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In Bakau, Romania, Leib Ehrlich and Sarah Kaufman gave birth to Joseph Director of the Jews' Deaf and Dumb Home in where his wife served as a .. “The Sephardic Jewish community of Monastir, historically the largest Egypt's Anwar Sadat pledged to regain Arab territory from Israel. “I firmly be¬ lieve the deaf community should be able to contact their elected NOVEMBER THE DEAF AMERICAN — 3 For English Language USA men's track and field coach from Rhode Island School for the Deaf, .. (Dan Huskerson of USA placed third in in Heat II and failed to qualify for the finals.). Dr Steven B Kayne practised as a Community Pharmacist in Glasgow for more than 30 years . are well known whereas others may be exotic, mysterious or even dan- gerous. many IM providers to favour CAM modalities with better safety track . supplements also meet the public's needs for safe and reliable over-the-.

Although Rhode Island was considered more liberal than other states, and although a few Jews had been previously granted citizenship, the state refused to grant citizenship to Aaron Lopez and Isaac Eliezer. Lopez was probably the first Jew to be granted citizenship in Massachusetts.

First Purim of the 19th century Paul I of Russia is assassinated, leading the way for his son Alexander I to accede the throne. By the time of his death, he had returned to the reactionary views that had marked the start of his reign.

Prussian Jews were granted civil rights. Although later reaction revoked most of this freedom, the discrimination never returned to the level existing in the "Middle Ages. Birthdate of Adolf Neubaur, the native of Hungary and student of rabbinical literature who worked in the Austrian Consulate at Jerusalem where he began publishing articles about the Jews of that city. Eventually he made his way to Oxford where he enjoyed a distinguished career as a reader in Rabbinic Hebrew and sub-librarian at Bodelian Library.

Apparently being a man of letters should have disqualified him for such a post. Besides which, he was the most capable member of his party serving in the House Commons where the Conservatives were in need of leaders. Rosh Chodesh Adar II Sixty-eight year old Pinchas Selig Rubino passed away Parashat Tetzaveh; Shabbat Zachor; erev Purim In a letter written today, W.

Gould was one of the villains of the Robber Baron Era. The letter was written by a shadowy figure whose role was emerging during the multiple investigations that were being conducted.

His resort to an anti-Semitic smear was not unusual in certain circles at that time 22nd of Adar, It was reported today that the Purim Ball which has been held for several years at the Academy of Music did not take place this year. No reason was given for the change which came as a surprise because it was so popular with both Christian and Jewish citizens of New York.

Purim 14thof Adar, In Chicago, Rabbis Lesser, Anexter and Oalperstein officiated at the appraisal of four casks of wine and liquor shipped from Jerusalem for using during the upcoming holiday of Passover. According to the appraiser, the wine will carry a duty of three dollars a gallon. Secretary of State James G.

Ignatz Klein swore before Coroner Levy that a girl that he had seen the United States named Rose Kohlmeyer was in fact Esther Soloymis, the girl he was accused of murdering nine years ago in Hungary as part of an alleged blood libel. Authorities are investigating reports of patient neglect at North Brothers Island, the site where numerous typhus fever, many of whom are Russian Jewish immigrants, are supposed to be held until they regain their health or pass away.

Sixty-two year old Mason Hirsh, an umbrella manufacturer from Philadelphia, passed away today New York after being hit by a car two days ago. Hechler was tutor in the household of the Grossherzog von Baden. He knows the German Kaiser and thinks he can get Herzl an audience. In Konitz, West Prussia, 19 year old Ermst Winter, the son of an architect from Prechlau who going to school in Konitz did not return to his boarding house.

It was assumed that he had fallen through the ice and a search was begun. Unbeknownst to everybody, including the Jews of Konitz, this would mark the start of Konitz Affair, a 20thcentury blood libel. Zionist leader Oskar Marmorek returns to Vienna. Birthdate of leading childhood obesity and anorexia researcher Hilde Bruch.

Raised in a small German town, Bruch originally wanted to become a mathematician. An uncle convinced her that medicine was a more practical career for a Jewish woman, and she earned her doctorate in medicine at the University of Freiburg in After giving up her academic career for private practice in response to anti-Semitism within the university, Bruch fled Germany altogether inimmigrating to England. Bruch began researching obesity in children in ; her work in this area would prove to be groundbreaking.

Yet she left this research in to study psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University. Returning to New York inshe both established a private psychoanalytic practice and joined the faculty at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. In New York, and at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where she joined the faculty inBruch's research increasingly focused on the underlying causes of anorexia nervosa.

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She published both scholarly and popular articles on eating disorders, and continued to see patients until her eightieth birthday. Her collected work, published as Eating Disorders: Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa and the Person Within inis still considered a definitive work on the subject. Bruch died in Houston in December, The Jewish Endeavor Society is scheduled to host a Purim celebration this afternoon for religious school students.

Hebrew novelist Isaiah Bersadsky passed away The funeral of Pauline Phillips, the wife of Herman Philips is scheduled to take place today followed by burial at Waldheim Cemetery. Richard Eustace Thornton, O.

Christopher Kingston HowesC. John David Bond, M. For services to the Royal Household. Companion of Honour David HockneyArtist. For services to Art. For services to Jazz Music. For services to Medical Ethics and to Learning. For services to British-French relations. Brigadier Anthony David Ball, O. For services to Chemistry. James Gay Adamson, O. For services to the Manufacturing Industry.

Professor Michael Parries AshbyF. For services to Materials Science and to Engineering. For services to Equal Opportunities. For services to Social Care Provision. For services to the Alcoholic Drinks Industry. For services to Military History. For services to Medicine. James Thomas BowmanCountertenor.

For services to Music. For services to Education. Professor Amyand David BuckinghamF. For services to Science. Basil Richard Ryland Butler, O.

