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A page for describing Characters: ThunderCats (): ThunderCats. Main Page | ThunderCats | The Villains | Other Characters Lion-O is a prince, made Lord. ThunderCats is an animated television series, produced by Ethan Spaulding and Michael In the end, Cheetara chose Tygra, which left Lion-O feeling bitter and However, any possibility of a relationship between them came to an abrupt end .. the series was designed as a marketing ploy for a new ThunderCats toyline. Bandai Thundercats Stylized Super Deformed Figure 6Pack Collector Pack LionO, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, MummRa Slithe: Toys & Games.

Grune and Panthro were having a better time with the roots, easily thwarting them, but Grune was continuously drawn back to the child, something about her was just…supernatural. So different and yet, she cried like any Thunderian child. If I can reach her I may be able to calm her!! I trust your judgment! Once a safe distance away, they watched as Jaga braved the storm.

Holding his staff firm, Jaga called forth a strange energy; his magic flowed through the staff and with a simple tap on an attacking root it fell limp, returning to the earth from whence it came. Again and again with simple taps the roots calmed and retreated, leaving only a few between himself and the child. Taking in the sight of her, he was sure — without any doubt — that this was indeed a Child of the Ancients. From the tales and fables of old, her fur-free flesh was a subtle soft violet grey — making her one of the dark ancients - a tuff of magenta red locks framed and clung to the tear stained, fear stricken face.

Bright purple eyes contrasted both her flesh and hair, but what concerned the head cleric the most was her exposed body was covered in cuts, scraps and dried blood. Only the briefest moment of calm crossed her eyes, a slight incline of her head marked her understanding. He offered his aged hands, hoping she would calm and accept them. He watched and waited, her tears still flowed freely but her shaking had stopped and she seemed to calm. Holding the tome tightly, she released one hand to reach out to Jaga, but flinches as he tries to bridge the gap.

Seeing this, Jaga remained still and watched her try again, placing her tiny hand into his seemingly colossal grip. Jaga caught her in his arms, letting her tome fall from her arms as he held her. Now he saw the extent of her injuries; the cuts and scraps may have been shallow but they had not been treated, she was running a fever despite her cold shakes. He noticed an all too familiar discolouration and a number of thorns sticking out of some of the wounds. She was so…unlike anything he had ever seen, but in the time he had first glanced at her, she grew paler.

She was so little; small enough to be carried in one arm and that caused his concern. Light and frail in her state were never good signs. Jaga having already called the healer and closed off the chamber to all others. Is there really a Child of the Ancients in there? The very thought of meeting one from stories and legends was enough to quell any boredom but the time spent outside the door was calling dread to most.

Finally, as the sun began to set, Jaga emerged from the room with a relieved sigh. The healer managed to bring down her fever somewhat and clean her wounds. He surmised she had been running for some time, from the signs of death brush and poison briar infecting her cuts. Waving her away, the King saw the extent of her wounds: Now wearing a simple white slip, her old clothing having to be throw away due to being covered in blood, stinging nettles and tears beyond mending.

The small creature was left in the room on strict instructions to fetch the healer if something happened to the child. She called him "different" because of his actions. Lion-O thanked her for her help, hoping he would one day return the favor, and left for an important event.

She knew where he would go and attended his Right of Passage Ceremony to see if he would become a true king or not. In her Cleric guise, she brought forth the Sword of Omens and there she would see Tygra, who tried flirting with her as she looked on in return.

After the return of Grunewho was sent to find the Book of Omensbut with no avail, alongside Panthronow believed to be dead, a celebration was held in his honor as he brought back a gift for his people a large stone ember carried by Lizard slaves.

During the celebration, she alongside Tygra and Lion-O defended a pair of captured Lizards, now understanding Lion-O's compassion and mercy for other species. Lion-O then convinces his father to release them.

Soon after Thundera is attacked by Lizards, with a vast amount of weapons and technology, much to the Cats' shock and horror. Grune then reveals his treachery and his so-called gift was a Trojan horse that held half the Lizard army, wiping out the Thunderian army in the process while Panthro was being held hostage.

