The star tarot relationship outcome

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the star tarot relationship outcome

If the Star turns up in a love reading, then love is surely all around you. If it appears as the outcome card in a relationship reading, then know that, whatever is. Fortune telling meanings and interpretation for The Star in general, love, feelings, outcomes, future, positive and negative readings and as a. The Star tarot card is the seventeenth card in the deck and is closely associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. It symbolizes hope, renewal.

This card may be asking you to nurture the possibility of true love.

The star- love outcome

To accept that this is possible and to maintain the light. You are shining and to trust that the person who is entering or who has entered your life is equal spiritually, emotionally and physically. It allows you to have the courage to be trusting and stay in your value and authentic self as this person will want to nurture this part of you as well as join you.

If you are in a relationship the Star tarot card is heeding that you are coming out of a dark time, that you have grown together and you have both moved through the process of dismantling the ego and now you will both reap the rewards of soulful, joyous union.

the star tarot relationship outcome

A new birth of light and love will emerge and you may take the relationship to a new level of spiritual commitment. For some this could mean a period of moving on after a relationship break up — you will see that the past is no longer a place to travel and you will be pleased you have let go — you have new hopes and this person shows you what true love is like.

the star tarot relationship outcome

The star card promises a phase of lovingness, freedom and light, but only if you have moved through the dark with generosity of spirit. The transformation of your ego into your authentic self self of generosity, acceptance and nurture raises you to a positive vibration that attracts an equal into your life, regardless of past issues.

the star tarot relationship outcome

This card is asking you to let go of old, to allow new opportunities, to embrace new ideas, new adventures and to move into your new level of self esteem and egoless energy with a meaningful sense of purpose. To move into the generosity with a trust that all is as it should be. The new sense of freedom allows you to honestly share yourself with another or others without old fears and with a sense of vitality.

You will not fore go all that you have learned, you will be able to share your spiritual, authentic practices with your partner and with others. In projects, business and making a living you will be moving into a period of enhanced well being.

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You find that things flow. Read the section about feeling love and this time focus on abundance. Do this often and the tarot Star will manifest as abundance in your life. Other Star meanings If your question is about health, things are looking up. If work and career are being scrutinized, then again, go with the flow — focus on de-stressing, rather than competing against your co-workers.


The reversed Star is still positive, its core message is not diluted or made opposite. The reader is advised to tone down the spiritual message and simply explain that the appearance of the Star always indicates a positive outcome or a positive side to any situation.

The important thing is that this reading should leave the seeker with a feeling of hopefulness. The card diametrically opposite in meaning to the Star, is the Chariot where control and direction are all-important. Temperance is very close in meaning to the Star, and you will see parallels in the imagery of an angel pouring water, one foot in a stream and the other on dry land.

However, Temperance is about finding balance and moderation right where you are, whereas the Star is more visionary and forward-looking. Look for telltale signs.

The Tarot Star - Rebirth and Regeneration - Tarot Study

Listen to your instincts, but do not listen to your fear. The Star is also connected to hope. To your man, you are the guiding light, his true north, and the source of his joy and happiness. For him, he can achieve anything with you by his side, and if challenges come up in your relationship, you will be the anchor that will keep the relationship from being swept away.

The Star also indicates a wonderful time to start a new romance because the light is above you. You have never been more ready to embrace love and be changed by love.

It symbolizes new beginnings and second chances. It can reveal exciting money-making opportunities, or extra income.

the star tarot relationship outcome

It can also indicate some kind of unexpected windfall. When you have the chance, shut off everything that causes you undue stress. Being stressed robs you of clarity of thought and lightness of heart, and you might miss the answer to your question if you let the all the distractions take over. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and other people for their transgressions. Bask in your success, but always keep your feet on the ground.

star as outcome

When determining as to whether or not the Star Tarot represents bad luck, then it all depends on the way in which the card is drawn. This is key as it does change the interpretation and can also completely alter the decisions that you then start to make in your life.

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So, in order to assess as to whether or not this sign shows bad luck, we need to examine both sides independently. The Upright Star The Upright Star is viewed as representing a bright future and moving onto better things in life. It has a sense of optimism and insight into your situations that will then allow you to make better decisions that will certainly work out for you.

the star tarot relationship outcome

In this instance, it can be a rather powerful card, and there is no doubt that it does indeed represent good luck. The Star Reversed If you draw the Star Reversed, then everything changes, and this is the side of the card that does indeed represent bad luck. It also comes with a sense of being disappointed, and that things are just not going to work out for you in the way that you had hoped.

It can also indicate a certain sense of you being stubborn and that this is working against you. Also, you feel unfulfilled and rather pessimistic about the future.