Francis Anthony Armstrong Carnwath. For services to the Arts and to Heritage. For services to Health Care. Campbell ChristieGeneral Secretary. Scottish Trades Union Congress. For services to Industrial Relations. For services to Health Education. For services to Economic Debate. For services to Housing. For services to Lawn Tennis. For services to Milk Marque and to the Dairy Industry.

For services to the Legal System. Spencer Thomas de Grey. For services to Architecture. Lewis GilbertFilm Director. For services to the Film Industry. For services to Church Conservation. For services to Higher Education. For services to Technology Foresight. For services to Sport. For services to Local Government.

Miss Barbara Fitzgerald Harvey. For services to Medieval History. For services to the Energy Industry and to Engineering. For services to the Advertising Industry. For services to Journalism and to Broadcasting. James Alexander Inverarity, O. For services to Agriculture. Jones, Principal, Royal Agricultural College. For services to Agricultural Education.

George Michael Sinclair KennedyO. For services to Banking. For services to the Aerospace Industry. Professor John Hartley LawtonF. For services to Ecology and to the Environment. Ian Malcolm David Little, A. For services to Economics. Miss Gillian LynneChoreographer and Director. For services to Dance. For services to Broadcasting.

For services to Housing Policy. For services to Immigration Policy. William Patrick McLennan, A. For services to Statistics and to the creation of the Office of National Statistics. Edward Ouri MirzoeffC. Andrew Neil Morrison, Q. For services to the Fire Service. For services to Training. The Reverend John Anthony Newton. For services to Ecumenical Relations in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Francis Harry PantonM.

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For services to Nuclear Affairs Policy. For services to the Animated Film Industry. For services to the Earth Sciences. For services to the Fashion Industry. For services to Tourism.

For services to Community Relations. For services to Social Services. For services to Dental Education. For services to the Fine Arts and for charitable services. Professor William Thomas Stearn. For services to Horticulture and Botany. Francis William Taylor, Q. For services to the Police. Robert Murray Ross Taylor. For services to Medical Charities.

John Daniel Thompson, D. For services to Health Care and to the community. For services to Food Retailing. For services to the Actuarial Profession. For services to the Shipbuilding Industry. For services to the Employment of Disabled People. For services to Transport Research. For services to the Defence Industry. Martin Gilbert BarrowO. For public and community service in Hong Kong.

Hui Ki-onQ. Simon Ip Sik-onO. For services to teacher training in Hong Kong. Peter Lai Hing-lingJ. Bowen Leung Po-wing, J. For public service in Hong Kong. Nicholas Ng Wing-fui, J. The Honourable David Edmund Wilkinson. For public service in Bermuda. For services to the Theatre, Film and Television. Miranda Sarah, Mrs Armitage. For services to Cricket. For services to Education in the Construction Industry. For services to Engineering and to the City of London. For services to the community on Alderney, Channel Islands.

For services to the Royal British Legion. Professor Ian Crawford Benington.

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For services to Dentistry. Michael Robert William Berry. For services to Training and to Tourism in Cumbria. For services to Franco-British Legal Relations. Michael BondWriter. For services to Children's Literature. For services to Animal Welfare. For services to Young People. For services to Psychology. Ann Elizabeth, Mrs Brum.

For services to the community in Barnet, Hertfordshire. For services to Engineering and to the Defence Industry.

For services to the Highlands and Islands. For services to Industry. For services to Health Care in Leicestershire. For services to Urban Regeneration. For services to the Water Industry. Miss Josephine Alicia Churchill. For services to the National Federation of Music Societies. For services to Biotechnology. For services to Magistracy and to the community in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Bernard David James Crisp. For services to Disabled People. For services to the Know How Fund. Edward John James Davies. For services to the community in North Wales. Sylvia Ann, Mrs Davies. For services to Nursing in South East Wales. For services to Prisoner Welfare.

For services to the Welsh Language and Wales. For services to Forestry and to the Third World. Professor Robert Wallace Ewart. For services to Music Education. Avril, Mrs Fishwick, D. For services to the community in Wigan, Greater Manchester. For services to Geology and Cave Science. Michael Foy, Grade 7, Ministry of Defence. For services to the Promotion of Technology Transfer.

For services to Tackling Drugs Misuse. Robert Frederick Hall, Q. Samuel James Hall, Solicitor. World Dental Press Ltd.

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For services to the Dental Profession. For services to the Farmers' Overseas Action Group. For services to the Construction Industry. For services to Engineering. For services to Social Housing. For services to Energy Efficiency. For services to Road Safety. Major Derek Frank Hooton, T. For services to the community in Northamptonshire.

John William Hughes, T. James Jackson, Director, Alzheimer Scotland. For services to Midwifery. John Robert Maurice Jacobs. For services to Golf. Maureen Sybil, Mrs Jones. For services to Business in Leicestershire. For services to the Theatre. Michael Stanton King, Surgeon. For services to Surgery in Developing Countries.

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Paul Raymond King, D. For services to the community in Norwich, Norfolk. For services to the Scouting Movement. For services to Industrial Safety. For services to the Finance Industry. For services to the London Chamber of Commerce and to Export. For services to Business and to the community in Bromley, Kent. For services to the community in North West England. For services to Inland Waterways and to Planning. For services to Aero Engineering. Maurice Gilbert Joseph Lickens.

For services to Tourism on the Isle of Wight. John Arthur Lloyd, D. For services to Magistracy in Swansea. Antonella, The Marchioness of Lothian. For services to Women's Issues and for charitable services to Blind People. For services to the Chemicals Industry. For services to the Probation Service. For services to Local Government in Wales. Lieutenant Colonel Philip Mantle, T. For services to Magistracy in the County of Caerphilly. For services to the Telecommunications Industry.