Cheetara and the Clerics, alongside Jaga, go into battle but are easily defeated by Mumm-Ra the Ever Living now ruler over the Lizard racewho was disguised as Panthro and kills Claudus in the process. Tygra and Lion-O are soon captured alongside Cheetara and Jaga who are now the last surviving members of the Clerics. They manage to rescue Cheetara, who revealed herself as a Cleric to Lion-O, but Jaga who was supposedly dying was left behind, but not before he made them into the newly formed ThunderCats and told them to seek the Book of Omens.

On this journey, they would pick up two young kittens, WilyKit and WilyKat. Cheetara would also act as a guide and counselor to Lion-O, helping him understand sight beyond sight, but little did she know he began developing feelings for her.

Along the way, the ThunderCats would help other beings such as rescuing a crew of Fishmen from a monster called the Ramlak and help a tribe of Petalars find their way home from Briar Woods. They also manage to find the not so dead Panthro along the way, and journey to the Tower of Omens to retrieve the Book of Omens.

After escaping a bunch of booby traps, they encounter Mumm-Ra with a seemingly alive Jaga, whose soul is trapped in a lamp. After a brief fight with Mumm-Ra, who transformed into his true form, he manages to defeat all of them with ease. But before he could kill Lion-O, Jaga sacrifices himself to save him by turning himself into a strong beam of light, causing Mumm-Ra the Everliving to flee.

Cheetara is saddened by the loss of her mentor. The next day, after learning the book was empty, the ThunderCats find Lion-O asleep on the floor, and when he wakes up, he tells them about his merging with the book.

He also reveals that when he entered the book, he relived the moments of his ancestor Leo the first Lord of the Thundercats. He also reveals that there are three other power stones besides the Eye of Thundera and that they must find them and unite all the animals to overthrow Mumm-Ra, just as their ancestors have done in the past.

While searching for the power stonesthey help a group of robotic bears called Berbils from the slave merchant Conquedor.

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Along the way, they pass by an Elephant village. In the village, an Elephant leader named Anet would teach them about harmony and focus as they help them rid the village of Stone Giant and a nest of Wraith. Cheetara is than given a new staff, made from the oldest tree in the forest, which she accepts with great humility. When returning to the Elephant village, Lion-O discovers that the first power stone the Spirit Stoneis in a portal within a hut in the Elephant village that leads to the Astral Plane.

They manage to defeat Grune and the Lizards who were occupying the Village. When Lion-O opens the gateway in the Hut, she gives him a kiss on the cheek for good luck but it was only for support. This unknowingly triggered Tygra's jealousy, which caused him to volunteer to go in with Lion-O she didn't seem to tell that Lion-O and Tygra were fighting for her affections. The next day she and the rest of the ThunderCats would guard the hut fiercely, with the help of the Elephants, against Grune and the Lizard army.

But after Tygra and Lion-O returned from the Astral Plane, the portal is destroyed, causing Grune to get sucked in and Panthro to lose his arms in the process. That very night she confronts Tygra, and after hearing what happened between Tygra and Lion-O in the Astral Plane, she feels she contributed to their rivalry by not being clearer with her feelings. Tygra misinterprets her at first, but she reveals her feelings for him, claiming she had chosen years ago from the first moment they met.

She also reveals she kept the heart of the flower he gave her and expresses that she never really thanked him. They then share a passionate kiss and in the end both become a couple. Unbeknownst to them a shocked Lion-O was watching their exchange, this was the betrayal that Anet predicted. This revelation continued to eat at Lion-O's emotions afterwards, to the point where it even put him on rocky terms with Cheetara.

This made things all the more difficult when Mumm-Ra's new generals: Lion-O's clouded judgement soon led the ThunderCats into an ambush set by Mumm-Ra's forces and had him fall off a cliff to his "death", while the other ThunderCats were captured by Mumm-Ra's forces.

Tygra, now Lord of the ThunderCats, helped the group escape and vowed to get the Sword of Omens back. As they journeyed towards Mumm-Ra's pyramid, Tygra claimed that they should go in with a suprise attack but only to get themselves captured by Mumm-Ra himself.

