krystal amber relationship advice

What was the very first thing you thought of, while coming off the stage? He told me not to forget my feelings at this moment. My oldest brother is going into the military at the end of this month, and I will miss him a lot.

Since his sibling is a f x member, his military life will be comfortable. Hoho laughing [Amber] I called my mother who is currently in America. They said they were very proud of their daughter. I tend to sweat a lot, and my sister told me to be more careful because you can see all the beads of sweat, and she also said to work harder on my face expressions. As a sunbae seniormy sister cheers for me, and also gives a lot of advice, so I like it. I need to work harder, in everything. As a matter of fact, I became casted into the agency together with my sister, but since I was so young at that time, I started my training years later.

Although I did go to acting school ever since I was younger, but I only went because my mother registered me. However after successfully passing the auditions, I went entirely on my own will. I formed a curiosity of how it would feel of standing on stage as a singer.

krystal amber relationship advice

If the opportunity comes, I would like to be both an actress and a singer together. I also want to meet Lee Hyori sunbae.

I would like to learn from her on, how to seize the stage. She is intelligent and attractive, and symbolizes woman. Amber likes me a lot.

It would be okay if he had a job related to music like me. A woman must be more dignified! Ah, I always carry around snacks.

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I must always have something sweet in my bag. Specifically, Oh Yes A Korean cake snackit tastes very good. What do you want to eat right now? The thing I crave the most right now is pizza!