The young mummy open relationship marriage

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the young mummy open relationship marriage

Australian blogger and mother Sophie Cachia has revealed why she chose to shun tradition and wear a jet black gown as her wedding dress. Sophie Cachia, The Young Mummy, writes exclusively for Kidspot and gives us her classic 'boobs pubes and all' look at her post-baby relationship. The only positive I can take out of this is that Jaryd is open to having these. I've been reading Sophie Shaw's blog The Young Mummy (here) for a . We have always had an amazing relationship, and now with Bobby.

I said yes anyway. He soon knew everything about me, my relationship, my toddler son, and all the complications and potential mess that came with saying yes to me.

'My marriage after baby number two: We’re not broken, just slightly bent'

He said yes anyway. I actually did not want or need an open relationship. I wanted intimate and committed partnership with a man who knew how to show up for himself and then for me.

Even though we barely knew each other, meeting him showed me that these men actually existed. And within weeks, I knew it was impossible go back to my new-old life, even with its forbidden freedoms.

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I was ready for a new level of wildness: The experience of being held in my darkest and lightest spaces. The ecstasy of soul sex, which for me could only be experienced in any depth with someone I fully invested in.

the young mummy open relationship marriage

So, I leapt, extracting myself as gracefully as possible from a marriage I never intended to leave. This was not the turn of events I expected, especially when I considered the distinct possibility that a relationship with this new tiger of a man may never be more than a catalytic event. My tiger man moved to Peru, following a lifelong dream to live and work in the Amazonian jungle.

I moved into a small artistic apartment and started rebuilding a life of my own. My practice husband lost his job, moved in with his dad, and we worked through how to lovingly co-parent our son amidst chaos and upheaval.

The future became murky, terrifying, and more liberating than I thought possible. Now, almost three years later, the future that has unfolded still surprises me every day.

the young mummy open relationship marriage

My Tiger and I eventually married three times, just for good measurelaying down roots in a new home together after his stint in Peru. We are expecting a child together. Big brother and his dad are genuinely excited for us. Our future still marches out before us, cloaked in the unknown, but we face the darkness together — our wild souls knotted irrevocably and delectably into one.

Together we have built a golden life out of the ashes of what came before. My open marriage gifted me with so much: I learned how to tell the truth, to stand up for my hunger, to be brave.

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Those few precious months were the doorway to my forbidden life: Above all, sexual openness led me to the most unexpected place of all: A deep investment and belief in intimate monogamy as a spiritual path. I often wondered how the stress, sleep deprivation and the lack of time to put into our relationship would affect us as a couple.

Every single day he makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, regardless of how I think my body looks. Bobby — at 4 months — is now really fun to dress. Yet, a newborn grows so fast that they are in and then out of clothes literally overnight.

Sophie Cachia- The Young Mummy On The Couch

In hindsight, I bought some absolutely ridiculous newborn things that a fragile baby weighing a whole 4kg is never ever going to wear. My time management since becoming a mum has been nothing short of deplorable.

Sophie Cachia aka The Young Mummy: On Open Relationships

Bobby is 16 weeks old and I am yet to be sculpted. They ask you to the movies for a 9. They invite you out during the day with no consideration for the fact in that time you have to feed, burp, change, change again reflux babysleep, feed, change a poo and then put bub back to sleep again.

When you have those butterflies you get with your first true love, combined with a massive rush of adrenalin? Put all of these feelings on steroids and you get how I feel every time Bobby smiles at me. When every single day, I fall times more in love with him. It could make me vomit, laugh, cry — every emotion in my body is now controlled by this chubby little man I call Bobby. And I have tears in my eyes as I write this, as I truly feel so blessed everyday that I was lucky enough to create — in my eyes — the most breathtaking specimen on the entire planet.