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Jun 8, I thought that everyone in Japan had to be packed in there. The Data Integration Entity (a massive AI apparently modeled after the festival, Haruhi insists that Koizumi kiss Mikuru (the two protagonists); Kyon stops it. Haruhi Suzumiya; Kyon; Yuki Nagato; Mikuru Asahina; Itsuki Koizumi She is a humanoid created by Data Integration Thought Entity, which is a doll, and Haruhi Suzumiya is quite jealous of her and Kyon's relationship. Dec 9, I am Haruhi's conscience, like I've just said," she replied. . My link with the Integrated Data Thought Entity has been severed. and remind her about her obligation as Yuki-san's friend to not interfere with your relationship for.

Interfaces Yuki Nagatoa humanoid interface The Data Overmind is incapable of communicating directly with humans. It created a variety of Humanoid Interfacesreferred to as TFEIsin order to facilitate communication with humans. There are "many" on Earth, and the currently-seen examples have different personality profiles. TFEIs can only relay information from their own faction.

Data jurisdictiona space controlled by interfaces It looks forward to seeing changes in their observation subject, but different factions have different ideas about whether such changes should be provoked. Ryouko Asakura of the radical faction wants or wanted to kill Kyon to get a reaction from Haruhi. During The Disappearance, when Yuki altered the world, the Data Overmind did not exist during that timeframe.

Interactions with the Sky Canopy Dominion Edit The Data Overmind has limited interaction with another data entity, the Sky Canopy Dominiondescribed by Yuki as a "similar but separate" entity which exists in a different "place". There hadn't been any contact, because they felt that contact would not lead to any mutual understanding. Like the Data Overmind, it was interested in Suzumiya. The interface attempted to locate Kyon but mistook Taniguchi for him instead, and began dating him.

Nagato may have played a role in this confusion. When Nagato recreated the world at that time, the Sky Canopy interface was unaffected.

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In response, the Data Overmind caused her to fall "ill" so she would not understand what the Data Overmind was trying to convey. This prevented the Dominion from learning from her.

Those "errors", are, I believe, Nagato's emotions, but because the Entity made her with an incomplete personality, she couldn't express them in any normal way. So she concealed it behind the wall of her almost expressionless demeanor, until she finally couldn't deal with it any more, and decided to change the world.

After repeating the same summer 15, times, and being told not to do anything about it because she should only observe, any normal human would have gone crazy. And at least Nagato had left a way to bring the world back to the way it was. Her bosses had no right to delete her, when they bore so much of the responsibility for everything that happened.

And I wasn't about to allow that to happen as long as there was something I could do to prevent it.

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Luckily, I had one huge trump card on the Entity: If I told Haruhi that I had been the high school student who helped her write her Tanabata message, I could whip her into a complete frenzy, even cause her to remake the universe. The Entity doesn't want that to happen.

So when I threatened to have Haruhi remake the universe if Nagato was deleted, the Entity backed off. But that still didn't explain why Nagato left an escape program in the first place.

If she was so determined to change the world, why allow it to be undone like that? And why leave that choice to me, and only me? I had to tell myself that it must have been because Nagato just wasn't sure of her decision, and for some reason she trusted my judgment about it. In that case, had that trust been justified? Or had I screwed up massively? But even that was avoiding the possibility that I was afraid of, and yet also sort of hoped for.

It couldn't be that I was special to her somehow, could it? That she had left me a choice, purely for my sake? I mean, it wasn't unreasonable to think that I might prefer Nagato's world, given how much I complained about Haruhi's world, and I had even considered giving up at one point and remaining in the altered world.

Was it just a coincidence that the world Nagato created happened to be one that most reasonable people would think I preferred? But what did that say about Nagato, and how similar she was to that girl I met in the altered world? And I really did feel bad for Nagato. After all, all she had really wanted was a normal life. Was that so unreasonable? And I can't forget how hurt the alternate version of Nagato looked when I told her that I would be returning to my own world.

