Doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

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doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

IMHO, one of the best lines that Doc said about Wyatt was shown in the movie Tombstone: Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Why you doin' this, Doc? Doc Holliday: . Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp became fast friends, which puzzled some of Earp's pals, especially Bat Masterson, who objected to Holliday's. Facts, information and articles about Doc Holliday, gunslinger from the Wild West Doc Holliday Facts Born August 14, Died November 8, Doc Hollida. Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp rode for years in the name of this feud. During reads: 'Holliday, J.H. (Seegar & Holliday) Elm between Market and Austin Streets.

My father knew them best. I tired [tried] to help them in their quest to stay in New Mexico following the Tombstone trouble. I remember that cold wind even today. I do not remember that the boys had much money. Father sent me to see to the comfort of the Earp posse because his railroad supported the boys.

Earp had a long meeting with the president of Wells Fargo, but I can not say about the direction of the talk. One afternoon I drove Earp and Jaffa to the river to see them building the new bridge.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

Earp remarked how it reminded him of the big bridge at Wichita. They were eating when Holliday said something about Earp being a Jew boy. Something like Wyatt are you becoming a damn Jew boy? Earp became angry and left. Charlie said that Holliday knew he had said it wrong, he never saw them together again. Wells Fargo arranged safety in Colorado and the road gave them passage to Trinidad. I remember that Blonger and Armijo kept watch over the boys.

I was able later, when governor, to reward Armijo for that favor to my father. That is all I know about the Earps. My health is not good at present. I spend much time confined to my bed. I am glad you found my new book of interest.

My best to the Mrs. Yours sincerely yours, The internal evidence of the letter clearly identifies the writer as Miguel A. This conclusion is supported by a second Otero letter which mentions Wyatt Earp, this one written to Watson Reed, August 17, located by Allen Barra in which appears to have been typed on the same typewriter.

Furthermore, the Albuquerque newspapers in confirm that Gillie Otero was in town while the Earp posse was there. It is also true that, as Otero recounts, the new bridge over the Rio Grande was being constructed at the time the Earp party was in Albuquerque. Dirty Dave spent the last night of his life in Mexico, February 18,when he shot a man he accused of cheating in a card game.

Angry friends of the dead man gathered. Rudabaugh was seized, and knives went to work.

Doc Holliday

He had lived a full life of villainy in only 32 years. Lawman-turned-outlaw John Joshua Webb right got convicted of murder after shooting a man, Michael Kelliher, inside a saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory, allegedly in self-defense.

He escaped from jail, however, in November with the help of another inmate—his buddy, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh. Around this time, his new acquaintance, Doc Holliday, began the flight that would eventually bring him to Dodge City.

It was Kate Elder who got him out of a serious jam. InKate was performing in a Dodge City dance hall and was probably a part-time prostitute. Though an attractive woman, her nose was a tad prominent; bynewspapers were calling her Big Nose Kate. Why she was in Fort Griffin, Texas, in January is not known. It may have simply been a place to find work at a time of year when saloon jobs were scarce.

She met Doc Holliday there. They had quick tempers, a love for alcohol, independence, restlessness and a low regard for life in common. All that and more would be enough to keep them together despite the knock-down, drag-out fights that would impress those who knew them.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

Doc was the one dealing, and Bailey picked up the discarded cards and looked at them. The former dentist must have been in a mellow mood because he let slide what was a clear violation of Western poker. But when Bailey continued to do it, Doc warned him, and after a couple of unheeded warnings, he simply raked in the pot without revealing to Bailey if his hand was a winner or not.

For Bailey, this was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Immediately furious, he reached for his gun. Just as it was coming visible above the table, Doc slashed a knife across his stomach.

There were witnesses to the incident, so when lawmen arrived, Doc surrendered the knife and cooperated with his arrest. It was clearly a case of self-defense, as the others in the saloon would testify. Because Fort Griffin did not have a jail, Doc was kept in a hotel room until the judge could be found. They headed toward the hotel with a long length of rope.

Fortunately for Doc, Kate got wind of what was going on. Thinking fast, she set fire to an old shed filled with hay. The sudden conflagration and the hectic activity involved in trying to douse the fire slowed the lynch mob enough that Kate arrived at the hotel first, a pistol in each hand. This surely intimidated the guard, who ran off. Kate and Doc commandeered a couple of horses and left town while the fire continued to be fought.

Their destination was Dodge City, Kansas. They were so relieved by their escape from the mob that Doc vowed to give up gambling and return to dentistry, and Kate reciprocated by vowing to give up the whoring saloon life.

The so-called Cowboy faction had had things its way in Tombstone for quite some time. Cochise County Sheriff John Behan usually saw things their way. Joyce had Holliday put out of the saloon, but the Deadly Dentist soon came back, revolver in hand. Joyce fired one shot that missed, then hit Doc over the head with his revolver. A law officer named Bennett then appeared on the scene and separated the men. The defendant offered a plea of guilty to assault and battery. It was accepted and the charge of assault with a deadly weapon was dismissed.

Although they lived together, Doc concentrated on his drinking and gambling and Kate concentrated on her drinking and other duties as a saloon woman. When together, they mostly quarreled. Kate became loud and abusive when drunk.

