Senior customer relationship manager salary

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senior customer relationship manager salary

Financial Services Salaries for on Feb 27, |. We forecast the . Senior Relationship Manager, 90 – k. Client Relationship Manager, 60 – 85k . We analyzed U.S. job openings for customer success managers to learn what According to Totango's Customer Success Salary Survey, the average annual experience with customer relationship management (CRM) software. skills who are seeking experience interacting with senior-level executives. Find out expected salary, working hours, qualifications and more. customer care manager; customer operations manager; customer relationship manager. The range of typical starting salaries for trainee customer service managers falls .

Some companies, especially in retail, sales and banking, offer generous bonuses or commission and usually provide an excellent benefits package.

senior customer relationship manager salary

Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Your working hours will vary according to the type of organisation. For example, managers at head offices may work 9am to 5pm, while those in call centres or retail stores may need to work shifts, including evenings and weekends.

Some organisations employ customer service managers on a part-time basis, where the nature of the organisation's work allows it. What to expect Work is usually carried out from an office or from a customer services desk in a public area, such as a shop or a train station. Self-employment is not common.

What Employers Look for in a Customer Success Manager

There are opportunities to work in all parts of the UK, particularly in large cities and towns. Some organisations have relocated their call-centre provision overseas. There may be opportunities for UK customer service managers to work overseas in either permanent or temporary positions. Key Findings Most employers sought candidates with customer support and account management experience, especially in high-growth, software-as-service SaaS environments.

Of the listings that requested specific technical skills, 47 percent requested previous experience with customer relationship management CRM software. This includes the 18 percent that also requested a graduate-level degree.

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Another 23 percent preferred candidates with an undergraduate degree, but were willing to accept equivalent work experience—while 14 percent listed no academic requirements of any kind.

Altogether, the wide variation in degree requirements reveals that different employers place different levels of emphasis on academics when it comes to hiring CSMs.

senior customer relationship manager salary

In part, this may be because the companies in our sample varied widely by size. But it might also indicate that some companies are more flexible than others when it comes to finding the best fit for an emerging role. Level of Education Required Relatively few of the listings mentioned any preference for specific fields of study. Of the ones that did, the majority 60 percent requested candidates with degrees in business administration—fairly unsurprising for a role that hinges on client interaction.

However, nearly as many employers requested some sort of technical degree, with 42 percent of these particular listings requesting degrees in computer science. In addition, 25 percent requested engineering, 24 percent requested management information systems MIS and a significant number of others requested general or information technology IT degrees. Top Requested Degrees by Field of Study The preference for technical majors reflects the roots of customer success management in the SaaS sector, which has undergone explosive growth over the last few years.

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Retaining existing subscribers is now extremely difficult, thanks to an increasingly crowded market and the rise of cloud-based deployment, which makes switching products cheaper and easier than ever. Employers Want Customer-Facing Experience Unsurprisingly, most listings in our sample 65 percent were seeking candidates who had some form of customer-facing experience. Typically, this included delivering presentations, resolving issues and upselling.

In particular, employers want CSMs to have a demonstrable record of interacting with senior-level clients. Digging into the data, we found that 22 percent of all listings specifically requested that candidates have experience interfacing directly with C-suite executives. However, it may also suggest that some employers are simply re-titling their traditional account manager roles to capitalize on the growing popularity of customer-success buzzwords. In addition, 49 percent wanted candidates to have previous customer-facing experience at a tech company, further underscoring the need for CSMs to be able to understand, explain and sell technical concepts and products.

Another 10 percent specifically requested previous experience in a high-growth, startup environment.

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Most of these were startups themselves, looking for candidates with a proven track record of helping similar companies flourish. A significant number of employers also requested candidates with experience outside of customer service and account management: For example, 30 percent of employers accepted—or in some cases, even preferred—people from a sales background, and 23 percent sought candidates from a consulting or professional services background.

Different Employers Prioritize Different Qualifications As with the chart above, the word cloud below exemplifies the wide range of qualifications that employers are seeking in a CSM.

senior customer relationship manager salary

This diversity of requested qualities suggests that different companies still have very different ideas of what the position should entail for their organization. Most Employers Request Minimum Experience of Years Nearly half 44 percent of listings requested that candidates have spent at least three to five years in the workforce.

To have access to most CSM opportunities, applicants will likely need to accrue at least three years of general professional experience, ideally in a client-facing role.

senior customer relationship manager salary

However, many CSM listings specifically requested accountant management experience—typically a more senior function. For these jobs, candidates will likely need more than five years of experience, unless they have otherwise accrued significant experience managing accounts and interfacing with C-level executives.