Rituals for letting go of a relationship

5 Powerful Practices For Letting Go of Past Hurts and Emotions

rituals for letting go of a relationship

Releasing Emotional Baggage: It's Time to Let Go of the Past when you prepare to go for something big (whether it be a new relationship, . A ritual for letting go of the past in which you release yourself or someone else from your prison?. What are you holding onto right now that you're afraid to let go of? something hurtful someone said to you, a relationship gone south, or your lack of control over a situation? This is my personal favorite ritual for letting go. A burning ceremony is a transformative ritual you can use to let go of habits to unhealthy relationships – it's the time to leave it behind and.

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Burn Baby, Burn Time to get out your candles and caldron. A burning ritual can help make this decision more concrete for you. Black and white candle. Pen and paper Caldron or other fireproof vessel Optional: Frankincense EO or incense.

Frankincense will help you center yourself and let go. The best moon phase to perform this ritual is during a waning moon. Set aside some quiet time, and center yourself with as many deep breaths as you need to feel calm and present. Write what you need to let go of on a piece of paper. Light the paper with the flame of each candle and place it in your fireproof vessel.

Watch and breathe as your paper burns, allow any feelings you have to come to the surface. When you feel like this part of the ritual is complete, thank any spiritual energies that you invited in and blow out your candles.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

Cord-Cutting Ceremony This is my personal favorite ritual for letting go. Must be strong enough to be worn for long period of time.

Relationship Cord Cutting Meditation (Great for Breakups)

It was autumn, so I suggested that Jess build a little bonfire in her backyard to burn the emails and cards. You will want to be able to sit comfortably near your fire and prepare any other ritual items you desire, like a candle or sage. Or, go to a campground where there are fire pits and make a weekend retreat out of it. Metaphysical shops often sell mini-cauldrons that people use for burning resins and charcoal. If there is simply no way to create flame safely where you live or if you are uncomfortable with fireyou can visualize burning the objects.

If there are items not appropriate to burn, like jewelry, you can give them away or even sell them with the intention of releasing the past.

rituals for letting go of a relationship

Jess sent the ring back to Mattie with a brief, friendly note not an explanation. Another client left a ring at a temple for Lakshmi. But to be clear: Moving Forward Jess spoke a prayer as she gently placed her objects into the fire.

Some people read poems, write their own verse, or use lines from a song. Jess then watched the objects fall into ash and opened her heart in thanks for all that she had learned with Mattie.

She cried—yep, we tend to—and then when the fire burned low, she thanked her guides and put the fire out.

A Simple Ritual To Let Go of Old Love and Let New Love In

As the last of the smoke rose to the sky, she asked to receive a new love. A month later, she met an amazing guy. Most people tend to keep mementos from past loves. Do you need help releasing an old love?