Earth and air relationship marketing

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earth and air relationship marketing

PDF | This paper suggests various possible marketing strategies that can be implemented by the widely Emirates request book remains at more than air .. the Earth, gears up for summer holidays. It's the . This relationship is studied using the yearly average data collected for the period starting from to PART D: The holistic marketing concept I. Relationship marketing II. Prior to the establishment of AirAsia, access to air travel in Asia is deemed as exclusive. Customer Relational Benefits and Relationship-Marketing Outcomes: benefits affect relationship-marketing outcomes in the travel industry. Journal of Air Transport Management, 13(2), – doi: /ommag.infoaman .. Earth Sciences · Economics, Finance, Business & Industry.

Meanwhile, exchange is further defined as the act of obtaining a desired product from someone by offering something in return…Whether exchange actually takes place depends upon whether the two parties can find terms of exchange that will leave them both better off than before the exchange Philip Thus, it can be concluded that marketing can be understood as the execution of certain actions that lead to the exchange of certain values.

In practice, the nature of the exchange is complex due to the existence of various social actors in marketing activities. Taking AirAsia as example, the LCC leverages on the publicity of other established global brands to promote its own brand thus injecting a new social actors in its marketing activities.

This has developed the brand image of the LCC. Thus, it can be seen that on top of the exchange of values from airline-customer interactions, there exists an exchange of agreed and desired value between AirAsia and MUFC, its marketing partner, arising from the airline - football club partnership.

earth and air relationship marketing

Red Devil Airbus Source: Generally, holistic marketing is a comprehensive marketing approach and it is a must for a company to become successful.

The scope of holistic marketing in this paper, however, will be confined only on the first two components.

What Is Relationship Marketing? A Beginners Guide

Relationship marketing Relationship marketing is perhaps the most apparent components in holistic marketing. This is because evidences of this component are the easiest to be spotted or identified as it normally involves external stakeholders.

Earth Elements of the Zodiac Signs: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Specifically, it suggests an organisation to develop and maintain positive relationship with constituents for relationship management to ensure business success. Gronroos highlighted that interaction or customer relationship is important in marketing. However they also highlighted that despite that, transactional marketing are still relevant for corporates. The relevancy can be measured by studying the relationship of financial performance and profitability with the relationship portfolio.

This view is also consistent with Gummesson It is further highlighted that in practice, there is none of the company that solely use the relationship marketing approach and that transactional marketing is still dominant. In practice, relationship marketing can be achieved through many ways. AirAsia has made several significant business decision based on the comments or feedbacks gathered from Twitter. These destinations has proven to be able to attract new customers and be immediate hits AirAsia Berhad There are also many free flights given to Twitter followers by Mr.

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This also boosts the relationship marketing with customers. The platform provides feedback to customers via live chat and social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook and disseminates information through the YouTube and Instagram in a very effective manner. As the business decision as big as introducing a new destination based on feedbacks received in social media, it is believed that AirAsia also regards feedbacks from such marketing channel as a credible input to influence the management in corporate strategy formulation as well.

Fernandes in promoting AirAsia brand. He has ventured into British sports car manufacturer Caterham and soccer club Queens Park Rangers and inventing marketing collaboration such as sponsorship and commercial partnership. This has allowed AirAsia brand to enjoy better visibility. Fernandes relentlessly instils a strong brand-based culture within the organisation. He wears the trademark AirAsia cap in almost all of his official appearance. Fernandes, AirAsia founder Source http: Under AllStar initiative, senior management members of AirAsia will always address their employees as AllStar to instil the sense of belonging and cultivate the 10 strong brand-based culture throughout the organisation.

earth and air relationship marketing

There are also other corporate culture practices that are introduced to reduce the gap between senior management and AllStar such as the practice of addressing each other in AllStar and senior management on a first name basis Lim, Mohamed, Ariffin, et al.

This will be translated into motivation and hence the marketing productivity. The programme managed to hire, motivate and develop an employee who was originally hired to carry bags but 18 months later developed as the First Officer for AirAsia Lim, Mohamed, Ariffin, et al. The marketing approach undertaken by AirAsia is positioned between moderate and aggressive. According to Klaus et al. Firstly, it is found that there are lack of linkages between financial performance and marketing activities of AirAsia, i.

The poor linkage issue is not only faced by AirAsia but airline as a whole. Airlines rushing to adopt CRM just to imitate competitors and many of them are unable to apply the CRM strategically and translate it into better financial performance.

earth and air relationship marketing

Relationships need balance and growth, and when two Earth signs unite, for example, they ground each other so much that they become paralyzed and cause inertia to occur. Because they are so unbalanced, one person usually steps forward to dominate the other or swallow her whole.

Here are the ways different signs match up.

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Fire needs air to survive, but too much of it will make the flames rage out of control. Air doesn't really need Fire, though Fire is able to heat air and cause it to rise. Air also provides concepts and ideas for the Fire sign to act on and forge into reality. Water nourishes the Earth sign so it may grow to it's fullest potential, and feels comfortable finding a home in Earth.

earth and air relationship marketing

Earth loves Water's life force and giving energy. These two signs much be careful when interacting--water can put out fire, but if the fire is large enough it can dry up water completely.

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Water can provide sensitivity and patience to his fiery counterpart, whereas Fire can provide motivation and the courage to act that the Water sign usually lacks. In order for a relationship to work, Fire and Water need to have a great deal of respect because each has the capability to destroy the other.

Fire sets the Earth ablaze with passion and intensity, whereas Earth provides the Fire sign with some much needed discipline and acts as a grounding force in the Fire sign's life. Earth can certainly contain fire but when Fire rages it can temporarily rob Earth of it's life-giving nutrients.