All I could do was to try to remind myself that that wasn't the real Nagato. I mean, she was so different from the Nagato I knew. And hadn't Nagato told me, in the message she left on the computer to activate the escape program, that she "wasn't herself"? But then again, I suppose that can have multiple meanings. The other version of Nagato didn't have most of the memories of the original, except for one. Sure, she still loved to read, but what else did they have in common?

Also, there were some things about her I couldn't imagine being part of the Nagato I know. Besides being able to smile and to cry, the other world's Nagato seemed to have a crush on me, which didn't seem at all like the Nagato I know. But then again, when you get right down to it, how much did I know about Nagato? It was almost impossible to know her.

To most people, she seemed completely devoid of any human emotion. I was able to pick up on a few subtle expressions of her emotions, but even I found her mysterious most of the time. Who knew for sure what was behind that stoic expression? For some reason, I think about the time I told her she looked cuter without glasses, and how she had opted not to recreate the glasses.

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How, when Haruhi and I were trapped in closed space, she said that she desired my return. How, when I fell asleep in the clubroom after retrieving the space heater for Haruhi, Nagato placed her cardigan over me before going home. But even if she had just left that escape program purely out of devotion to me, that didn't mean Nagato had fallen for me, did it?

I don't know, once again, I just couldn't think of her in that way. Don't get me wrong, she's really cute especially without glassesbut…she's Nagato. She was too otherworldly. I could think of her as my ally, my savior, even a great goddess intervening to protect the universe from the wrath of Haruh, but…my girlfriend?

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If anything, all of the former almost rules out the latter. I mean, it would be almost like I was desecrating something sacred. So if I was in denial about liking Nagato in that way, it was for a perfectly understandable reason. And the thing that I was afraid of was that, if the Nagato in the other world was the Nagato I knew, or a part of her, then did that mean that the heartbroken look she gave me when I returned the Literary Club form…was that how the Nagato in this world felt, and she just couldn't express it?

And what was worse was that, even if she could, there happens to be one major obstacle in the way: Because, while Haruhi treats me like the Brigade Lackey actually, I'm pretty sure that's my official title at this pointI know for a fact that she has a thing for me. And that nearly led to the universe getting destroyed, due to a misunderstanding with Miss Asahina.

So, the chances are that if Haruhi saw me in any sort of relationship with Nagato, then we'd probably end up seeing impenetrable closed space, Celestials, and the proverbial End of the World as We Know It. The Nagato I know would never risk any of that, so whatever she felt, if it seemed like it was going to get Haruhi riled up, she would hide it.

And that's all because I chose a world where Haruhi can rewrite the universe at will. So if all of that's true, then I didn't just take away Nagato's chance to have a normal life, though a lot of people would think that was bad enough: I broke her heart as well.

And although I have no right to, I'm feeling sorry for myself. If that reason for Nagato leaving the escape program, that I find so hard to believe, is the real reason, then what did I give up, just because I thought Haruhi's world was more interesting? It's not often that you would find someone who would remake the world for you, and then give you a choice of what world you preferred.

I don't know if that's happened to any human before. Did I throw that away all because I was addicted to the crazy adventures I had in this world?

So what am I supposed to do now? I can hardly talk to Nagato about it, can I? Would she even answer? And it seems presumptuous of me to assume that she left that escape program because she I would be embarrassed if I said all that to her, and then it turned out I was completely wrong. And if it was true, and the Nagato I knew was the scared, heartbroken girl from the other world, what was I supposed to say to her?

How could I explain my actions? If I said that, if she doesn't already hate me for what I did, that would surely seal the deal. But that's me being selfish, again. If knowing what motivated me to change the world back to the way it was makes Nagato hate me, then I suppose I deserve it. Given the effect my decision had on her existence, she has a right to know the reason for it. So I'll bring it up, as soon as possible. Tomorrow, if the circumstances are right.

I realize with a start that tomorrow is the 17th of December. Just one day shy of a year since Nagato remade the world. On the one hand, it brings up a sort of superstitious dread, almost as if I'm tempting fate. I guess it's appropriate, in a way, though.