Being in a relationship for the wrong reasons

7 Wrong Reasons to Be in a Relationship Love

being in a relationship for the wrong reasons

As social creatures, relationships are some of the most important aspects of our believes that their expectations are being met and that they're unlikely to end up admitting that they stayed in a relationship for various other wrong reasons. When you're deciding whether you're ready to be in a relationship, you need to make sure that you're doing it for the right reasons. Part of it is. There are just countless instances of people who get into relationships for all the wrong reasons. And these relationships are always going to.

being in a relationship for the wrong reasons

Also, conflict-free, but emotionally void marriages are not an ideal environment either. There are some things that are unlikely to improve — especially if that improvement comes at the cost of one partner changing who they are. Often, by the time one or both partners realize that things cannot get better, they have mutual investments, children, years of time in the relationship, or other things that make it difficult to walk away.

These people find it easier, and sometimes even preferable, to remain unhappy in an unsatisfying relationship. This is according to relationship therapist Richard B. Joelson in a Psychology Today article.

Oftentimes, this belief stems from growing up with parents in an unhappy relationship, while in other instances, this belief comes from those who tend to avoid confrontation at all cost. We share dreams, goals, aspirations, and we have someone to turn to when things go up in flames.

We feel like this is the best time of your life and we finally understand what love is…Or maybe not? Despite being in a relationship and spending intimate moments with someone, do you ever find yourself wishing for someone else?

being in a relationship for the wrong reasons

Do you feel unhappy and dissatisfied? Do you ever find yourself resenting the person you are with?

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Why are you in a relationship? Why are you committing yourself to this person? Finding the perfect bedmate can be tough. You have to have that certain chemistry.

7 Wrong Reasons For You To Be Staying In A Relationship With Someone

You have to be in the same page as to where your tastes lie. The truth is that physical attraction will be entirely different with every single person that you sleep with Even if it's not as technically good. Not to mention that there are a lot of different ways to get your kicks besides counting on the guy in the failed relationship to do it for you.

Maybe you have a linked bank account and the stress of trying to split things up gives you serious anxiety.

7 Wrong Reasons For You To Be Staying In A Relationship With Someone

You have to honor yourself and your own happiness because if you stay in the wrong relationship for a silly reason like money, then you're going to become pretty stuck in your life. As soon as you claim your independence, you might just find some new ways of making money will appear.

But then again, you've probably assumed this in the past and been wrong, since you always end up moving on and usually with someone even better than the last guy.

being in a relationship for the wrong reasons

But even if for some reason there wasn't another guy out there for you which there isyou have to consider whether it would really be better to remain in the wrong relationship than be on your own. What do you gain by being in the wrong relationship besides the title and "not being alone"?

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The sad truth is that you can still feel super alone in a relationship. You can even feel more alone than if you actually were single.

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Worrying that someone better won't come along isn't putting much trust in life or in yourself. Life is full of surprises, the world is full of people, and you're unique and awesome which means that someone out there is probably looking for someone just like you.