Entity relationship diagram for a rental company

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entity relationship diagram for a rental company

An entity relationship model, also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, is a ERD of a company database — Images were taken from. For the rest of this chapter, we will use a sample database called the COMPANY database to illustrate the concepts of the ER model. This database contains. Design Detail Section. Description of Entity Definition Matrix. Entity Definition Matrix. ERD of ABC Rental Company, Inc. Context Data Model.

The data held on a video is the, video number, title, category, daily rental, cost, status, and the names of the main actors.

Each video may have many actors.

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Before renting a video from the company, a customer must first register as a member of a local branch. The data held on a customer is the first and last name, address, and the date that the customer registered at a branch. Each member is given a customer number, which is unique throughout all branches of the company. Once registered, a member is free to rent many videos.

Car Rental System

The data held on each video rental is the rental number, the full name and number of the member, the video number, title, and daily rental, and the dates the video is rented out and date returned. The rental number is unique throughout the company.

entity relationship diagram for a rental company

The piece highlighted is the piece I am having trouble with. My diagram is below. I believe that manage should be a seperate entity that needs to connect to both staff that they manage and branch which they manage. Or is there a different way to diagram this that I am not thinking of.

I don't believe that "Manage" should be an entity. A customer may rent any item that is available. May only rent up to 5 items Attributes 1.

Movie Rental

Billing Info Credit CardExpr. An employee is tasked with sorting incoming and outgoing orders. Shipping Hub A shipping Hub is the location from which items are shipped to the customers.

Each shipping hub has its own inventory of items. There are multiple shipping hubs. If a shipping hub receives an item from another hub, it sends that item back to the appropriate hub.

entity relationship diagram for a rental company

Location City, State - The City and state of a shipping hub. Rating Customers can give a rating of an item after they have returned it. Ratings are tracked for each item. A Customer can look up items by their ratings.

Entity Relationship Diagram - Diamond Rent-a-Car: Vehicle Booking and Management System

A rating may contain comments about the item. Number of Stars - Rating from stars 2. Comment - Optional comment about the item Reservation A Customer may place a reservation for an Item that is not currently available.

When an item is returned, it is placed on hold and the user is informed that they may place an order for it. Reservations are served on a first come first serve basis. Expiration Date - The expiration date for the reservation.