The secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon

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the secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Second Edition (Volume 2) (): Historical Research Department of the Nation. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (Volume 1) [The Nation of Islam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The International Jew is a four-volume set of booklets or pamphlets published and distributed in the early s by Henry Ford, an American industrialist and.

The same is true, of course, for whites. Jews have applied it time and again to virtually everyone in public life. How does it retain its deadly effectiveness despite being so frequently and sloppily employed?

Its many victims, members of every race and religion under the sun, are subjected to extreme psychic and emotional abuse, and suffer serious damage to their reputations, careers, and livelihoods whenever Jews level the charge. Yet no matter how often it is used, it never gets old.

Why does the groundless accusation work? How does it transform prominent, accomplished men and women into compliant lickspittles and toadies, willing to throw their own principles, people, or religious convictions under the bus in order to appease their Jewish persecutors? In a white or black world such a cheesy stunt, pulled over and over again by a slimy gang of criminals, would long ago have lost all effectiveness.

The primary purpose of volume two is to elucidate the hidden political, economic, and social influence of Jews in the post-Civil War South between roughly and Their influence was amazingly extensive. A list of Jewish public officials by state, compiled from numerous scholarly sources, covers 9 pages in small print. Jews were elected to office in the South in surprisingly large numbers. Jewish officeholders helped create and enforce segregation laws.

An abbreviated list of Jewish bankers in the south covers 8 pages. The authors note that the Jewish banking network was not limited to the South, but extended to every region of the continent where Jews settled and opened businesses.

the secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon

There is extensive discussion of both the Ku Klux Klan and white racist Southern politicians, the attitudes of both toward Jews, and the substantial Jewish role in Southern racism. This analysis raises intriguing questions about the structure of white racialism.

For example, it is well-known that the original Ku Klux Klan was Freemasonic, philo-Semitic, and welcomed Jews as members. But a persuasive case is made that even the second Klan of the s was not anti-Jewish. Similarly, several noted racist white politicians are shown to have been either philo-Semites or indifferent to Jewish power most were philo-Semitic.

Such individuals included US Sen. George Wallace is not mentioned because he falls outside the time period covered by the book, but I am very familiar with his career. Could such a persistent pattern signify a fundamental divide in the collective consciousness of white people? They may even work at cross-purposes.

Finally, a major theme of the book is that liens, sharecropping, and other aspects of commercial law in the South facilitated Jewish and white economic exploitation of blacks.

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews n. Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam,pp.

the secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon

A brief YouTube promo for the book [3: Jewish slave dealers operated in every place slavery existed. The company has already censored one promo for Jews Selling Blacks. Although NOI has commendably moved the suppressed clip to its own site, at YouTube there was potential for mass general viewership, while at the new site only a numerically small audience already receptive to its message is likely to see it.

The black scholars who wrote these invaluable books, while not friends of the white man and partisans of their own people, for the most part display admirable objectivity, coupled with a determination to view the historical record in its entirety and full complexity. They could easily have taken the safe, conventional route of repeating anti-white slurs and ignoring the Jewish role entirely.

But they did not. These fascinating works bring to light facts about Jews and blacks that are necessary for non-Jews to understand in order to view this key facet of history in proper perspective.

The books are partial antidotes to prevailing academic and media lies—and corking good reads besides!

the secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon

Websites Nation of Islam Research Group http: Most unfortunate is that this book and its companion volumes belittle and trivialize what it proposes to fight against, the evils of slavery and all forms of racism.

Were there Jews who owned slaves?

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Of course there were. But their number is far lower that that of Christians who owned slaves; it's even lower than that of fellow blacks who owned slaves. Does that mean there should be a third volume demonizing Christians and African-Americans?

What is illustrated is the sheer folly of the argument. Distinguished scholars worldwide have refuted the arguments this book puts forth, showing that the citations, statistics, and documents are largely taken out of context.

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These scholars include Henry Louis Gates, Jr. What we do not need are more innuendos, stereotypes, and biased arguments that only serve to divide.

the secret relationship between blacks and jews amazon

Louis Farrakhan of all people should know this, given the grotesque anti-Islam bias pervading every aspect of our society. Muslims, African-Americans, Jews, and Latinos are suffering more and more hate and bigotry.

We need to work together to heal the world; the lies, damned lies, and statistics in this book do the opposite, they create divisiveness and continue the hate that a book on slavery should try to appease. Read one or more of the many excellent scholarly books out there on the evils of slavery, rather than poison your soul with the hate mongering of Minister Farrakhan's message.

In every way, these two books are tearing us apart. Let me add, that I have spoken out against all types of bigotry, even a the cost of two of my teaching jobs.