Speech on guru shishya relationship goals

Guru-Disciple Relationship

speech on guru shishya relationship goals

The guru-shishya tradition,lineage, or parampara, denotes a succession of Common characteristics of the guru-shishya relationship . Essay Festival India Goal. Uploaded by. nieotyagi. Mood (Psychology). Uploaded by. nieotyagi. It is the tradition of spiritual relationship and mentoring in traditional Indian culture where teaching is transmitted from a GURU to a disciple. Guru meaning guide. If the shishya remains in his guru's humility then he is worthy of gurukripa. Guru Shishya: Guru Disciple Relationship. When a person is.

Sometimes, it also leads them to believe that the teachers are redundant.

speech on guru shishya relationship goals

There's a lot to be said, firstly about the credibility of the information provided by net, secondly the child's ability to sieve the information for his purpose and his level of understanding. However, the role of a teacher, as a mentor to channelize, filter and adapt this information to a child's level of understanding cannot be undermined, let alone be ruled out. Of course, the change in perspective with the education as commodity, teacher as a service provider and the parent as client has lead to a loss of respect among the students.

Guru–shishya tradition

The respect, which was integral to the classroom atmosphere, has simply flown out of the window. But nonetheless, the students who come from culturally sound background where values are inculcated right from the infancy and teachers who upgrade themselves to the state of art methods and understanding of teaching will be able to create an environment congenial enough to facilitate a rewarding teaching-learning process.

speech on guru shishya relationship goals

What really has to be done is perhaps infuse the system back with the values which we think of as ancient. I have always believed that a child who hasn't been groomed to value his teachers grows up to be a person who won't respect his parents or their elders.

The teacher-student relationship is a very inclusive and it requires both parties to meet each other halfway. However, the onus is more on the teachers. The modern scenario has more teachers for whom teaching isn't vocation but an occupation. It is reflected in their impersonal and commercial approach towards their students.

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We need more teachers who are teachers by choice and not by default. The improvement of relationship actually requires an overhauling of the entire mindset. You need a guru who is free from aasakti inner weakness inclined towards attractions that arise from within.

Of what use is he, if he is tempted by money or anything else? He has the same disease as we do; both have a disease. The only guru that is useful, is the one who has no inner inclinations and temptations. One who has no buddhi intellect and ownership of his body is the true guru.

Guru Shishya : Guru Disciple Relationship

If he has ownership of his body and you have ownership of yours, it will not work because the two of you will collide. The guru's moral character should be absolutely pure. The disciple's character may not be so, but the guru's should be exact.

One is not a guru if his moral character is not proper; it would be meaningless. To become really pleased prasanna means never to become disappointed.

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The disciple is bound to make mistakes, but a true guru-Gnani will never become displeased. The guru's grace can help you tremendously. But your intent and love towards him should match this.

speech on guru shishya relationship goals