Doc finally decided that he had had enough and threw her out. The robbers killed Budd Philpot, the stage driver, and Peter Roerig, a passenger. The Cowboy faction accused Holliday of being one of the holdup men. Milt Joyce, who was county supervisor as well as owner of the Oriental, and Sheriff John Behan found Kate on one of her drunken binges. While she berated Holliday for throwing her out, Joyce and Behan bought her all the whiskey that she could drink.

Eventually, they persuaded her to sign an affidavit implicating Holliday in the attempted holdup and murders of Philpot and Roerig. When Kate sobered up, she realized what she had done. She insisted that she had signed a paper while drinking with Behan and Joyce but that she could not remember what it was. Doc gave Kate some money and put her on a stage leaving town.

Violence and bloodshed on both sides of the border had been straining relations between the American and Mexican governments. Both governments feared that the border might explode in gunfire if the situation was not soon corrected. These fears were not unfounded. On August 13,the international border near where the territories of New Mexico and Arizona meet did explode. Old Man Clanton was driving a herd of cattle to the Tombstone market, where he expected to make a quick sale and profit.

The drive did not turn out exactly as he had planned. Clanton made camp the first night, August 12, most likely in Guadalupe Canyon, about one mile south of the international border. Crane was one of the four men who had attempted to rob the stage near Contention City five months earlier. Early the morning of August 13, the Clanton party was attacked by riflemen. The attackers were said to be Mexicans. Several historians, including this author, believe that an Earp federal posse was involved in the deaths of these men.

Records show that Marshal Crawley Dake was ordered to send a posse down to the border to quell the disturbances caused by the Cowboys. Marshal Dake trusted Wyatt Earp and likely had Earp head the posse. Logically, the first place for this federal posse to search would have been the area where Arizona, New Mexico, Sonora and Chihuahua all met.

And the posse must have been most happy to see Jim Crane with them. The Mexican government was emphatic about the Cowboy rustling problem — either the Americans would have to stop the Cowboys from coming across the border to steal or the Mexicans would.

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So there may have been Mexicans present in the canyon, too, either working with the American lawmen in a joint effort or simply observing the American effort to curb the outlaws. Both Doc Holliday and Warren Earp were wounded in that border gun battle, and they did not reappear in Tombstone until they had recovered. That explains why Holliday had a cane on October 26,and why Warren missed the Gunfight at the O. Tombstone was more divided than ever, with the Cowboys on one side and the Earps and Holliday on the other.

On the night of October 25,Ike Clanton and Holliday drank heavily and then began hurling obscenities at each other. Doc finally ended the cursing match by inviting Ike to use his gun. Clanton claimed that he was unarmed, so Holliday told him to go get heeled. Then, to goad him ever further, he told Ike that his big mouth had caused his old man to be killed and that he Holliday had had the pleasure of pulling the trigger.

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Furthermore, he would take much enjoyment in doing the same to Ike! In shock, Ike Clanton left and went to the Grand Hotel. Big Nose Kate was visiting Doc at the time, and Mrs. Fly told her that Clanton had been there trying to find Holliday. Plenty of damage was done in that short time.

Three days later, Ike Clanton, who had run away when the shooting started, filed a complaint. When Spicer had heard all the testimony, he issued this opinion: Near midnight on December 28,Virgil Earp, on his way from the Oriental Saloon to the Crystal Palace, was ambushed by three men with shotguns. Two out of the five shots fired struck Virgil, one badly shattering his left arm, the other entering his left side and back.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

These wounds crippled Virgil for the rest of his life. Some of the men were arrested and brought into court. A number of Cowboy witnesses swore that those charged with the crime were in Charleston at the time that Virgil was shot. The judge had no alternative but to release the defendants. On January 17,Ringo confronted Holliday. Many writers would have us believe that Ringo challenged all the Earps, too.

Morgan and Virgil were still incapacitated with painful wounds and were not yet out and about. Wyatt was present, but Ringo was not running much of a risk as there was little chance that his challenge would be accepted. Wyatt knew that Ringo had been drinking heavily and that the whiskey was talking.

Besides, Wyatt already had troubles enough in the aftermath of the October gunfight. Holliday, though, was quite eager to accommodate Ringo in any kind of fight he wanted.

doc holliday and wyatt earp relationship marketing

James Flynn, the acting town marshal, grabbed Ringo and held him while Wyatt hustled the struggling Holliday away. That was the extent of the confrontation.

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On March 18,assassins struck again. In a wild rage, he went through the town, kicking in doors, searching for the men he suspected. Wyatt Earp, of course, was none too pleased, either. He had seen Virgil shot and crippled for life and the ambushers go free. And now, Wyatt knew the law would do nothing again. Consumed with hatred and frustration, Wyatt wanted revenge. Then Stilwell boasted that he had fired the shot that killed Morgan.

He might as well have written his own death sentence. Either Wyatt, Holliday or both would certainly come for him before long. The Earp party encountered Stilwell at the railroad station in Tucson on March Wyatt chased him down the track and filled him full of holes. Holliday shot him twice more for good measure, even though Stilwell was already dead.