The group managed to escape the Pyramid afterwards. When sunrise finally came, Jaga's spirit appears and tells them they must continue on their journey. The ThunderCats question Lion-O as to how he survived the fall, in which he reveals that he underwent a series of Trials, due to the power of the spirit stone, that allowed him to understand the meaning of becoming a true king. While still searching for the next power stone, Tygra and Lion-O went off to search the mountains while Panthro was left with Cheetara, WilyKit and WilyKat to search the forest lands.

Panthro decided that it was time for the twins to learn to fend for themselves and both he and Cheetara taught them how to hunt for their food.

Yes, everyone hates their crown prince and future king. After returning from death in "The Trials of Lion-O". He actually scares Mumm-Ra! The Chains of Commanding: Lion-O feels doubtful and insecure in his leadership from time to time, once wondering aloud "Maybe the sword chose wrong. Shortsighted and prone to alternately Hot-Blooded and well-meant impulsive decisions, Lion-O gradually learns through several missteps how to take a longer view and think before he acts. This is lampshaded when, atypically, he realizes a tactical error mere seconds after he's made it, firing a grapple at an angry Giant Flyer: He later demonstrates long-term planning skills and more abstract thought while searching for the hidden Spirit Stone.

From "The Trials of Lion-O: Part 2" on he is far more mature and even-tempered, and makes better use of his tools and abilities. In "Recipe for Disaster", he takes a much different approach with courting Pumyra than he did Cheetara actively trying to talk to her about their relationship and feelings and tries to make his affections known rather than just assuming she feels the same way.

Lion-O's much-ridiculed intense study of technology finally pays off when he figures out the user interface of a Black Box that he later uses to blow up a war mech A Child Shall Lead Them: Lion-O is still young, and very green in his kingship.

His reputation among the Thunderians prior to Thundera's fall. Grune lampshades it, saying he "still [has] his head in the clouds.

You look at Lizards and see victims. You look at junk and see mythical tech. Collector of the Strange: Actively seeks out Lost Technologyeven if he has to turn to a Friend in the Black Market to get it.

The Sword of Omens, naturally. The Cuckoolander Was Right: Not that Lion-O feels much like gloating, since confirmation of Lost Technology 's existence comes at a price, when the Lizards use it to destroy his kingdom. He even gets redeemed for his defense of the Lizards when one of them repays the favor. And it actually seems wrong that those Alley Cats are beating up that poor Dog Justified as he's the king, but he's basically wearing the same uniform as the Thunderian soldiers seen in the pilot.

He can get pretty snarky and often matches Tygra wit-for-wit. Most of his lines in "Legacy" are wry observations on the situation. Lion-O doesn't give up easily, which has both gotten him into trouble, and out of it. Did Not Get the Girl: He's been very unlucky in his romantic pursuits. He falls for Cheetara but loses her to Tygra. Made worse by the fact she had apparently chosen Tygra years ago. So he was never in the running. And just when the episode "Recipe for Disaster," looks to finally avert this with Pumyra.

Turns out she's a traitor to her own kind and betrays him. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Lion-O holds his father while he dies. And his friend Emrick, in the palms of his hands. Inverted, as he's a hero who suffers this fate, and is revived later on. Making this eventually become a straight example of a Disney Death in the long run. Don't Call Me "Sir": King of Thundera, and Lord of the ThunderCats, for what it's worth Lion-O is introduced sneaking cloaked and hooded into the worst part of Thundera's slums, only to catch the eye of a gang of "Alley Cat" muggers who've just finished beating a hapless Dog.

He manages to fight most off but has to be bailed out by Cheetara, to whom he reveals his reasons for being there: Lion-O's Claw Gauntlet does quadruple duty as scabbard, gauntlet, grappling hook, and buckler. Adding the various power stones can upgrade it into armor. For Cheetara, which is too bad considering she chooses Tygra instead. Lion-O from Tygra's actions when the latter accidentally drank a love potion. Pride and overestimation of his skills gets him into trouble, he also struggles with self-doubt.

It's actually discussed in "The Trials of Lion-O. It leads to his Disney Death. During the actual trials, Lion-O fails to defeat Trial!

Tygra, who mentions that deep down, Lion-O didn't believe that he'd be a worthy ruler. Father, I Don't Want to Fight: Lizards my people have spent generations oppressing and enslaving. He doesn't want any other civilization to fall like Thunderra. He has red hair and is easily angered when he or people he sympathizes with are threatened. Friend or Idol Decision: He chooses to save Pumyra, earning her gratitude and Undying Loyalty.

