Silk cloth farming wow 3 5a district track meet

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silk cloth farming wow 3 5a district track meet

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Obviously you can do this from the get go, but I'd advise leveling first - you become familiar with prices on the AH, what sells and what doesn't etc In essence, playing the Auction house is just like playing the stock market.

You can monopolize, you can buy low sell high, and you can go broke very, very quickly. So here's how it works. So, have a look around.

If there are one hundred weapons of your type - don't sell them. Maybe try and find an enchanter to DE for them and sell the results.

Risky, but might sell. After all - if there's only one, maybe it's not in popular demand? What you want is about of your chosen item on the AH, every day.

This means they sell - what idiot puts a weapon on the AH, or some armor, that hasn't sold in one week? Ore, cloths, herbs, everything like that - nearly always sell. But you've been doing this since level 1, right? This is cool, you probably have only ever used Auctioneer to scan and sell.

silk cloth farming wow 3 5a district track meet

However, it has another function: Yeah, it searches the AH for deals that are going lower than the listing price, and shows them to you! There aare things that can alter the prices and leave you a few bob short.

People are used to seeing it at low prices, and still it hasn't sold? So why's it going to sell when you repost it even higher? So of course, you're going to get some super low prices. However, here-s what'll happen - You'll buy it, and repost it.

Then some economy-ruiner will come along, and post his same item, lower than yours. So yours doesn't sell. Don't be bitter, you've been doing it for 80 levels. And that was stupidly priced. So g for your rubbish sword doesn't seem quite so bad to the programme!

OK, so it starts off you pass go, and collect points. You then have to Oh, not that kind of monopoly? These can be tricky to pull off, and require a hefty amount of gold - but if you do pull them off, you're rich. Richer than your wildest dreams! When it doesn't work. So, the basic idea.

Relist it, at your price. You own that market now. Ahh, you're seeing the holes aren't you? Yeah people will undercut you, but if you monopolize something like Copper ore, for example, or Thorium, of Frostweave cloth - it will always sell. I can personally almost guarantee it! OK, so that's my limited knowledge of the auction house covered. I won't lie, I don't spend a lot of time in there, but I know a lot about it because I spend a lot of my time in game actually alt-tabbing and reading about WoW.

I play a Paladin, c'mon What do we all love, when we get to 80, hmm?? I've thought quite a lot about what I could do here.

I mean, I could do a guide, with 25 Dailies which takes a little under 2 hours, but that would be quite long. I could give you a link to a dalies guide but hell, they charge. And I'm against that. So what could I do? And then I decided, what the hell. I'll just tell you about the best dailies and a vague idea of which order to do them in, and why!

Great money, easy dailies. Everyone want Wyrmrest Accord Rep!

silk cloth farming wow 3 5a district track meet

Whether you're a Tank or a DPSor whatever! OK, so here we are. Start off in Storm Peaks, and do your Overstock daily. Gets you 13G, after all.

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You will be needing a Fishing Pole which can be bought from a merchant who sells Profession-related items. Archaeology supposted to be added in patch 4. Archaeology allows the player to unlock new abilities and rewards by discovering ancient treasures throughout the world. Each archaeologist uses the profession to uncover clues hidden in the world around them, such as troll relics or map fragments, and decipher their meaning, enabling the clever archaeologist to manipulate pieces of the past, learning the location of a treasure cache or valuable artifact.

Such artifacts are highly sought after by the Archaeology Society, and they pay in gold and items for their return. Those who have mastered archaeology can find Titan artifacts, earning special currency used to unlock character paths and allowing the player to further customize their character. Using Rating Buster, you should compare the stats on the gear usable to you, to check for upgrades.

If none are found, you continue onto step two. When using gear better than a quest reward, mouse over each of them, and select the one that has the greatest number after the gold symbol.

If they give the same amount, look at the number after the silver symbol, and so on. This may be after "Sells For: To save yourself some time, you could look up some quest rewards corresponding to quests in the zone you're in, or corresponding to Jame's guide, while you're unable to play. It's very important to understand the Auction House, so you can gain use of it.

Everything we are farming such as herbs, skins, ores etc. How do you use the Auction House? If you can't find it, ask a guard that will give you a waypoint to where it is. The Auction House got three different options: Browse Auctions Browse "Browse", is the place where all the Auctions that other players has made is.

You can either search at the search option, or if you're searching for something specific like two-hand axesin the column to the left.

If you want buy something, you can either bid, or buyout. If you buyout, you will get the item directly in a mail in the mailbox. Bids "Bids" is the place where you can view your own bids on other players Auctions. If you've bid on a item, you can see in the bed window how long time there is before the Auction runs out. If you were the highest, you will recive the item in a mail.

Auctions "Auctions" is the place where you view your own Auctions. The box on the left side allow you to create the Auction, drag your item into the little item box, and then write a bed price, and a buyout price. You can also see if anyone has bid on your Auctions or how long time they stay on the Auction House, before the time runs out and you get the Auction back in a mail. If someone buy aout one of your Auctions, you will get a mail with the money the played payed.

