Optimus prime quotes ending relationship

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optimus prime quotes ending relationship

Feb 1, Optimus Prime, The Transformers The Movie () "While this may very well mark the end of the Age of Primes, leadership can be earned. And if kids feel so inclined, they can log onto NASA and the Optimus Prime Spinoff I was eager to complete everything at once, and ended my administration in failure. . or even nation-to-nation relationships with aboriginal governments. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a film based on the here to start anew, and develop our relationship, and see where it leads us ok? I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message so that our past will always be End. Facts.

I studied for millennia under our former master, thus I am equipped to lead you.

Optimus Prime Inspirational Quote Thread

Maybe it needs one of these doohickeys You're a motorcycle, Arcee. Shouldn't you know how to build a motorcycle engine? You're a human, Jack. Can you build me a small intestine? Rise and serve your new master! Skyquake serves only one master. Your loyalty and devotion will set a fine example for the troops.

No need to be timid, Skyquake - you may bow.

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You fail to grasp my meaning. I am here on a mission, assigned to me by my one master: Skyquake, I located you. Thus I, Lord Starscream, am now your master!!! Scrapheap[ edit ] Raf Esquivel: I've always wanted to see snow. I would invite you to join, Rafael, but the conditions are much too extreme, even for we Autobots.

Optimus starts to leave, then pauses. But, I will bring you back a snowball. They pick you apart from the inside out, going for the small juicy bits first, fuse by fuse, circuit by circuit, 'til there's nothing left, and I mean nothing How cool is that? Can we talk about this later?

optimus prime quotes ending relationship

Wait, how about a game? But his inner strength is without bounds. One should not be measured by size alone. Come and get it! I will handle the driving. You seem like a Nashville sound kinda guy.

The 'Con who shot me down!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Quotes

Tell me, Si, what's the market price for a D. I can't even count the number of things that can go wrong. Mass displacement trauma, twisted limbs, metal burn! Well, maybe not the last one. Never leave the enemy with the spoils. If you fail high school, you can't go to—uh I can build stuff, I can break stuff, and that's it. I wanna be just like you, Bulk. I do not enjoy being kept waiting! I'm still picking bugs out of my grille. Does it play catch? I'm currently on an intensive training retreat and unavailable until Tuesday.

Just like my friend here Why not add forgery to the list? What are you doing?! An impulsive and cold head can bring lots of trouble. If you make that request we will honor it. Word of honor is indispensable in a great leader. What you say is what you do, Optimus acknowledges the right to freedom and promises he and the Autobots will stick to it. Let them think for themselves, to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

And let them always value freedom and life wherever they find it. This is when a new type of Autobots, the Aerialbots, are created, Optimus can be a robot, but he sure has humanity in him. He doesn't want "yes men" that blindly will follow him, he wants valuable people with their own opinions and flaws to improve his team. I know you won't let me down. There is a saying that states "leaders don't want to create more followers, they want to create more leaders".

This is exactly what Optimus is doing here, passing the torch to someone he trusts. In a fight, one will win the other will lose, no way around it. This is when Optimus decides to take business into his own hands and fight Megatron, eventually to the death. This is pumping him up to that moment. This is a mindset one must take into life battles, not that he's going to die From its lessons the future is forged.

The importance of the past in our lives. We must not live in the past, but we can make use of our past experiences and learn from them. That way we won't repeat the same mistakes and become wiser. Optimus is inspiring the Autobots, telling them that there's always a way. Nothing is impossible, nor a wall or an obstacle is "impassable". There is always a way, find yours!

There will come times in your life where you can't be soft nor calm about situations. You must take action in a relentless way to come victorious from that situation, it happens in battles and also in our daily lives. Like a good leader should, Optimus advises on responsibility in a clever way.

A great leader doesn't just sees, he has a vision and believes people are more than what they show at first sight, or appear to be. In this case the human race, even if they don't understand or want The Transformers on earth, Optimus still believes there's good in humans. This is all about being humble. True leaders don't focus on accomplishments or prizes, they focus on their tasks and their mission to achieve the greater good. Megatron will not defeat us this easily.

Another leadership lesson for the Autobots, in this case Megatron tricked the humans into think the Autobots where guilty. He advises his crew not to attack humans, that way they are only making what Megatron wants them to do. They must be clever and understand it. You honor us with your bravery. A leader never forgets to thank the people that did good to them.

optimus prime quotes ending relationship

Optimus thanks the humans for their help in fighting the Decepticons. Optimus accepts to lead the Autobots. A leader steps up to the task when prompted to. Again Optimus shows his humanity. Freedom is one belief he has, is willing to fight for it, even if it's for other kind. This makes him a great leader also. When there's a problem, make your team see that they are indispensable part of the solution, and they will be willing to do whatever they can do solve it.

Any action we take now would be viewed as admission of our guilt. Again, Optimus knows his values and beliefs, he's relentless in not letting the Autobots react impulsively. Your team will not always agree with you, but if you know that they are wrong don't settle, show them the consequences that an impulsive behavior might do.

optimus prime quotes ending relationship

The Autobots are returning to Earth after being banned.