Initially showed traces of this. Lion-O sees a vision in the magic Sword of Omens, and Cannot Spit It Outpreferring to lie and claim he was distracted by two passing girls, since he assumes his father will think him a Cloudcuckoolander if he speaks up.

Justified since Lion-O is selectively Culture Blindneglecting his royal duties in favor of collecting and studying Lost Technologya ridiculous hobby in a Magical Kingdom. The Claw Gauntlet can fire the four fingers as anchors to surfaces.

Greater Need Than Mine: Lion-O will help others at great personal cost, this is what earns him Pumyra's Undying Loyalty in "Birth of the Blades" as he continues to fight for her even after she loses the Sword of Plundarr. Though a Cultural RebelLion-O was reluctant to share his radicalism with anyone but Snarf, and exploits his image as a Cloudcuckoolander to avoid disclosing a vision he saw in the Sword of Omens.

But after hearing that "Sight is useless without action," from Jaga, he makes a Sudden Principled Standfaces down an Angry Mob and convinces his father to pardon two Lizard prisoners. Not an outright straight example, but part of Lion-O's character development is learning to be more like one, rather than trying to be an action hero warrior like Tygra. Of particular note is how he solves his trials, and then later defeats Mumm-Ra's generals, three very strong, vicious, and dangerous characters, by tricking them into getting trapped in a holding cell, all by himself, without the Sword of Omens, and without even using the Spirit Stone.

Arguably to all of Thundera. Lion-O immediately steps up to defend anyone, regardless if they're seen as enemies or not, proclaiming, "No one deserves to be treated like that. He is the main character. Hero with Bad Publicity: The word "crazy" keeps popping up in discussions about what Thunderians think of Lion-O, to the point that he automatically anticipates this opinion from Cheetara.

Pumyra and apparently the rest of the refugees believe he abandoned them after the fall of Thundera. Averted later on, in some cases The Sword of Omens is his Weapon of Choice. One of his personality traits and what earns him a second chance at life in "Trials Part 2". It's what also changes Pumyra's opinion of him in "The Pit," he would rather die than hurt her or any of his subjects. Lion-O suffers a fit of this while grieving for his father and his friend Emrick, invoking a recently-learned Aesop about living life fully to justify acting on his culture's and inferentially, his father's motto that "ThunderCats never retreat.

Inverted when the Elephant Village gets taken hostage and opts for a stealth approach considering the hostage situation. Firmly averted after his Trials where he thinks before he acts and will sometimes allow things he doesn't like to happen if it means the success of the greater mission. The destruction of Thundera and murder of his father has a negative effect on Lion-O's control of his emotions, naturally.

As the series progresses he pretty much grows out of it. How Do I Shot Web? Up until "Sight Beyond Sight" he has great difficulty using the titular ability. After learning to view "the big picture," as per instruction from various gurus, he gains perspective, and becomes more able to use the Sword of Omens' Psychic Powers. This works both for and against him, as his humility gives him great compassion, but also undermines his confidence when he needs it most.

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Spoken word-for-word in "The Pit" when trying to turn Pumyra. Zig-Zagged, in "New Alliances" he tells Tygra and Cheetara that he knows about their relationship and he's happy for the both of them, but privately chews Cheetara out for unintentionally leading him on.

The Sword of Omens. Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: While Lion-O is very right about the existence of Lost Technologyhe initially dreamily romanticizes it, not realizing its potential as a Forgotten Superweapon until witnessing the destruction first-hand.

Pretty much everyone agrees that Tygra would be a better king than Lion-O. He doesn't even get much praise from his father until right before his death. He's getting very good at thinking on his feet and he pulls off a series of these in "Birth of the Blades. Despite only tinkering and playing with mostly broken and non-functional trinkets, Lion-O is remarkably quick to pick up the workings of technology, and has no trouble at all sailing two hi-tech airships.

For all of one episode due to his rage and hate blinding him to everything else. He gets better at the end. At seventeenhe's the youngest of his fellow nobles. Panthro dryly lampshades their lack of "adult supervision" before his arrival. Anyway, he loves him.