The Auction House is the place where you can make bulks of gold, if you know what you are doing. You think you can make more money farming? Dream on and get real, I'd even take a bet on that and I don't take bets easily.

Do this for weeks and you'll have a pretty accurate spreadsheet of how you server's economy is set up. Knowing what sells That is no idea in trying to sell a rare weapon at the fee of 25g if you keep getting that mail: One of the important things when using the Auction House is to know what sells, and what doesn't.

Things such as cloth, ores, herbs, skins and hides etc. Scan your Auction House Frequently Scan your Auction House frequently - atleast the first weeks so you can get an overview of your server economics, "what sells, what do not", "at what time of the day", "when do I have to sell it", "what is undercutted", "will the price rise", all these question needs to be answered before you will get succes by selling on the Auction House.

Don't know what I'm talking about? You have no idea what you are missing, or already have missed. These are the current PTR patch notes, they are updated frequently. You should always read them and keep track of any changes that occur.

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For those who didn't know: Patch Notes are a gold mine. Price ratio, wherein the more an item is readily available the less it is worth. So, if you flood the market using the same method you will lose out on gold. Put up a maximum of 5 stacks each time you're trying to sell dust, skin or anything else that sells. If things has been very cheap, that is typical a player s who have overflood the market. Wait a few days and check again, the price may have gone up with the demand. Earning money is like in the real World Earning money in World of Warcraft is like in real life.

It's about getting a great idea, what about Blizzard? Great Idea creating World of Warcraft, huh? Yes, in my opinion, you have to do "the same" in-game. Be smart and buy Silk Cloth for 50 silver, sell it later on same day for 1 gold It's all about being a bit creative and try to figure out what is selling good, and what is not.

Differrent prices at Different times of the Day Yes, believe it or not, but prices vary, very much to be exactly. You can earn alot of money if you buy things earlier on the day In the weekends, much more people will get online no school or workof course more activiness on the Auction House too!

If you're smart, you buy plenty of stuff at the end of the weekend things you're going to sell the following week so all the prices has been undercutted very low. The prices will surely grow again at the end of the workdays.

A perfect place to drop off your little sproglet before heading down to go hunting with Nesingwary! Remember the character 'Jadzia Dax' from Star Trek: Recall that she was a Trill Ever wonder what happened to the previous hosts? Betcha you'd have never thought to search for them in the Draenei main city As always, an awesome podcast, guys!

Blade Emails Email 1 from Ryan So. How do i play wow. Well im 16 so anytime i get to play im happy wither its 10 min or 2 hours.

Juggling homework and games are hard but i also play golf and tennis so it makes my time to play even less. The only reason he is 55 is because i wanted a DK. I never dual boxed before i heard this show. I am currently rynning a priest and a rogue. It makes it kinda hard because although the rogue can stealth the priest follos and pulls aggro. So i will rap this up before a hunormus wall of text overwell you.

So how do i play well i just play when i can and try hard to level all of my alts. Thabks for providing a great show for us alt-a-holics every week. Thabks and kwep up the great work! Thats how to pronounce the toon name.

Sent from my iPod Email 2 from Mo Hello, Happy th podcast, thanks and many more to Aprillian, Ashayo, and to all of your guests through the podcasts. You all truly make our wow playing time fun as we listen to you while we play.

For in game play, i actually have been having fun with the Lunar Festival and Elder achievements. On my warrior I have all of them but of course the northrend instance elders.

I hate pugs even more now as no one is interested in doing the elder achievements. Besides doing the daily quest grind to increase rep's, i have tried dual boxing again but it is more difficult for some reason. Before my xps laptop could handle having 2 wow screens open at one time but now I dont know if it is the new graphics since wrath came out or what but the screen and graphics flash and make playing not fun.

Any input you can give i will greatly appreciate it: Email 3 from Rick Hey Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur, I started playing the game about a month ago and began listening after hearing Aprillian on an old episode of How I WoW, since then your show has been top of my list.

I'm currently a level 40 warlock and usually play with a friend who started the game at the same time I did, when he's offline I usually run his account for trip exp. I'm enjoying running the two accounts questing, with your help I set up follow macros. I've considered starting an alt to bring up to the warlocks level. Somebody in my guild advised against this telling me to level 2 or 5!

I'm new to this so I'm not sure how easy it would be to control to different classes at a high level. What do you guys think do you level the same classes using 'keyclone' etc? Cheers, Rick from Belfast, Ireland Ricadikuli, The Maelstrom eu server ps I'm currently going through your back catalogue sorry if you've been asked this question a million times.

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Email 4 from Karen Just wanted to write in quickly since I've been so busy I haven't been able to get an email in lately and comment on some of the hunter topics. I play a gorilladin hunter. She's my highest level toon right now and was the first toon I ever made. And I wish I had a sign that says, "I tamed my gorilla in Stranglethorn Vale more than two years ago and he's been with me ever since.

As for the great hunter nerf of 3. I have to admit that I felt a little over-powered with my gorilla taking on 5 or 6 yellow mobs. That just didn't seem right.