John the ripper brute force length relationship muscle

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The Hunter × Hunter manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Although the characters are humans, many possess superhuman strength .. the strength of which is inversely proportional to its length: a thread as long as . However, he dislikes this ability because he is subject to immense muscle. Muscle fascicle length does tend to increase after strength training. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American supernatural drama television series based on the . Sunnydale High is built atop a Hellmouth, a portal to demon dimensions that The romantic relationship between Buffy and the vampire Angel develops . After Spike passes a series of brutal tests, the demon restores his soul.

john the ripper brute force length relationship muscle

The relationship between the change in the angle of peak torque after strength training and the increase in muscle fascicle length is unclear, but there does appear to be a moderately-strong relationship, at least after eccentric training. Effects of dynamic resistance training on fascicle lengthand isometric strength.

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Training-specific muscle architecture adaptation after 5-wk training in athletes.

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Influence of concentric and eccentric resistance training on architectural adaptation in human quadriceps muscles. Journal of Applied Physiology, 5 Damage to the human quadriceps muscle from eccentric exercise and the training effect.

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john the ripper brute force length relationship muscle

Journal of biomechanics, 38 9 Intensity of eccentric exercise, shift of optimum angle, and the magnitude of repeated-bout effect. Journal of applied physiology, 3 The effects of eccentric hamstring strength training on dynamic jumping performance and isokinetic strength parameters: Physical Therapy in Sport, 6 2 Fatigue affects peak joint torque angle in hamstrings but not in quadriceps.

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Length-Tension Relationship in Skeletal Muscle

Sport Sciences for Health, 12 1 Behavior of fascicles and the myotendinous junction of human medial gastrocnemius following eccentric strength training. Inter-individual variability in the adaptation of human muscle specific tension to progressive resistance training.

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john the ripper brute force length relationship muscle

The effect of resting fiber length on muscular contraction is referred to as the length-tension relationship. This lesson will describe the anatomical arrangement of the muscle at rest and explain how this helps with muscular contraction. Length-Tension Relations Let's do an experiment using the gastrocnemius muscle of a frog to examine the relationship between resting muscle fiber length and contraction. First, remove the gastrocnemius from the frog. Then, clamp the muscle between a fixed position and a force transducer, which is an instrument that will record how much contraction occurs when the muscle contracts.

We can move the clamp to change the resting length of the muscle - in other words, how long the muscle is before it contracts. We will then record contraction after stretching the muscle 1mm each time. Let's start with a short length at which the muscle is pretty loose. When the muscle contracts at this short resting length, we see a small amount of force development, as illustrated by the small blip on the picture below. When the muscle is loose, only a small amount of force develops during contraction.

Now, let's stretch the muscle a little bit, so we increased its resting length by just 1mm. As you can see below, the muscle contracts with more force at this longer resting length.

During the Phantom Troupe's fight with Chimera Ants, Feitan reverts to his native language, which is shown with Chinese characters. Feitan's movements are incredibly fast, being able to leave afterimages of his body. He wields an umbrella that conceals both a sword and a gun that fires out of the tip.

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Following Chrollo's return, Feitan seems to have abandoned his position as interim leader of the Phantom Troupe. He, along with the others, thrash three passengers who refuse to let them sit at a table. After displacing them, he does not participate in the interrogation of the three men.

His Nen type is Transmutation. The more pain he receives, the stronger his attack is. Currently, only Burnt by the Sun: Only Feitan is unaffected by the attack, presumably because of the armor that is formed on him. He ranks fourth in physical power among the Troupe and is among the original members hailing from Meteor City.

He, Feitan, Phinks, and Nobunaga thrash three unruly passengers to gain seating at a table. When the three talk about the mafia families of Kakin, Franklin asks them which of them is the most powerful.

When the passengers refuse to reveal that, Franklin asks them to summon the one who will collect kickbacks. Franklin's Nen type is Emission. He is the weakest in the Troupe in terms of raw physical power. His Nen ability is called Gallery Fake: He can also make copies of living humans, but they will be immobile and lifeless.

The copies vanish after 24 hours have passed. Physically, she is the strongest woman in the Troupe and the sixth strongest overall.

john the ripper brute force length relationship muscle

She also has an extremely keen intuition the other members of the Troupe say that she has never been wrong about her intuitions. She calls dibs on killing Hisoka, but Chrollo replies everyone in the Phantom Troupe is after him.