State relationship between pakistan and china

state relationship between pakistan and china

The Chinese Ambassador to India, Luo Zhaohui, during a visit to the northern Indian state of Punjab said, “Some companies are also ready to. As China strengthens its alliances with regional states, such as Pakistan, and works to improve relations with India, whose largest trading. In April , President Xi Jinping paid a historic state visit to Pakistan and raised the bilateral relationship to the all-weather strategic.

If so, how will India and other stakeholders in the region respond?

state relationship between pakistan and china

Another BJP government is in power today, led by the more resolute Narendra Modi, and it has stated more than once that New Delhi will deal with Pakistani aggression with far greater resolve. No comprehensive agreement seems to be forthcoming, despite 18 rounds of border talks with China, and there have been occasional Chinese military incursions into Indian-controlled territory, increasing political tensions between the two capitals.

Finally, Islamic State IS poses a potential threat to India because it has the ability to gain an ideological foothold in the country and provide a rallying call for disaffected, though disparate, elements.

state relationship between pakistan and china

The jury is still out on whether Pakistan and Afghanistan would be a fertile breeding ground for the group, given the anti-IS stand taken by the Afghan Taliban and by the Pakistani government. In recent years, however, it appears as if New Delhi has made peace with this, preferring to ignore the Sino-Pak partnership and strengthen its own strategic ties with the United States and various Western states, while improving its economic relationship with China.

state relationship between pakistan and china

The third aspect of contemporary Sino-Pak ties that bothers India is the strengthened three-way partnership between Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. For example, in Novemberrepresentatives of the Taliban from its Doha-based office met in Beijing for talks.

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In February this year, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan initiated a new trilateral strategic dialogue in Kabul. The Gwadar port is becoming more and more dynamic.

state relationship between pakistan and china

Major projects such as the Sahiwal coal-fired power station have been completed one after another. The cooperation in transportation and special economic zones are pressing ahead. Early this year, when attending the Davos Forum, Prime Minister Abbasi stated that the Belt and Road Initiative is a link that connects all the countries for common prosperity.

Pakistan has practically benefited from it.

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The CPEC has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of Pakistan and also greatly promoted better interconnection between Pakistan and the countries in the region.

Very soon, the beautiful island of Hainan will witness a grand event. Chinese President Xi Jinping will elaborate the profound connotations of the new era and announce a series of new important measures for reform and opening up. He will clearly speak out Chinese voices and position on the idea of further promoting the building of a community with a shared future for the Asian people and the mankind, and create a better future for Asia and the world.

While both sides did discuss some of the thorny issues, the overall environment was cordial, and the possibility of closer economic linkages was discussed.

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India and Pakistan will also participate in a joint military drillfor the first time, under the rubric of SCO. While it is true that initially Beijing was unwilling to back this resolution given the strong economic ramifications for Pakistan.

Second, during the Wuhan Summit, it was decided that India and China would work together in Afghanistan on a joint project. In the past, this would have been unthinkable.

state relationship between pakistan and china

The way ahead If Beijing wants the CPEC project to go ahead without too many objections, it needs to ensure that India and Pakistan have better relations and a strong economic relationship. India has invested in the Chabahar Port in Iran to bypass Pakistan, land access to Afghanistan and Central Asia would be extremely beneficial for businessmen from North India and would open up new vistas.

In such a scenario, the Wagah-Attari land crossing could become the gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.

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