Jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

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jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

cute moments of sparta n ace | See more ideas about Kim jong kook, Couple and Couples. It seems that South Korean singer Kim Jong Kook's mother is also an avid supporter of the 'Spartace' couple (the unofficial nickname given to. After the announcement of Song Ji Hyo's relationship, the Monday Couple was ended. . And while you're at it, don't mess with Jong Kook's hair, unless you're Ji Hyo. . Guests often say that their goal for that episode is to rip off his nametag.

The cast boasts good friendship and it showed in the roles they played in the variety system. Their interactions were what made the show such a gem. Yet, a show can only last so long on relationships, especially a South Korean variety show.

South Korea's variety shows work in a very specific manner where each person has a role to play. For example, Kim Jong Kook is the strong warrior, never to be out won in strength or Kwang Soo is the betrayer that always betrays.

Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo ♡♡♡ Lovely Couple

But once these roles have been established, it is extremely hard to break out of or create a new character. Once a betrayer will always be a betrayer, once a warrior always the warrior.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

Basically, although the roles that variety cast members play may be based on their personalities and habits, it is very much a role, a character. In a way the members always are slightly acting. If you can't believe that, Kwang Soo has said that his personality in real life is a lot quieter and reserved while Haha, in the OG days, was the childish boy that always hit on the female guests, until his engagement with his now wife, Byul, was revealed.

These variety roles are slightly two dimensional and one set minded always tracked to its on-screen personality, not fully encompassing the nuances a real-life person has.

So imagine playing a role, a character for 7 straight years, with the same exact members. There can only be so many scenarios. In a way it was amazing for the cast to last this long, creating laughs for their audience, only off their slightly flat on-screen personalities.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

And you could see it on the screen. Right before the cancelation, the show floundered, unable to come up with new scenes and framework for a cast that had done almost everything they could within their set boundaries. Nothing in the cast relationships were new, which is why the show wasn't doing so well. And then the new cast members joined. They were a breath of fresh air.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

The original cast members had all sat down with the staff and had handpicked their new members. Maybe this is why the two newcomers are meshing in well with the crew, or maybe it is just because the new members are bringing new elements to the show.

The Ultimate Ddakji, which in tries the producers couldn't flip once. Jong Kook flips it on his first try. Dog Pile of Doom: In order to subdue the Commander in episode And it was hilarious. Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Ji Suk Jin tries to bluff about his power in front of the Commander. Thanks to Ji Hyo's tip-off, he sees right though it. And the inevitable happens. Do Well, but Not Perfect: When playing the Multiplication Game, members have to answer a multiplication question such that exactly one of the two digits is correct.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

For example, for "6 x 4" "22" or "44" would work, but "24" or "30" would not. Gets tricky when the player has to do it without hesitation. Choi Min-Soo for the entire crew. But especially for the Grasshopper. Kim Jong Kook may not be the smartest cast member, but he's definitely better than most of them. Ji Hyo is actually not one of the original cast member.

Her appearances in episode 2 to 5 is considered to be guest appearance.

Fortune Tellers Suggest Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo Are The New “Monday Couple”

She joined them full time in episode 6, yet doesn't make her official debut until episode 7. Song Joong Ki, who dropped out from the show at the end of episode 41 due to schedule issues, is one of the original ones.

Before episode 48, all the missions are done in one single landmark.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship goals

Lampshaded himself in a recent episode, where he teaches another guest how to properly betray other people. Gwangsoo mentions that it's even fine to hit or kick Jong-Kook, as long as he makes sure to apologise later. Usually happens right when someone is about to betray someone else. The PDs take special care to avert this trope when they have to inform one of the members of their secret mission or spy status by bringing them somewhere isolated. However on a few occasions they deliberately re-avert this trope again by having the other members watch the secret mission being given from another room through a CCTV.

Yoo Jae Suk has done this on a few occasions. Subverted for Ji Suk Jin - he runs into the elevator and asks the cameraman why the door isn't closing.

Here’s what really happened between Running Man, and Kim Jong Kook/Song Ji Hyo

That's because Kim Jong Kook already has a hand on the door. A kind of inversion of this trope with the nickname "Kookie". The name refers to the Commander when he's acting cute or like a child much to the annoyance of the rest of the cast. But Jong Kook embraces the name even sometimes getting it on his nametag with little hearts while it embarrasses everyone else to watch or say. One episode had a challenge that involved this. Yoo Jae Suk's self camera From the perspective of the hiders, this is pretty much what's happening any time the chasers are divided into two competing teams, such as in episode At times, the chasing teams clamoring over each other trying to capture the same person proves beneficial to the target in question.

Enemy Eats Your Lunch: Any time when someone gets better food than the others as part of a game, the other members are bound to swoop down like hungry hyenas, leaving just a small portion of what was originally a feast for the intended owner. In free-for-all games, or at least games that split the members into three or more teams, it's not uncommon to see these types of temporary team-ups.

Not surprisingly, the common enemy that they're teaming up against is often Kim Jong Kook. Everyone Is a Suspect: Episode 89 in particular, as well as Episode Spy or X-man episodes also count.

The basic motto of Running Man is "don't trust anyone". Since secret missions can be issued in any episode, suspecting everyone else has become a natural part of the show.